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    I have been shedding for years. No doctor has ever been able to figure it out. I ran into the iron question myself and suspected it. I have had extremely heavy periods for 8 yrs (ever since childbirth), and often felt anemic during the heavy days. Every time I complained, doctors just tested thyroid, which was fine. Also, I have not eaten red meat for about 30 yrs. Apparently, the iron from vegetarian sources, cooking in iron skillets, chicken and fish just wasn't enough for me. I also discovered the lack of iron also causes heavy periods.. interesting.

    The test came back with everything in the normal ranges, of course that doesn't mean much. My ferritin was 28. In range, but low. The doctor Rx'd 325mg of iron a day. There was no way I was doing that. I had taken Floravital when I was pregnant because the prenatals made me sick, and constipated due to the iron. The doctor told me this and the liquid B's w/iron that I also took, were not high enough to do the job. So, I ended up with Energizing Iron by Enzymatic therapies. This is essentially liver/food in a rather large pill. I take 6 of these a day, 2 in the morning an hour before breakfast (to avoid the calcium) 2 in the late afternoon with a vitamin C, and 2 before bed. I started Aug 12. It is now Sept 26. I have noticed a significant difference. I no longer fill up the sink with hair combing it out after a shower, and there is less in the drain. Probably half the amount that it used to be, maybe even less. I also decided to start eating organic red meat. I guess my body doesn't do so well with out it. In addition, my last period was half of the ridiculous amout it was previously. My eyelashes are growing as well! I hope it all continues.

    I plan to get retested after another couple months. I also need to experiment with reducing the dosage and maintaining results. I hope this can help some others. Other than these issues, I'm quite healthly and stick to a whole foods/organic diet as much as economically possible. Good luck to everyone else.