Sometimes you get exactly what you need - a post about gratitude

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by Sadabouthair, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I've had a few "woe is me days" these last couple weeks, and have been trying each day to set goals and work to be all know it's not easy.*

    Today, I stopped by my morning bagel shop - I go there about once a week and have gotten friendly with the women who works there. When I came in today, she asked how I was and I said "doing good, thanks, how are you today?" and she said "GREAT, I'm happy today to be here and be alive."

    We went on to talking and she starting telling me all about how she tries to live each day as best she can, not take life for granted and even when things get tough ( health, money issues) *keep going. She said "as long as you're alive, there's hope." this women might be around 25 years old and wise beyond her years.*

    It reminded me of my dad, who will be 82 next week. Every time I call him and ask him how he is, he says "GREAT."*

    It's a good reminder for me, and one I needed today. I'm not doing good, I'm doing GREAT and I'm grateful for all the things that are going right in my life.

    I hope you find your bagel lady today and to mine - the woman who gave me the gift of gratitude today, thank you. (I also thanked her in person :))

    Be well everyone - I hope you're doing GREAT today.*
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    Thank you for this post today!
    Had a particularly "feeling ugly" day and needed to read your words of wisdom.

    Stayed in the car instead of going into school with my son today (again). I felt horrible and chicken and selfish (again). Thank you for a reminder of how I should be glad to be alive ! You are so BLESSED to have your Dad, call him every day, mine died when I was 19. I know he'd be disappointed with how I'm handling this.

    Im going to try to do better tomorrow and will look for my bagel lady ;D (Isn't it ironic that all my bagel ladies seem to be on this website these days ?ha)
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  3. Sadabouthair

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    Phillygrl - I definitely feel you. I've been having meltdowns nearly daily (sometimes more for the last few weeks). Try not to beat yourself up for these feelings that are totally normal for anyone going through hairloss. I'm am quite sure your dad would not be disappointed and in fact probably the opposite - as a caring loving mom, trying to do the best you can, with a few challenges right now.

    Do you have some friends or family that are supportive right now? Hold your head up high, stay strong and go at your own pace. you definitely do have lots of bagel ladies here ;) hugs
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    @PhillyGrl- I am sorry you are feeling bad about your appearance right now. I can totally relate. It's awful and you don't want it to negatively impact your mind and your children. I know, as it is has impacted my daughter. She saw me crying in front of the computer the other day as I actually watched one of "Y"s videos (I was just moved that Y was so happy and also sad for myself! Wah!). She is 6 years old. She was very concerned and she hugged me and I felt so bad that she would see her mommy cry over something like my stupid hair!

    I think what is so hard for me is feeling like I have no control over this situation. My hair falls out no matter what I do and it's getting worse, vs. better. SO, that makes me mad. I'm trying to have the attitude of "F IT!" and just smile at the world. Things could be worse. I could have real health issues, which I do not. I am otherwise healthy and am very thankful for that. That is what I choose to be grateful for today!

    Thanks, Sad, for putting things in perspective. We all need that check as we go through hair loss. It's horrifying but there are many worse problems one could have in life.

    Tell yourself you are GREAT...and maybe you will start to feel it. :) I will do the same.
  5. shinning_likeme

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    hey comeon,

    i am an average looking girl and always felt that my partner looks more handsome and deserves some 1 better and a prettier girl than me, but slowly I have realised that me being so ok in looks is a better person than any other good looking female, So I think noone witrh less hair or no hair or ugly looks like me should feel low or left out, always wait for the right person and love will find you automatically.
  6. Metalmom

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    I just joined yesterday (after crying at my haircut), and have gotten so much out of reading people's posts. I want to thank Sadabouthair for this topic. Gratitude has been a part of my life for many years -- but I sometimes need reminders when life smacks me in the face with another challenge.

    As we say in 12-step programs (I am in 2, and gratefully recovering) -- I am a grateful...what?...woman suffering hairloss, maybe. I have so much to be grateful for, most days I make a gratitude list (for things like having the use of my limbs, healthy kids, and such like), so I will work on gratitude for this. I am a very spiritual person, I believe God has put things in my life for a reason -- His reason, and I don't have to know why. I just have to try to do His will. And so I will try with this challenge.

    P.S. The above is my experience, and it is absolutely not intended to push my beliefs on anyone. :)