Spiro and maybe Minox have aged my skin

Discussion in 'Aldactone (Spironolactone)' started by Ju1977, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Has anybody else had an adverse effect from either minoxidil or spironolactone?
    The spiro first caused melasma on my face and neck, before this I had one or two rashes from it which were short lived and also a tight and dry sensation. Then my face sometimes appeared slightly mottled red and yellow. Now I have premature aging on my face - crepe skin, enlarged pores, and dark circles under my eyes, and wrinkles. I take spiro for my hair as I have androgenetic alopecia and it has worked very well in reducing my hair shed. The minoxidil may have contributed also as I have read of a few accounts whereby minox ruined users skin. I feel absolutely trapped, ie. I feel I have to choose between my hair or my facial skin. Can anybody please help me? Or has anyone else experienced these adverse reactions from spiro or minoxidil? Many Thanks
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    Hi Ju1977. I know you posted a while ago but I have the same concerns. I began 100mg/day of Spiro a little over a month ago. It was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I initially went to my PCP for hair loss, she ran some basic tests (type of tests patients receive when getting a yearly physical, I'm 32 yrs old). Only alarming thing found was my Ferritin level at 10 (which I'm now on 325mg/day of Ferrous Sulfate). I was referred to my dermo for further testing for my hair loss. Immediately when my dermo saw me (I've been seeing her for past 20 years, though not regularly), she noticed my hair loss. I told her my mother has hereditary FPHL and she performed a scalp biopsy. Test came back a week later: no doubt about it, I have it too. My dermo prescribed me Spiro right there and then, since SHE herself has been using it for years and she highly recommends it. Though I've been on Spiro for only a month, I've tolerated the medicine very well, no side effects at all, including no skin problems (which I have been monitoring very carefully). My dermo, who has been on Spiro for decades, also has beautiful skin. Now, I want to start using Rogaine 5% once a day, but I wonder if I'm pressing my luck with my skin. If you'e tried the Rogaine 5% since your post, I'm very interested what you think about it...
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    I was given a prescription for aldactone over a year ago but was afraid to start it as my readings said that when you stop .. you shed. I have also been on rogaine mens strength and have noticed after being on it for several years that I am now shedding significantly. I am on hormone replacement ( I'm almost 60) so I did not know if the aldactone would be contraindicated because of the female hormone replacement. Any support and guidance would be so appreciated!!! I'm wearing a small hair piece as of six months ago.. :-(