Spiro and maybe minox have ruined my skin

Discussion in 'Rogaine (Minoxidil)' started by Ju1977, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Has anybody else had an adverse effect from either minoxidil or spironolactone?
    The spiro first caused melasma on my face and neck, before this I had one or two rashes from it which were short lived and also a tight and dry sensation. Then my face sometimes appeared slightly mottled red and yellow. Now I have premature aging on my face - crepe skin, enlarged pores, and dark circles under my eyes, and wrinkles. I take spiro for my hair as I have androgenetic alopecia and it has worked very well in reducing my hair shed. The minoxidil may have contributed also as I have read of a few accounts whereby minox ruined users skin. I feel absolutely trapped, ie. I feel I have to choose between my hair or my facial skin. Can anybody please help me? Or has anyone else experienced these adverse reactions from spiro or minoxidil? Many Thanks