Starting Spiro - Have some questions

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    Hi --

    I went to see Dr. Redmond over the weekend and he prescribed 200 mg Spiro and a bcp. I'm way more comfy taking 100 mg, but Redmond insisted I needed to go up to 200 (although if I find it unbearable I'll take the largest dose tolerable). I have mixed emotions about taking the Spiro, but I feel like it's something I should at least try, especially since my labs show a slightly elevated total T (56 or something like that). I have some questions about the med and was hoping I could get some advice/insight:

    1) Redmond has me taking 100 mg for 2 weeks and then bumping up to 200 mg. I guess I should follow his advice, but this seems like a pretty aggressive way to work up to 200. I'm thinking of starting at 50 mg for a week and then giving 100 mg at least 2-3 weeks to see how it goes. Thoughts on the best way to work up to 200?

    2) Redmond said you don't have to avoid high potassium foods although I've read online that it's something that you should be mindful of. He also didn't mention getting periodic blood work done...also something I read about. Thoughts?

    3) Any issues with cardio exercise on 100-200 mg? I realize everyone is different but I'm hoping that the med won't interfere with doing an intense cardio workout for 30-40 minutes.

    4) Any issues with drinking alcohol (as long as you're being sure to drink water as well and stay hydrated)? I asked Redmond about this and he said you could drink alcohol but wasn't helpful in terms of the amount. Again, I realize everyone is different, but wondering if there's a good rule of thumb here? I really enjoy wine and hate the thought of having to give it up, at least entirely.

    Anyhow, I'm very nervous about taking Sprio and would love to hear any advice/insight. Thanks all!