Stay away from WEN hair products! People are losing hair in clumps.

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by trudy19, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. trudy19

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    I just thought I'd share a news piece I just came across. It looks like the hair product line Wen is in the middle of a huge lawsuit. Over 200 women have sued the company because after some time using the product, it's caused them to start losing their hair in clumps.

    So this would be a warning to anyone considering using Wen to save the health of the hair they still have, but also it may shine some light on the cause of some women's hair loss.

    Here's the first article that showed up when I did a google search, but it also links out to other new sources.
  2. iloveeshoes

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    This is awful, I feel so bad for the customers who trusted the WEN products. People are so dishonest nowadays, will do anything for a buck, including subjecting customers to harmful products. I can only imagine what is in that shampoo and condition that it was making people lose their hair and develop severe thinning and bald spots. Nowadays the title "Natural" on a product means absolutely nothing. I hope these individuals will be able to grow their hair back.

    I never tried their shampoo or any of their other products because something about that guy Chaz Dean just rubbed me the wrong way. He seem real shifty to me and I don't trust hair stylist/celebrities who endorse hair care products or launch their own lines.