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    I just needed a place to vent where it seems like people really understand. I've had periods of hair loss before in my life and have controlled them reasonably well with Rogaine - my hair is nothing spectacular but it's usually ... mediocre but adequate. Earlier this year it seemed like the Rogaine was actually kicking in - I have been trying about forever to get it to be shoulder length and look nice, and I'd say it looked better than it ever has in May. For the first time in my life I actually felt thrilled when I looked at my hair. Then I underwent surgery 3 months ago that removed one ovary and left one, but for some reason I'm still going through something like menopause, and now my hair is falling out like crazy, between that and a bad dye job it's just hideous, I don't think I've ever looked this ugly. I guess what's really the worst is how bad it makes a person feel ... I spend my day obsessing about my hair, I go into the bathroom ten times a day and brush my hair in hopes that this time I'm not going to see another 30 hairs in the brush ... this pseudo-menopausal business is bad enough as far as depression, but add in the hair loss and i feel like I'm going to drown in a swamp of unhappiness. I also, sigh, feel incredibly shallow to be so obsessed with "just" hair, especially when there are so many people who are going through worse things, but there it is, I feel like this has swallowed up my life. :(

    Thanks for listening. ... does anyone have a happy story about surgical TE and how it's temporary and my hair will grow back nicer than ever? :rolleyes:
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    I'm no better. I feel like my obsession and depression over it is starting to ruin relationships with my husband and friends. I hate myself for it.