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    I have never posted anything before but I feel that I owe it to many women here (and in other forums) who helped me make informed decisions and achieve good results.

    To make the long story short, I was diagnosed with AGA. I started losing hair at the top of my head and it was visible to everyone. One doctor recommended Rogaine 5% for men. I tried that and almost committed suicide because of the terrible itching and the lumps of hair that started falling every day. I went back to the doctor and she told me to switch to Rogaine 2% for women. After using it for two weeks, the itching drove me crazy. Besides, I could not look at the amount of hair that I was losing every morning in the shower. It made me cry and not want to leave the house.

    I stopped using Rogaine but after four months I realized that my hair situation was getting much worse. I went to see another doctor who told me to take spiro and use Rogaine. I did not have any idea what spiro was and that is when I started visiting all hairloss forums and reading every single post there. After reading about the side effects of spiro and realizing that once you start it you have to take it forever, I decided that I did not want to do it. It took me a while to decide what to take, but it was totally worth it. My balding spot is not there anymore and my hair is full and healthy (although from time to time it loses shine and becomes extremely dry, I don’t know why).

    Here is what I did:

    I used Rogaine every other day for the first two weeks. Then I started using it once a day for a month. This way my skin got used to it slowly. Meanwhile, to avoid itching and dandruff, I rinsed my hair (after washing it) with organic apple cider diluted in water. I think that did the trick. I have used all kinds of shampoos, cheap and very expensive one, but the most effective – at least for me – has been Head and Shoulders.

    I started taking vitamins, a lot of them. I took (and still take):

    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    Cal-Mg-Zn (you can find this at Whole Foods, twice a day)
    Iron Aid with vitamin B12 ( Whole Foods)
    Biosil (twice a day, Whole Foods)
    Biotin, 5 mg (once a day, Whole Foods)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B6

    I also took fish oil but noticed that my hair was falling more. This is strange because fish oil is supposed to help hair, but I guess it did not do that for me.

    I use Rogaine now twice a day.

    This regime has been a miracle for me. I had become paranoid and it seemed to me that everyone was looking at my hair. This has all changed. For the first time in years I am even using styling hair products because my hair is fuller. I hope it will continue like this. Good luck to all! Just be patient though: I started this regime last May and did not see results until end of September
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    Thanks for sharing your success story. Do you mind my asking your general age and what type of hair loss you had? I'm thinking of trying what you're suggesting because it seems like a healthy thing to do anyway (at least the vitamins,) and a lot less expensive that something like a hair transplant. While my hair started getting thinner in my 30s, I am now 54 and just barely post-menopausal...and it is only in the last couple of years that I would say my hair has thinned significantly. I think it is female-pattern baldness. I am new to investigating all of this, but it seems that possible solutions will depend on factors such as pre/post menopause, and type of thinning...which is why I'd love to know your general age and what type of hair loss you had.
    I'm glad you've found success!
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    Hello. I am 45 now and I have androgenetic alopecia. My hair started falling when I was 16 but I have always had a lot of hair so no one could really notice any difference. Five years ago it started to show and two years ago it became really bad. That is when I started to read every blog about hair loss and see doctors after doctors. None of them took me seriously and they all recommend Rogaine and/or spiro without even considering the side effects of these two on me. Only one was very helpful (if you live in the DC area I can give you his name). He was the one that insisted on Rogaine (take it slowly at the beginning) combined with a lot of vitamins. I went very aggressive with vitamins and that really helped. They have also improved my nails, which had become very brittle, and my skin. I hope it will continue. In March and especially July, my hair falls with lumps (don't know why in July) but as long as it comes back, I will not complain. I went crazy before, and that did not help. Good luck! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate.
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    I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories - makes me feel less lonely with this problem. hope you make a full recovery
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    Thank you! There is no hope for full recovery, but there is definitely hope for getting better. Good luck and don't give up. Definitely you are not alone.
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    That is so great! It's just nice to hear that it can come back. It also makes me mad that men have more options. Like I said before I have a boyfriend that is 39 and started loosing his hair at 20. It's thin on top but nice and thick on the sides and back. He takes avodart and going back on the propeica. He said the propeica works best for him. Congrats I don't even know you and I'm happy for you.
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    Hi Robynkay35,

    Thank you for your nice words.

    You are right. Not only men have more options, but they can go bald and no one considers that sick, weird, ugly or whatever.

    For me, the vitamins did all the work. I didn't know I was so vitamin deficient because all the blood tests I did were normal. You might consider to give them a try. It might work for you also. Sometimes you become the best doctor for yourself. Good luck and best!
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    Hi tiralb - would you mind sending me the name and contact info of your doctor? I too live in the DC area and I would love to make an appointment.

    Thanks so much!
  9. tiralb

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    His name is Vincenzo Giannelli. His phone is 202-775-1792. He helped me a lot. And did a miracle for my daughter's acne. Good luck!
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    That's awesome that you've started seeing results. I've ordered Rogaine Foam and am waiting for it's delivery.

    I started experiencing HL in my late teens, but never took it seriously. In my early 20s, I thought maybe I should have it checked out since my thick curly hair was no longer thick. The doctor wasn't much help but did end up prescribing 5% minoxidle lotion. I believe it did have some effect as I look at my grad pictures the hair definiately looked thicker. Then, for some unknown reason I stopped using the lotion. At 25 I got married and still had thick hair, but was very visible at the bang area. Shortly after I discovered concealers (Toppik), which I used daily. Now, after having two children and at the age of 32, I have become tired of my HL condition. I strongly believe the BCP contributed to the huge shed and my hair is way more thinner then before. I've got HL all around my scalp. My hubby isn't too bothered as I have been wearing a topper for the last year.

    But eventually a person gets sick of having to put it on and take it off. So, I've decided I'm going to start the Rogaine Foam. We are still planning to have another baby, but from what I've heard, many women have stopped using it just before they found out they were pregnant and started again either after child birth or breast feeding.

    I'm hoping I see results. I have many small hairs sprouting from the scalp, so maybe one day I may have a full head of hair or partial for that matter.

    I am thinking of posting my progress with Rogain for other women who are in the same boat as me. Just wanted to say your story sheds positivity and I am going to remain optimistic that it may work. :)
  11. tiralb

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    It is already working for you! Take vitamins also. They will help make those small hairs thicker and stronger. And they will be good for the third baby :)

    Congratulations. I am so happy for you.
  12. Sukhi

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    Thanks Tiralb :)

    I recieved the Rogaine last night. Took pictures and will detail my progress over the next several weeks/months. Am taking prenatal vitamins and the 3-6-9 oil tablets. Hopefully, those will reduce the shed.

    Let's see how it all unfolds.:)
  13. VioletBlue

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    Success question

    Hi Tiralb,

    I was curious how long it took for you to see an improvement after taking the vitamins? Did you say you were on birth control or no?

    There was a time when I also had a very holistic success story, but then I stopped taking the pill. That was the only non-holistic part. However, the vitamins and nutritional diet had me on cloud nine... I was hoping to eventually wean myself off my BCP the way I did with other meds. It didn't work out. I was so scared I went back on immediately.

    Thank you for your story. It gives me hope.
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    For the ladies here who live in D.C. area...

    I am interested in creating a support group in the area, is anyone interested? I live the Silver Spring, MD area.


  15. Venera

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    Thank you

    Dear Tiralb,

    it's really great to read your success story. It made go back on Minoxidil. I was on it for three weeks and then stopped two weeks ago bc of horrible shedding but i'll give it another chance.
    I am also taking lots of vitamins, my doctor recommended Glow and Grow and i am going for Mesotherapy (injecting vitamins strait to my scalp).
    Hope all this works now. I have been losing my hair for almost 10 years and Diane 35 helped a lot three years ago.
    Most of the time I am in peace with my hair loss but i try different things because BIG hair is still my biggest dream. Also, I am getting married next summer so would really like not think then how my hair looks.

    Thank you ladies.
  16. Kip

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    Thank you for posting this very positive story. Thank you! Very encouraging!