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    I started reading these forums as soon as I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia in September '09. I was too horrified with my hair loss to post anything or even read all the posts on here as there were plenty of negative posts that scared me. However, now that my hair loss situation has been much improved I figured I'd come back and share a success story :)

    In July of '09 (I was 18) I started noticing my hair was falling out but didn't think much of it. My doctor said women go through shedding phases. By mid August when my hair was still coming out by the handful, I decided there was no way this was normal. I went to see a dermatologist and she told me to get to an endocrinologist ASAP. I didn't know of any but after looking online, it was clear that Dr. Redmond in NYC was the best choice.

    After looking at my blood work Dr. Redmond told me I had androgenic alopecia and possibly PCOS. Either way, he said I needed to go on 200 mg of Spironolactone and Yasmin. I had heard bad things about Spiro's side effects but my hair was at stake so I went for it.

    From there I went through the rough patch that I'm sure many of you are familiar with--the break downs, collecting hair, being afraid to tell others, being impatient waiting for the spiro to work, etc.

    BUT after about 4 months of this the shedding started to slow down little by little. I'd have good days and bad days but it was an overall improvement. And guess what...just recently I noticed some baby hairs!!! Dr. Redmond had said that the hair loss "could" be permanent or there "could" be regrowth.

    So my advice to anyone who is going through this...

    See Dr. Redmond. He takes a very aggressive approach. Spiro does come with his side effects so many doctors are hesitant to prescribe a high enough dose or to prescribe it at all. He is very expensive but it is worth it if you think about how much $$ your hair is worth. Also go as early as you can, I think catching it early was really beneficial for me. And finally, follow your regimen and do not miss medication ever. I have not once skipped a dose of my medicines. Dr. Redmond is also very thorough. While I was there he asked about EVERYTHING and I had just recently started having some acid reflux. Now this is unrelated to my hair, but he gave me a prescription for that as well--all in the same visit! He also has me on certain vitamins.

    And finally, don't be embarrassed. I was so afraid to tell people in the beginning. As it turned out, the person who was freaked out most was me. Not one person around me judged me by it. As shallow and immature as some of my friends are, they were as supportive as can be with this.
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    I too recommend Dr. Redmond

    In December after seeing oodles of useless doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area over the summer and fall, I finally went to Dr. Redmond. I had done the research, and felt pretty certain that if anyone knew about what was going on and could help, it was him.

    I'd read his book, so I knew much of what he knew going in to the appointment. It was a great relief to finally go to someone for whom this is "old hat." He sees it day in, day out and assured me that it is treatable. The treatments don't work for everyone, but I am/was a long way from the end of the road and there was hope. That was the first time I'd even felt a glimmer of that, along with knowledge and expertise.

    He was a bit expensive, though my insurance paid half. And when I add up all I "wasted" with all the other useless docs, I could have saved myself time, lost hair, and unbelievable anxiety if I'd know about him and just gone straight there.

    I'm far from proclaiming victory and I'm still upset and scared and all of the things I have been for the past half year since I noticed what was going on. But I do feel I have the right doctor on the case. Finally.
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    Kippy question

    Does your insurance pay for the Finasteride? I ordered some online knowing my dr won't prescribe for me and it's $67 a month for only 1mg pills. I wonder if I should look for a drr who will prescribe for me so my insurance will pay for it...I'm just happy I found online though...who knew u can just order medicine online I must be naive but I thought you'd need a prescription for anything?
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    Hi, sorry for my late reply. I've been out of town. Yes, my insurance does cover all 3 prescriptions. I think I'm lucky, as I wasn't sure it would since it's "off label use."

    Also, I had no idea you could order it online. That seems odd, but great that you can at least get your hands on it. However, I think it'd be something that you'd ideally want to go through a doctor, and not just for insurance reasons. I know it's hard on your liver, along with spironolactone, so I think they test me sporadically to make sure everything's fine there.

    Also, I get the 5mg pills and split them in half. Apparently that's as effective as the whole, for whatever reason.

    Good luck! And let me know if I can help in any other way...
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    I have met Dr. Redmond, and his wife who is Chinese. I only mention that because, interestingly, Dr. Redmond has studied some Chinese medicine in addition to traditional western medicine. I think he's one of the few docs who takes time to research women's hormones and hair loss. He's one of the few who seem to care that it's a worthwhile issue to treat.
    Another remedy that I have recommended is the "Matthew Gardson's solution". I didn't have a single hair in the bath thub after showering and not a single hair on the comb after combing my hair when it was wet(that's when i usually have a lot of hair on my comb, when i'm combing it while it is wet). I think this is a wonderful way to help
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    I would appreciate any details that either of you taking finasteride can provide on your experience taking the drug (btw, I apologize for any typos as I am writing this post on my phone).

    I have been taking fin 5mg for a little over 4 months. I noticed a decrease in my hair loss around the 3.5 month mark and I seem to have quite a few baby hairs (maybe they were there all along and I am just noticing them now??). However, since my initial improvement I have not been seeing a further reduction in the hairloss and I have not decreased in my shedding to normal levels as yet so that has me a bit worried. What I am most interested in knowing is how things progressed for others who have been on the drug longer. Any observations you had during the process and the timing of any changes in your hairloss or any regrowth.

    Thank you in advance for your time and any info you can provide.