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    hello, i'm a 24 year old 5th year medical student and i've been a sufferer of androgenetic alopecia since puberty, which would be 12 years or so.

    growing up i didn't have much knowledge or resources, so i couldn't do much about things, so i spent many years and much money fobbing around with useless and expensive topicals and supplements which didn't do anything.

    finally at 24 and having acquired medical wisdom, and realising that

    - rogaine
    - spironolactone
    - yasmin
    - propecia

    hadn't worked for me, only avodart was left and since no dermatologist was willing to prescribe it to me, i had to obtain it from an online pharmacy. i got mine from goldpharma, they are legit. i'll not expouse anymore in case anyone thinks this is some advert haha.

    my hair loss has stopped and now when i comb my hair in the morning i lose 5 strands? but the damage has already been done all these years and it's quite thin on the crown, shows in the sunlight. but whatever, i'll take what i can, and i feel tons more confident, and i no longer obsess over my strands, or what i could do about it, or what therapies i could try, or how i could style it, or berating god about what i ever did to deserve this, or bargaining with him to trade it for something else instead. i am much more productive, and i can actually stop focussing on my hair loss problem and start helping others around me.

    i suppose the purpose of this thread was to say that you shouldn't be afraid to try avodart because the warnings are only based on perceived harm to a fetus if a woman is pregnant. that is not a cogent reason to withhold treatment from a non-pregnant woman who is suffering a great deal from losing her hair.

    and lastly, if your doctor is unwilling to prescribe it to you, perhaps this is unethical of me, but there is always goldpharma. winks. and again, please be sure that your hair loss is of the androgentic alopecia type.

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    hi. would you please let us know the dosage of dutasteride you are on? Do you take in every day?

    Have you had shedding? How are things now?

    Thank you so much for posting! Please take a minute to respond to my questions--there are so few posters/posts on Adovart.
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    Hi Maneater,

    I am very pleased for you that your shedding has slowed down so dramatically.
    I would also be very interested to know what dosage of Adovart you are taking? I have been looking at trying to get some online since my dermatologist has only offered Minoxidil which until now has just vastly increased shedding:( so I thought it might be time to take matters into my own hands. Many of the online info I have read strongly recommends against women taking it. Have you experienced any adverse effects? Seems it is far more effective than Finasteride, according to tests on men. I would be so grateful for any information you could provide as there is not much on the web.
    All the best, Kate