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    April, Spiro is a high blood pill and a diuretic but it also is an antiandrogen. I am on 100 mgs and have no side effects. My hair stopped falling out and am beginning to get new hair. I take 5000 mgs biotin, 400 mg of folic acid, B-12, and 2 protein shakes (52 gms) a day. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for your response. I am a week off birth control and already panicking....I don't know if I am really shedding more or just more paranoid about it now. I am sure it will take some time before I see a big shed. I know this is going to sound crazy, but since I was only taking Yasmin for hair loss and not for birth control or anything else, I am thinking about cutting the pills in half and just taken half a pill a day. Probably sounds crazy but think I might give it a whirl.

    On a side note, in this short time that I have been off Yasmin I have had no night sweats! That has been awesome, I have had then almost every night since going back on the pill in January.

    Do you know if there is a good alternative to get some estrogen instead of by BC pills? Let me rephrase that, I do not want synthetic estrogen like in the pill but natural estrogen I guess. Am I making sense? Please let me know your thoughts.

    No, my doctors have said I do not have PCOS the weight gain wasn't an issue at all until I got on all these meds.


    I didn't have any side effects when I was on 100 mg of spiro (daily). I had major side effects when I upped it to 150 mg, added Yasmin and Finasteride. I am not saying it was just the spiro that caused the weight gain, but probably a combination of that at the Yasmin. Here is a link to other women's bad side effects to spiro. Bottomline everyone is different so this may not be an issue for you, but it seems to be an issue with more women besides me.....
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    I have taken spiro for a little over a month and have no side effects and my thick hair is growing back. I have about 4 inches of new growth. I guess the new hair wasn't falling out. I take 100 mgs.of spiro.I have lost weight due to 5 little meals a day and exercise. My iron is at good levels. I go to the derm on Sept. 27th. Keep you posted!
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    Spiro also really helps my acne!
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    Maybe it was the finasteride (sp)
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    Thank you! I think I will try it. I feel the same - Def tired worrying about both my hair and my acne!
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    The comments about your night sweats while taking Yasmin are interesting as I also experienced them. However I had taken Yasmin in my mid twenties with no problems and had also taken it for about a year without any problems this time around. I don't think it actually started bothering me until I started taking a higher dose of spiro... so I'm not really sure if it was Yasmin, spiro or the combination of the two. I was also taking finasteride so that might have factored in as well. I switched my BCP to Zovia 1/50 and have not had any night sweats since. I hadn't thought about that until I read your post.

    Sorry to hear that you are freaking out about quitting the pill. Let me assure you that you will not see any effect from stopping for another few months (probably 2-4). The hair cycle just doesn't work that quickly.

    As for taking a half dosage of Yasmin... I would assume that you would not avoid a shed by doing that. You are still ultimately reducing your estrogen levels even if it isn't as much. But I don't know if it will "limit the damage" so to speak. Though if you ultimately want to be off a BCP completely then it might be best just to do it all at once vs. going through two sheds (one when you half your estrogen, and again when you stop the pill completely). These are just guesses on my part though. My last thought is that a switch to Yaz might be easier than halving your pills and you'd have less chance of a disruption to your menstrual cycle (don't know what half a pill of Yasmin will be potent enough to keep your cycle regular).

    I've read that flax seed oil breaks down in the body to something similar to estrogen. I think I've also read something similar about soy as well, but this is not something I've put a whole lot of research into. I doubt they would compensate for artificial supplementation though, but it might be worth looking into and trying if you feel it is safe.

    I'm glad that you do not have PCOS. I only asked because I was on the same meds as you and I actually lost weight, so I was just wondering if maybe your weight gain was caused by something other than the meds, but it's equally possible that your body just reacted differently than mine to the meds.
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    I also see Dr Redmond. Actually have appointment on Sat. I am on Yazmin and Spiro. He was pushing Estrogen patch or Finestriside last visit. All my other doctors thing he is crazy for giving so many meds so easily that could have harmful side effects. So confused. i was really thinking of starting the finestrside. Do you feel it is helping you?
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    I see Redmond too. I am surprised that your doctors think he is crazy for prescribing these meds. I saw a derm & my gyno before starting Redmond's recommendations. Neither of my doctors flinched at his suggestions. I went to them for 2nd/3rd opiinions. My ob asked which bcp he suggested and when I told her (natazia) she said "oh good, that is the one I would have suggested too." My derm couldn't say whether the treatments would "work" but she didn't think they were out there (in fact, she even said "he's not suggesting anything that is out there" b/c I was concerned about the meds!).

    I don't know if he is a quack or not:) But I can tell you he is the only endo who "felt" my thyroid, referred me for an u/s and called me today telling me my results (he wants me to see a thyroid surgeon based on the results) - He also spent a good 15/20 minutes explaining to me the importance of treating my hashimoto's whereas another derm was very flip about it.

    BTW, how long have you been on your treatments? I just started mine 5/6 weeks ago. I REALLY hope the shedding decreases as my hair is getting worse:-( I would try the fin and in fact, will ask him for it on my next visit! Have you noticed any improvements on the treatments? Why did he suggest fin?

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    I dont think Redmond is a quack- definetly an expert in the field of women;s hairloss. Its just hard when he wants me to start Finestriside and my docotrs and pharmacist think it is too dangerous. Conflict opinions from docotors drive me crazy.
    I have been on spiro/yazmin for about 3 years- when I started seeing Redmond. I was having off again on again sheds. I did pretty good for sometime. Now I can see changes at the back of my head that scare me. I was thinking of going for a consult for extensions just in that area. I am going back and forth with starting Finestrside. not sure what to do anymore....
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    Hi KathyLI,

    If you want to send me your email, we can correspond more about this topic.

    What did he say about the fin being dangerous? Are you planning on having children? I think it can be dangerous for women who plan on having kids.

    What is your dx? I am happy to hear you have been working w/Dr Redmond for 3 years - sorry, the spiro isn't cutting it anymore...this is soo disappointing. How far long was your hl when you saw him?

    I am 45 & have aga. I will tell you more about it when we "speak." BTW, where are you thinking of going for extensions? Have you tried toppik? Its GREAT.

  12. KathyLI

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    Hi mrm2
    Thanks for responding. I will be 44 in a few weeks- sounds like we are going down similiar paths. My email is Would love to hear from you
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    Can anyone tell me how long it took before the spiro began to clear up your acne? I have been on it almost 4 weeks, and haven't noticed anything. I have been more hungry, but didn't even think about it being spiro related until I was reading on here.
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    My hair is growing back

    Hello everyone, I am 35 years old and I was diagnosed with AGA.....

    I started spiro almost 4 months ago, 100 mg 2 times a day and my hair loss is now minimal and my hair is growing back. I also take iron pills as my doctor said that even though my iron levels were normal (50) they had to be at least 80 or 100 for hair regrow.

    I am still very much worried about the future and what happens if I stop, etc, but my doctor told me not to worry, contrarily to other doctors that told me there was not much to do, the one I went to told me that after using spiro for 2 to 3 years and making sure ferritin level is at least 80 (though for him 100 is ideal) I will have my hair back....and that slowly slowly after the second year of consecutive use of spiro I will start discontinuing the medicine and the sensitivity to DHT (evil thing) will eventually disappear...
    Sometimes I still cry because this issue scares me as nothing has ever scare me so much in my life, but since spiro and iron tablets have been helping me I really wanted to share this with the people that might be having a bad day worrying about your hair loss....
    Also, I wanted to add that I started eating in a much more healthy manner, I drink lots of water, fruits, almonds, salmon, vegetables.....and i think this is important too...
    Love to all of you
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    Ana77 Thank you for this good report. Can you tell me the name of your doctor?

    Thank you so much
  16. ana77

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    "Thank you for this good report. Can you tell me the name of your doctor?"

    Hello there, my doctor is in Lebanon where I am currently working, given that I am not from Lebanon myself. I actually went to 2 doctors here, one endocrinologist and one "internal medicine doctor". Both told me to take spiro for up to 3 years and then gradually tapper off the med until eventualyl stop it completely. The only difference is that the endocrinologist did not really care about my ferritin levels whereas the internal medicine doctor told me that raising the levels to 100 will help me. I have been since then taking iron pills (4 months now) and because my feeritin levels just went from 47 to 53 the doctor gave me last week an iron infusion. He says I need to reach ferritin 100 to see regrow.... He said I would not recover my former hair :-(( but he said I would notice a change in its texture and volume just with the ferritin...which would be already good!!
    My hair loss stabilized and I have very little regrow, but it feels like regrow...not yet enough to make any change in the way my hair looks, but this is my 6th month with spiro, so I am hopefull...
    my email is please feel free to email me...I know how devastating is to loose hair and if you feel like talking please feel free...
    stay positive girls, cause it will help!

    P.S: I also wanted to add that I started going to the gym and going for walks, not with the purpose of loosing weigh, as my weigh is fine, but I feel that my hair becomes more "lively" after running...maybe its the blood that reaches the hair folicles...who I actually have a positive day, but sometimes I cannot hold my tears.....