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    I know how important it is to share your knowledge and experience with other folks. However, I will probably be somewhat brief as my crazy life allows me with little time and it doesn't help when you type at the speed I type...LOL
    Several months ago I suddenly started losing my hair. It just seemed like it happened overnight. Every time I took a shower, hundreds of hairs were falling out. It was insane! But I was also losing hair terribly throughout the day. I had no choice but to pull my hair back in a loose ponytail on a daily basis. I cried more times than I want to remember. If I could have glued every strand back to my head I would have. My Doctor had my blood work checked but everything came back normal. Like many of you, I was told to use Rogaine. I continued to search the internet and at one point I came across information on treating hair loss with steroids. Being in a desperate state of mind, I knew I had a prescription steroid cream in my drawer and decided what the heck and give it a try! Shock and relief is all I can say. With the exception of the usual hair loss, my hair essentially stopped falling out! Afterwards, I did contact my doctor in which he okayed this type of treatment with limited use and wrote a prescription for a steroid lotion, which is easier to apply than a cream. It's been almost 3 weeks and I am happy to report everything is going very well. I will report back in a few weeks to give everyone an update.
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    I am now over 51 years old. I have suffered hair loss since my late 30's. My mother also suffered hair loss with aging. HOWEVER my brother as diagnosed with cancer over 12 months ago. He went on the caveman / paleo diet. To support him I also did as I used to cook all his meals for him. Well I can tell you I have stopped losing hair. My hair is growing back. It is healthy and shiny. In addition I always used to get bumps on the back of my arms. A dermatologist told me it was because I was vegetarian and I needed to eat more meat and get iron. So I did! Well since being Paleo that has cleared up as well. So what is paleo basically all natural foods meats, eggs, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables. No grains or dairy whatsoever. So for me - who many doctors told me it is hereditary and unless you go onto terrible drugs with bad side-effects learn to live with it. Well this has been my experience. I thought I would share as I have done everything - Minoxidal, acupuncture, hair loss drugs (which made me extremely anxious). I actually thought I would just eventually buy a wig and so be it.

    I hope this helps someone and good luck.