Successful regrowth??

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    Hi all, I wanted to post today because I feel like my situation may be getting a little better and I feel like there aren't enough optimistic posts on here.

    For a little background history on me, read this:

    It has been one year since I stopped using the BCP, enpresse was the name of it. I have definitely noticed regrowth all around my scalp, although sometimes I'm not sure if it is just regrowth that would have normally been coming in anyway. While I'm so happy to see it, I constantly wonder if it is thinner than it should be. My hair is still so super thin, and I am very self-conscious of it. Something odd that I noticed is almost as soon as I stopped the BCP, I had several white hairs start to grow in (by several I mean maybe 10-15. Maybe that means those hair follicles are waking up? I have also noticed there are several hairs growing in super thick. I was using Rogaine foam but I just quit that recently. I was only using it every other day anyway so I felt like it probably wasn't helping much. I started taking spironolactone 50 mg about six months ago, and while I'm not sure if it has help my hair or not, it certainly has helped my terrible acne. I figure that means the acne was hormonal, so the hair loss must be too. I do have to use Toppik when I go anywhere, and I have been wearing hats and bandannas pretty often.

    Ugh I am just so sick of this! I would love to have the super thick hair that I once had back. It was so thick I would have to have it thinned, or razored. I even remember when it first started thinning and I though "oh this is kinda nice, its a little more managable now." MAKES ME WANT TO GO BACK AND KICK MYSELF IN THE ASS!!
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    similar to my story

    was wondering how you are doing now? I have had sever shedding for 3 years no joke! I was on the "mini pill" after giving birth to my 2nd son for a year. I didn't realize it's the most androgenic pill because it has no estrogen in it. And I am still losing hundreds of hairs daily it's horrible. I tried spiro for 8 months on 150/200mg with no slow down of shed. I tried getting on ortho cyclen didn't stop shed but did grow little baby hairs that also fell out. It's a mess, I'm about a year away from a wig. I have to wear my hair in a clip everyday to hide my balding on my scalp. I am 35 years old and had the thickest hair EVER. Long beautiful hair. I try not to have panic attacks over this and focus on my children. BUt it's difficult.