Sudden weight gain & hair loss?

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by nappeal, May 15, 2009.

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    I recently wrote out my whole background on a post in the general section, so I won't repeat it again. Ill just say that I've had almost sudden hair thinning within months of starting Ortho Tricyclen Lo, and I'm convinced that has something to do with it since this hasn't been gradual HL.

    I remember recently about how this past Jan I was slightly concerned w HL, making a run for the Rogaine that I never followed through with. For whatever reason, I quit concerning myself with the thinning then, but I've since been worried that that time was a beginning to HL. It wasn't until today that I thought about a new connection: I've suffered from anorexia since I was about 14 until I was 20. I've done pretty well keeping myself at a healthy weight until about a year ago.

    In January is when I was at most likely my lowest weight, & this is when I was initially concerned about thinning. In late Feb/early Mar I began my BCP which made me gain a lot of weight very quickly. My 3rd mos on BC is to start next week, and since Jan or Feb of this year, after I started BC, I've gone up 10-15 lbs. I then weighed between 119 & 122...I'm at 136 today.

    One 'side-effect' of an eating disorder is hair loss & thinning, which could explain the HL at that period of time. But I've now begun to think that such an amount of weight gain on a small, frail, and unhealthy body could send my system into a kind of shock, including my hair.

    Does this sound plausible to anyone else, or do I seem as if I'm being far-fetched? Thanks girls!

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    Hi Nappeal. I just wanted to say I don't really know an answer to your question, but it seems plausible, at least. I know that nutritional deficiencies from eating disorders can cause HL, as well as rapid weight loss -- so, it may make sense that rapid weight GAIN would have an effect as well. But, I think the more likely thing is that the BCP in general is messing with your hormones, causing both the weight gain and the HL. So, they might be related, but I don't think the weight is the only cause. Does this make sense?

    I also know that sometimes triggers can "unmask" AGA -- like an eating disorder causing hair to thin or going on the BCP, unfortunately. I'm NOT saying this is what's happening to you. Only you know your hair, and only your doctor can give you medical advice.

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this so young, too. I truly sucks.
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    Could Be?

    I have seen many women on this forums that have had eating disorders. It could be one of the causes, but who really knows. I have always eaten healthy, worked out, drank plenty of water, no health problem etc...... (constipation and heartburn, have been a problem since my HL began) but who knows?

    ((((((Big Hugs))))))))) I am sorry you are going through this.
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    Thank you both. I'm not sure what it could be, and that's what's driving me the most insane. That, and not knowing what, if anything, can be done to stop it. I don't actually have any HL in the typical female AGA area, so I myself am ruling that out. :) I have very localized HL in my frontal hairline, with ever so slight thinning on the remaining scalp, and even that I'm not 100% sure on (I'm being hypersensitive). I'm just at a loss because my symptoms don't match up with medical lit, but I have an appt with the dermatologist; I'm desperate for him to give me an answer.
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    From what I understand, hairloss doesn't just start and stop - there's a bit of a time delay between a "trigger" and the loss and between "fixing" an issue and when you'll see improvement.

    So, my guess is that your hair was thinning due to malnutrition and you're probably still seeing the effects of that.

    Good luck - this hair business takes time!
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    All I know about weight gain and hairloss is that if you have Polycystic Overies (PCO) weight gain effects your hormone production making you produce more male hormone which can contribute to hair loss if you are that way inclined. I have PCOs and unfortunately one of the side symptons of it for me is hairloss!!! I do know that if I keep my weight down my hormones are better balanced and theoretically my hair loss is less. But its a viscious cycle as the PCOs make me gain weight easier and then display symptons. I have also got my weight right down in the past and maintained it for 5 years I may have stopped losing hair but certainly no hair ever came back in my bald areas and I was also taking Aldactone at the time so who knows what was stopping the shedding? All the best.
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    Excessive hair fall has many causes like hereditary, hormonal changes, pregnancy, age or any major surgery but you should find which reason affecting your hair fall. It is necessary to get reason of hair fall then it’s easier to make decision either its temporary or major issue.
    Major surgery is temporary cause of hair loss, may be all of a sudden you loss high amount of hair. This hair fall is related to the illness stress.
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    Ya know I was also wondering this. For years I was always around 90lbs, could never gain an ounce! Long story short, I got sick, had my gallbladder removed in 2010, and within one year I gained up to 27lbs, which is HUGE change for my body since I'm only 4'11" tall. At my "heaviest" I was 117, but I have now stabilized at 110. I was wondering, does anyone know if hair loss goes away after your weight has stabilized?
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    I also heard a situation that you encountered to day. Hair loss is an unpredictable illness. Maybe your hair needs a vitamins. Try to eat some fruits or veggies that rich in vitamin B6. Lacking of hair vitamins may cause losing of hair.
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    Funny you suggest that, starting this week I've started taking vitamins! Been taking a multivitamin, biotin, and fish oil...I started this because apparently bc pills can deplete your body of it's nutrition, and make hair fall out (and in my case, go from curly to straight). I HAVE noticed alot less shedding! ALOTTTTT less! Oh, and I also started using garlic shampoo and nizoral. I think all of this might be slowly starting to work, though my hair is still growing in straight -_-.
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    I suggest you eat green vegetables and apply olive oil on your hair.
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    Very impressive and use full information
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    It could be a thyroid problem - ask your doctor to test for hypothyroidism (they should check your TSH, T3 and free T4)
    If it is a thyroid problem, more than likely the treatment would be a simple daily pill, although it may take a while for your doctor to determine the correct dose.

    Night Sweats and such could be the result of too much sugars in your system. Try eating less sweets and more complex carbs like Oatmeal. Better for you and will adjust your body to weight gain. Also, for your hair, try taking B12 Vitamins. You can find them in your grocery store and they are amazing for your skin and hair (as a recovering anorexic, I swear by these). Keep up the good work my dear.

    Have fun.

    Rachel !!!:>
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    This may be due to hormonal changes, may some of the gland must be n0t secreting or over secreting
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    Our healthy hair made from protein so try to consume more protein diet in your regular meal and avoid eating fast food and heavy oily food.
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    It is so frustrating to learn that otherwise intelligent guys like you ,will not Act wisely. Please consult an Endocrinologist ,let him decide what to do and then simply follow his instructions. And whatever questions you have regarding benefit of any treatment ,please ask that doctor. I hope i have been able to push you !
  18. Lisa Learner

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    Yes, please consult your endocrinologist!
  19. Julia David

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    Since you have Psoriasis, you are also a likely candidate for Alopecia, which... like Psoriasis, there are several types of.
    I would suggest that you read up on Alopecia and ask your doctor to check you out for it.
    It it turns out that it isn't Alopecia, he should still be able to help you get to the root of the problem.
    I have Psoriasis, mostly on my shins, and wherever it is... my hair doesn't grow. But during the times that I can get it clear, the hair returns.
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    Sudden change in weight and loss may be a result of harmonical disorder. You should get treatment from a good doctor. Fo an instant remedy you can try hair extensions. You can choose extensions exactly matching to your hairs, as they are available in almost hair colors.