Swimming... gah! Also, PRP and ACell

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    Hey ladies,

    I haven't posted for a while... but I can report that after about 3 months of regular Jamaican Black Castor oil treatments on my scalp, I've only noticed the hair I do have is much healthier and growing longer than ever. Side note: I also use it on my eye lashes and brows and wow!!! It really works. It does not seem to work on the hair that I've lost, however.

    I'm strongly considering PRP and ACell treatment and wondering if anyone has had any success with this treatment. I did read one woman's account of her experience, including success with the treatment, but it's been some time since she posted and I'm curious if she still sees growth. I know it is something that has to be repeated every year. Luckily I am a great candidate, being a woman with hereditary hair loss, specifically thinning on the crown. I still have lots of beautiful curly hair, but I have been in a shedding phase for well over a year now (I lose sooooo much hair each time I wash!), my hair has thinned out considerably and there are white, bald patches on my crown.

    I'm curious what you ladies do when you go swimming. I camp, hike and climb outdoors with my boyfriend almost every weekend. Yeah, pretty awesome! Except for the part where he likes to swim in lakes and creeks. 5 years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about it and I would jump right in! The reality now though is that I use so much Boost n Blend in my hair, I worry the water would wash it right out! I'll look like a drowned rat with white, patchy scalp showing through. What's a girl to do?!