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    Hi ladies, Haven't logged on in a while since I was busy relocating. A lot has happened with my hair in the last few months and I thought I would share my experience.

    I was experiencing a TE shed related to the huge stress of the move (in hindsight :() and mistakenly thought the minoxidil I was using wasn't working anymore, so I decided to quit the minoxidil and just use Folligen and emu oil - HUGE mistake on my part... The hair on the top of my head got so thin I could see clear through my scalp, I was freaking out. After I moved in December I started up on the minoxidil again (I was using 5% liquid once a day before bed) and had my hair dyed back to its natural color (level 5) since the blond highlights I previously had were causing too much breakage. The brown suits me better but of course it made the hair loss look worse. I consulted for a topper and the technician was on standby (I was put off by the cost and wanted to see if I could get it covered by insurance)

    In January I read up on Spectral DNC's new nanoxidil product, and decided to switch on a whim (I had a 10% off coupon on Strawberrynet). The nanoxidil liquid has a bunch of other 'hair friendly' ingredients like aminexil, adenosine, copper peptides etc. The liquid is rather thick and sticky and definitely not something I could use twice a day, so I use it once a day before bed. I didn't have much of a shed with switching, I guess there wasn't much hair left to shed after last Fall's TE. Anyway some time after my topper consult one morning I had washed my hair and did my little routine of parting it and checking for new growth, and there were a ton of baby hairs barely a few mm long. I couldn't believe it... now the baby hairs are almost 1cm long, enough for some Toppik to grab onto and conceal my scalp. The Spectral nanoxidil also made my scalp feel a lot better; I used to have burning and pain where I lost the hair and now I don't feel any more pain or itching.:)

    So, the moral of the story is I will not be stopping the nanoxidil therapy anytime soon... If these hairs keep hanging in there I will be back to last summer before the TE shed started.


    My latest regimen:
    - Spectral DNC-N nanoxidil 1x/day at night
    - Spectral F7 15 minutes before the nanoxidil (this is a peptide solution being marketed as a booster. I'm not sure it's making a difference since I started it at the same time as the nanoxidil)
    -Yasmin BCP
    -Nioxin system 4 shampoo
    -Aveda conditioner
    -multivitamin, omega-3 and probiotics
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    I am just wondering if you have had any success with the Nanoxidil from DS Labortories?