T.E.-Stress, BC, Cysts, Nutrition, or Paranoid? Only 23!

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    I'm 23 years old and have had thin hair my ENTIRE life. This is nothing new. I never started to pay any attention to my hair until about 9 months ago, when I noticed it was falling out more than usual. About 150+ hairs a day!

    The dermatologist did a scalp biopsy and diagnosed me with T.E.--said it was probably due to stress. I was overworked and due to nature of job/studies and am constantly switching countries of residence (have lived on 4 continents in under 3 year for example). I also had a pretty bad diet.

    Around that time I was also diagnosed with ovarian cysts (not PCOS I believe-Im actually quite thin and have no other symptoms).

    My hair loss stopped after about three months, but a month ago-when I switched BC pills started up again. About 150 hairs a day. I stopped taking the BC because it was too traumatizing to watch. (though now I'm worried about the cysts-the only reason I was taking BC). IT seems to have stopped within a few days of stopping the BC.

    Right now my ponytail circumference is between 2.25-2.5 inches....It seems to have somehow maintained this amount through two spurts of TE.

    Anyway--can anyone lend me a hand here? I'm terrified if I start another BC brand it will continue. Or is it possible this is chronic T.E.?

    Lastly-I'd give anything to get thicker hair! Even a 3' ponytail! I have a coconut oil shampoo...but I'm willing to try anything! Im thinking I'll probably just buy hair extensions the next time I'm in a western country!
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    Still active to this website?

    I am also 23 and have found some things that have helped me. If you are still active on this thread, respond, and I'd like to chat :)
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    It's possible to have chronic T.E. but it can be more reasons especially like bad diet and no minerals and necessary vitamins in it. Try to change your diet and be more cool take distance to life maybe it will help you even if you will need some doctor's help it not get you worse for sure.