Taking enough Iron?

Discussion in 'Iron' started by the4rojos, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I had a blood test two months ago that showed my Ferritin level at a 2. My hair was falling out in droves and I really went to get my Thyroid checked; turns out I "was" severely anemic. I've been taking an iron supplement for 6 weeks: 120 mg of Ferrous Gluconate a day. This is half of a 240 mg pill since I typically cannot tolerate iron supplements. I'm not sure if this is enough or when I should get my blood tested again. Your thoughts? Thank you!!

    P.s. I originally thought I was losing hair due to my Chi; I thought I was burning my hair. Nope, it was because I had been dieting and was not getting enough iron. I lost 50 lbs., but lots of hair too. My iron level had been apparently going downhill for 15 years.
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    hi is their any improvement in your hair shedding...has it gotten better? please help