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    I got really sick in nov, in hosptial and in coma, lost over 30 pounds in three weeks. End of Jan my hair starting coming out in ropes, lost over 60 percent. Taking hair and nail, boltin, fish oil and every iron as well as a dht blocker and dht blocker shampoo, protein shakes and major protein intake. Use to take rogaine but stopped months ago. Oh, I used the hair max still.

    Honestly I can't say what it was. But I think the protein intake really help.

    It's May and I can see hairs every where. It's thin, hard to style, but they are popping up so much I have slick them down. There is hope, TE doesn't have to last a year. I wore it down for the first time in months and it looks pretty good.

    I pray to God this is it. I just hate to post this. So two months of serve hair loss and it's coming back. It's about two to three inches long and stands up.

    The relieve I feel is so unbelieveable. I'm calmer now. More relaxed. I hope this never happens again.
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    Thanks for posting this. My hair started falling out severely in mid March. I'm still not seeing any signs of regrowth. But, you give me hope.
    Thanks...I think I'll increase my protein intake!
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    So the trama to my body was in November and the hair fell out at the end of Jan, and by the end of April it has starting coming back. It''s really noticeable when it comes back. I use to have so much hair and then it was extreme! Now it looks so much better. So Feb and March with extreme loss and then April it started coming in. So two months. It's the worse thing that ever happened, and I am just so relieved. Now I'm doing the hcg diet, which scares me! Being thin is not worth being bald! So I'm going to take my hair vitiams, along with everything else and if I notice any shedding I will stop instantly. Keep my fingers crossed!

    Anyway, I am looking at the side of the blob and I'm looking at angela, she's bald and she looks good, really good for a women with no hair. But we all dont have the face that can pull this off. Just want to say that in case you see's this post.
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    Here I am sitting here thinking about the hair again. Here is just another reason why I think my TE is gone. When the shedding started and lasted for two months, the entire two months my head hurt, itched and I had my boyfriend rub my head all the time. It just hurt and my head hasn't hurt or itched or had a burning sensation since the beginning of April. I don't know how I could have forgot about this because I think this is a good sign of recovery. :p