TE? or somthing else?

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    I have a feeling a may have this,as around nov to feb of this year,i was under a fair bit of stress from university exams.

    Also,in terms of family genetics i have no history of hair loss,grandparents on both sides died with full head of white hair,and mum and dad have no signs of hair loss.

    I also dont have any signs of anemia(on that note,is it possible to have anemia,and have none of the typical symptoms?)

    i first noticed and became aware of the hair loss around 6 weeks ago,but i could have been going on for longer then that,and its only recently i'v become worried about it,as now im sure im becoming slightly thinner around the back of my scalp,so now im worrying about it daily,which is not good! I want it to stop!!

    its fustrating the hell out of me becuase i wont be able to make it to the doctors for another 3 weeks as im going to be out of the country.