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    I stalked this website for months when I was going through birth control induced telogen effluvium. I know how desperate, scared, and depressed I felt. I promised myself to post once I recovered. TE started in December 2013, after I stopped taking Ocella (I had been on for 10 years) and got the Mirena IUD-one month later all hell broke loose and my hair was coming out like crazy. I have always had naturally thin and fine hair, I was devastated and in a total panic. After having the IUD for 1 month I got it removed and jumped right back on Ocella. My shedding continued... By June my hair loss slowed but was still falling out more than normal, I knew that I wanted to go off Ocella and never touch hormonal birth control again. I have been off the pill for almost 6 months, after going off the pill I never had the intense shed like I initially did back when I first got the IUD and this whole thing started. I did continue to have some hair loss and scalp sensitivity into the fall but I could tell it was slowing down, by December 2014 it finally stopped completely. I now have a lot of regrowth, I’m synthetic-hormone free, and couldn’t be happier. It is a slow process, I know it’s hard but obsessing only made me more depressed, keep calm and carry on because this too shall pass!
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    dkro1213-My story is a bit similar to yours... I went off BCP Feb 2014 after years of being on it and had a massive shed 2-3 months after- My shed slowed down in November, but I still seem to shed a tad more than I used to. My concern is I am shedding normal hairs and still some uncut 4"-10" hairs- did you notice that at all? If so when did it stop? I have been bcp free for exactly a year now and hoping to see recovery soon. My hair is a lot thinner and not sure I can hide the thinning once summer hits...
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    Hello, when my shed started to slow down if sort of just tapered off. I think I lost long hairs and new hairs right up until the end. One thing I noticed was in those final 2-3 months of hair loss the “fringe” hairs around my forehead were coming in a lot lighter then my normal hair color and once they got about half an inch long they would fall out. Eventually that stopped as well. It seems like the duration of TE varies from person to person and once the shedding ends it takes even more time for your new hairs to grow out. The width of my ponytail is probably no thicker than a pen but my hair is thickening up by my scalp. It sounds like you are at the tail end of this thing, hang in there!
    A word of advice if you have any scalp showing in the summer, wear hats or put sunscreen right on your scalp. My scalp got sunburned last summer around my temples where the hair loss was more noticeable and I think it made the hair loss worse.