TE - seeing an end to the loss.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Virginia, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Hello all --

    I just wanted to post to tell you all about some success I've been having. I started with a bout of TE this August. I have lost about 30 percent of my hair since then. It has been traumatizing, but the point of this post is success!

    I have seen doctors and a derm, but knowing it was TE I have stuck to only vitamins and "inner strength" so to speak. My boyfriend and family don't really know how to talk to me about it so I have been largely going through alone (well, with everyone's posts too!).

    Every day, I take a prenatal vitamin for the extra iron, saw palmetto, and biotin. (I'm also on Ortho-Cyclen.) Nothing else. Now, my TE should last at least another month or a few, but it has slowed substantially. And the times I don't take the vitamins for a whole weekend, my shedding increases slightly. Clearly the vitamins are making an impact and I wanted to let you all know that.

    More importantly, however, I thought that letting my hair go, only lightly combing and treating it with the utmost sensitivity was the best thing for it. And I think that still is true most of the time. But I found that every few weeks, styling lightly with a blow dryer helped my mental state so much. It (and a little Toppik) reminded me that I am still beautiful just the way I am.

    Also, I have found it helpful to force myself to relax. I know we all hate it when doctors say our HL is due to stress (I hate that too!), but I think they may have a small point. My loss is always worse on a daily basis when I let myself worry. In the shower, I force myself to focus on how nice the water feels, or how good my body wash smells. It makes a huge difference in the HL (at least from my mental perspective).

    I just wanted to post to tell you all this because there is never enough positive posting or answers out there for us to read on those late nights when we are awake with a box of tissues at 3 a.m. pouring over the Internet for answers. None of us are alone. I know I still have a long road ahead, but taking it day by day with a couple things that seem to be helpful along with all your support has made all the difference.

    I'll continue to post my updates, we will get through this!

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    Virginia, I just saw this posting, and wanted to say thank you! I hope that you are doing well :)