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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I registered so I could share my success story because I know how depressing and confidence-crushing it can be to lose hair over a long period of time and to try seemingly everything without success. I was always checking out posts on here to give me hope :)

    I'm nearly 40 and I've experienced hair loss over the last 13 years. I have seen a number of GPs, trichologists and an endocrinologist but not one has been able to pinpoint the cause apart from stating that it is TE and not 'pattern baldness'. I am still using minoxidil, although it appeared it no longer worked, as for the past 12 months my hair was shedding at a frantic pace. While I've never had bald areas, some parts of my hair were 1cm long and the volumn of my hair had decreased to half of it's previous amount. I spent $600 on a laser comb, $200 on a super-dooper boar bristle hairbrush and ordered hair vitamins from the USA (I live in Western Australia)...basically spending vast amounts of money to get my hair back! I'm not into spending big bucks on myself, I just felt so desperate. During both my pregnancies my hair did improve but after the births it fell out again, and while I realise this is to be expected on a temporary basis, it didn't stop falling out!

    Alongside this I was also suffering from recurrent vaginal thrush (yes, TMI but it's a vital part of the story!) which was rendering me miserable. The first thing I did was take the one diflucan thrush tablet and do a 6 day pessary treatment to get rid of the thrush. Then, after doing the usual google research, I decided to take charge of my candida overgrowth for good (of which thrush is a symptom) by cutting out all sugar and processed food and ensuring that everything I ate was nourishing my body. I also took (and still take) a very good probiotic. About 2 weeks after this change in diet, my hair loss stopped. The thrush hasn't returned and I feel great! I have been eating well for 2 months now and my hair has definitely stopped falling out and is growing back fast. Dermatitis in my ears (which I have experienced since I was 16 years old) has disappeared. I continue to take a multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin C. I don't crave sugar at all and I eat plenty.

    About candida overgrowth...I did some more net 'research' and candida overgrowth is very common and responsible for so many ailments! Please google it and have a read. It is basically a fungus that when out of balance in the body, can completely take over and affect many things, including hormone levels and the way vitamins and minerals are absorbed. Eating sugar feeds the fungus. There's some great books out there about the harmful effects of sugar, well worth checking them out (google David Gillespie's 'Sweet Poison" and Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar').

    I realise of course there are so many reasons for hair loss. I just wanted to share what has finally worked for me. All the very best to everyone :>
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    Candida and hair loss

    Dear Holly,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your post...I have also been having chronic hair loss for some time and I think my recurrent vaginal thrush/candida may be connected to it....Tomorrow I will start a new diet and will try to get rid of candida....million thanks for sharing this, I will keep you posted!
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    Hi Ana,

    Thank you for your response, I hope the change in diet works for you too. I also found certain food have helped the candida, to feel better generally and which are also reputed to help hair. Along with lots of veggies and moderate amounts of meat, I eat chia seeds with my porridge, coconut oil, quinoa, organic eggs, kale, macadamia oil, olive oil, full fat dairy products and nuts. Although I wasn't overweight to start with, since going sugar-free (but with lots of healthy fats) I've lost 3kg and my skin has become very clear. It's worth the change, especially to stop the hair loss!!

    All the best and hang in there :)
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    Thanks a lot for the extra tips...I already had the "one diflucan thrush tablet" yesterday and just started the 6 day pessary treatment you mentioned (with Ovumix).....I also take iron pills and aldactone, but I am hoping to solve my chronic hair loss problem by curing the candida, which I heard really plays a role...

    Uff!! Thanks for the support :)
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    Hi Ana,

    How long have you been on the aldactone? At one point I was going to see if that worked even though my blood tests came back normal. Has it helped at all? You might even find once the candida goes the hormones balance themselves. Has your hair been falling out for a long time?

    Also, check this link out: http://m.voices.yahoo.com/3-metabolic-causes-womens-hair-loss-5632220.html

    Quite interesting and perhaps candida is responsible for more hair loss issues than we think.

    Good to chat about this as none of my friends have experienced hair loss.
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    Hello Holly,

    Sorry for the late reply.....

    I have been on aldactone since August 2012, so its been 9 months now....My hair has been thinning for the past 10 years...but it was 1 year ago that I noticed how thin it had become....I sudently started noticing all the hairs in my brush and clothes and knew there was something wrong I think the trigger was when used a vaginal ring as contraceptive: nuova ring, common in Europe. I then went to an endocrinologist, 9 months ago, and he told me I had alopecia androgenetic and gave me aldactone (normal tests but testosterone sensitivity). I then visisted 3 doctors more. One of them confirmed the AGA diagnosis and gave me iron as well, the second told me candida was to blame (he had a more holistic vision of medicine), and the third told me I had chronic TE! ....I do not know what to think at this point....
    My hair has been thinning for 10 years and has always been oily, which indicates AGA, but my loss is difuse (which according to the last doctor I went to, indicates TE) and I do have constant vaginal infections (so could Candida be causing it?)...

    I have done the treatment you mentioned and I am also taking a good probiotic....some days my hair loss is just normal and other days I know my hair is still falling out :-/

    I also dont have anyone to talk about this and this site has made me feel less lonely...there is nothing more I want than one day share a great story with all the women here struggling with this same problem :)

    Thanks for the link you sent....I will continue my healthy diet and hopefully there will be a happy ending to my struggle too...

    Love to you and all the women reading this post :>
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    Hi Ana,

    It is so confusing when doctors tell you different, conflicting things. I went to a few trichologists. One of them showed me photos of women with AGA and said I didn't have AGA because my hair part wasn't widening, even though the top and crown looked thinner because of the shortness of some of the hairs (she had one of those fancy microscopey things that can examine the actual follicles). Is your part widening? Also, my hair has always been oily which is why I wash it every day (and afterwards count the hairs :eek:) and I had TE (I don't want to get overconfident but I'm hoping I can now use the past tense!) Does oily hair always mean AGA? Maybe you don't have AGA at all. And even though you are testosterone sensitive, candida can wreak havoc with your hormones so may be affecting this - it's all linked...immune system, hormones, thyroid.

    Did you feel the holistic doctor make sense when he suggested candida could be the cause? It might take a month to get the body in balance. Just hang in there, I know you will post on here with your success!!

    :) :>
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    Hello Holly,

    Hope you are well and thanks again for sharing your experience with me. I also count my hairs by the way, its crazy, I know :eek:

    I convinced myself I had AGA because 2 doctors said so and also because of what I read online:

    · I read online that AGA is very gradual and my loss has indeed been gradual (except for the past year). I am now 36 and my hair has been thinning for 10 years. I remember thinking all these past years how my hair texture had changed and how much more hair I used to have, but I started cutting it a bit shorter, with layers, and sort of thought it was just a bad hair phase...

    · I also read from Dr Redmont that oily hair indicated testosterone sensitivity and was thus an indication of AGA, so again I thought I had AGA because I always had oily hair. But you do have a point when you question whether the two things are automatically related because a friend of mine has oily hair and she has a full head of lovely hair...

    · With regards to my hair part, the last doctor I went to (the one that diagnosed me with TE) also used the microscopy thing and he told I did not have AGA because my hair part was not really widening especially for someone who had been losing hair for so many years. Basically he thought that if my hair loss was due to AGA I would already have area(s) where the loss was very visible. I was a bit confused because it is true that my hair part is not widening significantly but the top and crown of my hair does look thinner (which I also had read it was an indication of AGA)- I sound like an AGA freak!! This thing just traumatized me so much…:-(

    The "holistic doctor", who was actually an endocrinologist, and that's why I trusted his opinion, told me that candida was on the basis of the hair loss and that curing my candida should be the first step. He also told me how the body was all connected and how hair loss could be due to so many things all together…

    At this point I will just try to stress less, eat well (your tips were great), get rid of the candida for once, do sports and try to be happy! I will continue aldactone though, cause I am too afraid to stop it...

    Because stress and candida are also connected (or so I read!) here is a link I found interesting:


    I hope your hair is still getting stronger :)

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    I'm sorry for the very delayed reply Ana! It was timely for me when you posted the link on stress - I've had a fair bit of it lately with family and work stuff. All settled now thank goodness.

    How is your hair? You are not an AGA freak at all and it is hugely traumatising to go through hair loss of any sort.

    My hair is still not falling out excessively and it's growing. I've fallen off the wagon sugar-wise a few times but have gotten back quickly to eating healthily again (nothing like hair loss to motivate, way better than weight loss!) I'm convinced the candida was to blame.

    Lots of love and strength to you and all the other girls out there :>:)
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    Hello HollyM,

    Sorry too for my delayed reply....I have not been feeling so well lately. Despite my diet efforts and vitamins and this and that my hair keeps on thinning...I have no doubt that I have AGA and I need to find treatment that will help me deal with this condition....maybe candida makes things worse but I think its something deeper than that, at least for me...
    In all fairness I should not even be posting here on this good news story cause I am not really part of it so other readers are going to be confused...

    ....I feel so sad today, I cannot deal with this anymore, it has changed my life so much and I just cant cope with it anymore....I stopped aldactone almost 2 months ago because it wasn't working and I am now on androcur a stronger androgen blocker from what I understand...its been already 2 months and no progression....I feel devastated, my hair keeps on falling out and I don't understand why....sorry for my depressing words, today is just not a good day for me :-(
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    Hello dear Ana,

    I'm so sorry you are despairing and feel so low. I know how you feel because I have been there. I wish I could do something to help. It is such an utterly crap thing to go through. Women who hasn't lost hair knows how destroying it is (though female friends try their best to imagine). And don't be sorry about expressing how you're feeling - I'm sure all the ladies who read our posts are very empathetic and this forum is surely about supporting each other!

    One thing - have you tried minoxidil, as in Rogaine 5%? That is for AGA and according to a trichologist I saw, is quite effective. In Australia the 5% minoxidil is called Hair Again. I tried it for a while but it didn't help because it's for AGA. I mean, you might not have AGA but if that's what you are thinking it could be, then maybe minoxidil is worth a go.

    Ana, I'm thinking of you and really hope you find answers. Hang in there.

    Love and hugs :>
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    Just to clarify my last post - I meant to say that women who haven't gone through hair loss do not know how destroying it is. My friends tried to imagine...one well meaning one said at least it wasn't cancer and that my situation could be a lot worse (which is of course true but I don't think she got how devastated I was feeling about losing hair!)
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    Dear HollyM,

    Thanks for your two replies. You are so sweet and I felt less lonely when I read them. Its so hard to cope with this hair loss thing and although I have not yet given up some days I feel so powerless....and true, friends do not understand it, unless they have experienced it. I have one particularly sympathetic friend cause she saw old pictures of me and acknowledged that indeed it did not look the same, but I don't talk about it with many people, cause I even feel embarrassed :-( Thanks God no one notices it.

    I have been thinking about the Rogaine and some doctors have recommended to me, but I read also many negative reviews and that put me off. I am also afraid that it will make things worse and right now i feel i cant afford anything that would make it worse....

    Thanks again for your message. I hope that your hair is still growing stronger and that one day too I will come back to this thread with a happy message.

    Love and hugs back at you:>
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    Hi HollyM,

    Thank you for sharing. I was wondering, did you have a diffuse thinning? I have been drinking lots of sugar drink these past few years and for the last year, my hair has been falling out like crazy. I'm wondering if it's the sugar that caused it. My blood test came out normal and I don't have balding history in my family so I don't think I have AGA. I do have fibroids, but dermatologist said that shouldn't cause hair loss. I saw hairs coming back but it's very very thin :(
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    Hi Mika...I replied to your other thread!

    Hang in there :)