Tellogeon effluvium

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  1. Litlisa

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    Hi , I recently had gallbladder removal surgery In jan 2012
    After the surgery I began to notice ythe texture of my hair was different was frizzy , dry & I lost my curls
    About 2 months later I started losing hair has continued for a total of 2 and a half months
    I shed everywhere ..especially in the shower
    My hair comes out with a bulb on the tip

    My dermaTologist told me I have tellogeon effluvium & it will last 6 to8 months hair will grow back

    My hair is very thin
    I lost a percentage of it

    How much more hair will fall out?

    How long does t e last?
    When will I see any regrowth?
    Is nioxin good to use?

    I am scared I will lose more hair

    Does anyone have aNy advice for me?
    Thank you,
  2. Leanne274

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    It can last up to 6-8 months or so providing it's just telogen effluvium and nothing else...mine definitely lasted 6 months.

    I still haven't seen much regrowth but it's not been that long so we'll see.

    I've heard iron can help boost hair growth even if your iron levels are ok...there are ferritin pills that are easy to digest or you could just add iron-rich foods to your diet (just google them).

    Otherwise, there's not much else you can do. I know it sucks a lot. Nioxin doesn't really do much for telogen's more for AGA.

    You'll lose more hair but hang in'll stop eventually (providing it's just TE).
  3. Litlisa

    Litlisa New Member

    Thankyou for your reply
    How much hair did you lose from t.e.?

    I wonder how long it will take once t.e. is over to see regrowth?

    My hairis still shedding ( it's been 2 months)...but I have noticed in the past week I have gotten my curls back & my hair is less frizzy

    I guess I just have to ride it out ....thanks for the advice
  4. Amandab13

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    Telogen Effluvium

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  5. Litlisa

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    Thankyou for your reply,
    I feel like I have the same exact timeline as you ..I had my surgery in jan 2012 & my hair started falling out the end of march.
    I am definitely stressing much less about the hairloss lately.
    But I do feel like other people could notice it , but your right they don't .
    I am losing a lot on the top of my head & now on the sides. And it's thinner all over
    How much hair did you lose?
    Did you use any hair products to make your hair appear thicker ?
    I have been using nioxin shampoo , conditioner & scalp theraphy
    It makes it more fuller
    Did you continue to dye your hair?
    I'm scared to do anything to it
    thanks , lisa
  6. Amandab13

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    Telogen Effluvium - reply

    I think everyone is worried about the same thing.. that it will continue to get worse and that you'll have a shiny or patchy scalp but that is pretty rare I'm told. My hair seemed to be at it's thinnest point about 6 months after it started and one day I came in and looked in the mirror and it was so thin and stringy ... so noticable to me but STILL... nobody else noticed...friends & family who are very honest with me reminded me of that. It felt like at least half the volumn was there. Just keeping it clean and brushed .... it was not really noticable. I put it into a nice low ponytail which looked nice too. Used regular shampoo. (If you go the local Mall, you can just look around and see that half the women there could have it as well... not everyone has thick and beautiful hair!) But now, a year later, it feels much thicker becuase the new hairs are about 5 inches long now. :) So, it really isn't so bad. Just try to forget about it and the months will fly by. It's been a year for me and I still have some hair falling out now and then when I comb my fingers through my hair and on my sink when I do my hair but in general, it's slowed down dramatically after 6-8 months. It kind of comes in waves. I went a good few weeks without any hair loss but it's back but very light so I'm not going to worry about it.
    I DO get my hair colored regularly and it hasn't been a problem with the TE. I started taking a liquid vitamin about 3 months after the TE started.. expensive but I like to think it helped! Who knows? Good luck to you :)
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  7. Litlisa

    Litlisa New Member

    Thank you for all the advice Amandab13 & leanne274
    It is really helpful to hear other people's stories
    I have to say I haven't been stressing over th hairloss as much as when it first happened
    But it is horrible to see how much hair comes out of your head after shampooing
    Hopefully this will only lata short while
    Thanks for the advice,
  8. bwynnafred

    bwynnafred New Member

    Hi, there. I was diagnosed with a severe case of mono on December 10th and was then hospitalized December 14th for three days. Around January 14th or so I noticed I had more hair loss than usual. I went to my dermatologist in March (on spring break, I'm a college student) and she said I had telogen effluvium and this would last for 4-6 months. I also had very low iron levels, we're talking VERY low, so now I have anemia as a result of this mono. I'm almost at 5 months since the diagnosis of mono and to me, it seems like I've lost about half of my hair and it just keeps coming out. Some days I would just sit down after getting out of the shower and cry because for me, I'm still around peers who care about appearances and I didn't want to go back to thin hair. I had very thin hair in high school and had just spent two years getting it healthy and thick again and then this happened. However, right now, my hair is not like it was in high school. I take about 3 Biotin a day, an iron tablet, and a multi-vitamin so I definitely have new hair growth, but am still losing hair. I'm going back to my derm soon to order a new iron test to see where I'm at. These stories help me get through this, because I do worry about this a lot. If you're not on Biotin I'd get on it. I just want to see some new thickness coming in by September or October, and maybe it will happen.
  9. gin6

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    hi. the verdict is still out on my condition but derm thinks it's TE. I've been shedding daily since since 4/1. One derm has me counting hairs to see if it tapers off. since 4/16 i'm averaging 430 hairs per day. I've resorted to washing hair in kitchen sink and it's hundreds. What do you do, wash daily, not wash? Right now I'm only losing long hairs, with TE does one need to be concerned about new growth falling out or is that an indication of something else? Went for tons of blood work yesterday and am anxious to know if we find anything. so far all blood work is clean except for ANA anitbodies (autoimmune). Is anyone here similar? thanks. Best to all.
  10. SophieHatter

    SophieHatter New Member

    Hi there.

    For me the shedding due to TE is been going on for 4 months now. My hair is so thin and fragil that I can't even comb it anymore. I've been on iron pills and minoxidil but the shedding doesn't seem to stop. I´m 23 and I´m already looking for wigs online. I´m very depressed but reading your experiences makes me have hope and give it another 2-4 months and hopefully then it will stop. I´ll continue looking for succes stories. My heart goes out to you.
  11. Litlisa

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    Tellogeon effluvium lasted about 5 months & my hair definitely grew back

    I had a scope this past feb & I was twilight end with propafol
    About 1 Month later guess what ?.. My hair started falling out again
    I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't fully recovered from the last t.e. bout ?..
    I'm trying not to get as upset as I did the first time this happened ...but I have been losing a ton of hair
    I can see my scalp again
    Hopefully it will only last another month or two & then it will grow back

    I am still using nioxin shampoo system

    I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone more tan one time ?.
  12. SophieHatter

    SophieHatter New Member

    Hi Litlisa
    To me TE has happened 3 times now. Firsy when I was 15, then 4 years ago and now again (I'm 23).
    First 2 times it went away after 2 or 3 months of shedding. I'm on my 5th month and I'm still shedding like crazy. It's so bad now that you can see my scalp front and sides.
    This time I'm seriously looking for wigs because it doesnt seem to stop. :(
  13. Miss84

    Miss84 New Member

    Hi everyone.
    I am new here. I believe I am going through TE, but I haven't really been diagnosed with it. When I went to my dermatologist, he looked t my blood work and basically rushed me...saying I was fine. He barely looked at my scalp, did NOT want to look at the sample of hair I took with me, and told me that vitamins wouldn't really help me much, but that I could continue with them. He told me to try rogaine if I felt desperate! I was so upset. I left his office feeling more depressed than before (I went to him I'm April 2013).
    My shedding began around oct - nov 2012, and I attributed it to the "fall". I usually shed a bit in the fall. Unfortunately I noticed it wasn't stopping, and things progressively got worse. I went through a lot of stress in oct, but a lot more stress in dec 2012-jan2013. In April my shedding worsened.
    I have been taking ferralet & pre natal vitamins recommended by my MD. i also started on biotin and fish oil. Since I heard of viviscal giving great results, I started on that in march. Now I'm not even sure if that caused more shedding in April...???
    I am depressed over this. I fear washing my hair because I always lose so much (hundreds). I wake up with hair on my pillow & bed (10-20 lately), when I comb it I get a lot too. Running my fingers through it.. It's devastating. I have averaged my loss to about 140-160 a day. Mind u, my hair is already super fine to begin with. I never really had a lot, imagine now. I have lost close to half the volume. :( I am always wearing pony tails because I hate the way my hair looks, and I'm always scared someone will notice how thin it is and ask me. I swear I will probably break down. My close friends and family say they don't notice anything. They think I'm going crazy...but I'm the one that counts all this hair & knows its not normal.
    I am thinking of seeing another dermatologist...hopefully they can do some testing to determine if indeed it is TE.
    AGA doesn't run in my family & I don't have a widening part, but I think I should be properly diagnosed. This has been going on too long. I don't want to seem vain or anything, but this is all I think about all day long. I keep worrying that it won't stop. :(
    Has anyone heard of the supplement TOJI Pure Density? It has amazing reviews on amazon, but who knows how credible they are. What about Country Life Maxi Hair? viviscal?
    If anyone has any suggestions, please share. I sure can use all the help I can get. THANK YOU :)
  14. Geneva R. Cash

    Geneva R. Cash New Member

    Your hair problem due to your health issue,perhaps iyou loss your protein level due to illness,so better to maintain a strong diet chart specially focussed on your hair problem.Consult good dermatologist for better hair treatment.
  15. CurlyQ

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    Telogen Effluvium time span

    Hello there everyone! I ran into this website after googling telogen effluvium after finally accepting my doctors diagnosis. Mine started in January'13, right before I turned 40. I noticed it first in the shower. I've always had thick, wavy hair and I've always lost a few strands here and there shampooing or combing it out. This time around though, the loss was a little alarming. I would wash and pull out thick strands while shampooing, then after conditioning, the loss was double. I would look at the drain stopper and it was so full of my hairs that the tub would begin to fill up. I honestly thought that either I was going bald, or I had a chemical imbalance. After seeing my dermatologist, he diagnosed me with TE. He said it could take up to a year for it to stop. In April, the loss tapered down and I think it was due to my getting on the pill. I figured the extra hormones might trigger it to stop. If it did, it only helped for about 2 weeks. It seemed to start all over again and worse! I started taking vitamin D and biotin. Just like every other woman, I swear everyone could see my thinning hair, but my family promised it was not noticeable. In June, I was such a nervous wreck about my hair that I started having anxiety attacks. I went to see my general physician who said the same thing my derm had, it was TE. He had them run all kinds of tests; hormone, blood, you name it, they ran it. He said TE was normal and the more I stressed, the worse it would be. He put me on Lexapro and told me to buy Rogaine for men and use it once daily. He assured me that the mens formula works better on women than men. It's been a month since I've been on the Rogaine and Lexapro. The anxiety has gotten better, but I believe its because the hair loss has slowed down. I was so obsessed with my hair loss that I would actually sit and count the fallen hairs in the shower and after the comb-out. For the past week, my loss has been reduced to half of what it was, which is about 100 hairs now. I think at my all time most, the loss was about 400 a day. I still fear washing my hair and seeing the extreme shed I had before. Its been 7 months since my TE started, so either the Rogaine is working or the vicious cycle has begun to taper down. From what I've read, Rogaine starts working after 3 months. I don't see any new hairs growing, but then again I honestly don't even want to look. I decided to write to all of you who are desperate and looking for answers. There was a point in my 7 months of hair loss where I was angry at the world for doing this to me. I became obsessed with EVERYONES hair to see if it looked like mine. I know hair loss is a scary and very nerve-wracking condition. I cant say that I'm over the anxiety of my loss continuing, but I feel a little better now that the loss has lessened. Who knows, maybe the Lexapro helped my stress, therefore, slowing down the loss. As of yet, I can honestly say I do not know what caused my TE. I did not recently give birth, get on meds, or have any type of shock. I did have an MRI, which who knows might have been the trigger. I will keep ya'll posted to see if my nightmare is truly coming to an end. In the meantime, hang in there.
  16. Rachel S

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    Hello, I know how frustrating it can get, but you just have to be patient, that's really all you can do. I got so upset when mine were falling out, i had to get therapy to deal with it. Mine was coming out in handfuls for quite a while. Seeing new growth is a good sign, like i said, all your hair will grow back. My telogen effluvium started in March and it has finally started slowing down in the past 2 weeks. I'm still shedding a little more than normal, but there is a significant improvement. Here are some things I did that may/may not help: At the suggestion of my dermatologist, I started taking a multi-vitamin and a Biotin supplement. She also gave me this steroid spray called Kenalog to help with the "burning scalp" sensation I had at the peak of my TE, and she said it can help regrow hair.

    Hope this may help you.

    Rachel !!!

    Rachel !!!
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  17. Miss84

    Miss84 New Member

    CurlyQ - did u notice an increased shed after starting rogaine? Have u experienced any side effects? Please share ur results. Thank u
  18. CurlyQ

    CurlyQ New Member

    No side effects on Rogaine

    Hi Miss84,
    In response to your question, no, I did not notice any side effects on the Rogain at first. A month later, the only side effect would be certain dry spots and flakes in the areas where I apply it the most. Sometimes the spots itch a little, but my doctor said its because minoxidil contains alcohol, so its normal. Hope this helps:)
  19. Miss84

    Miss84 New Member

    That's me hope. I hear that most people go through a "dread shed" where they shed more hair (double) for several wks, before it gets better. Have you always applied once a wk? Also, do you use the liquid or foam?
    Good luck.
  20. CurlyQ

    CurlyQ New Member


    I use the mens (5%) liquid solution every night. The dermatologist told me that since its more potent than the womens, once a day, everyday is enough. I keep noticing that less and less hair is falling out now. I don't know if it's the Rogaine or the ending phase of my TE. Whatever it is, I keep praying it continues. I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your TE also.