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    I use the mens (5%) liquid solution every night. The dermatologist told me that since its more potent than the womens, once a day, everyday is enough. I keep noticing that less and less hair is falling out now. I don't know if it's the Rogaine or the ending phase of my TE. Whatever it is, I keep praying it continues. I'll keep you posted.
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    Thank you CurlyQ!
    I have recently started the 2% rogaine, every other day, but I'm increasing it to once a day now. I wanted to start off slowly in case there would be extra shedding. My next step is moving to 5% as I hear its more effective. Please keep me posted on ur progress. Good luck.

    By the way, during ur heavy shedding, did u also see small hair (new growth I'm assuming) fall out? I see a lot of small hairs with the little bulb, so that means they are not broke... :/
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    Hi Miss84,
    That sounds like a good idea. I guess the effects just differ from person to person. Hopefully, like me, it dosen't cause extra shedding since you're starting out slowly. Just keep in mind though, they say you don't see results until 3 months, so it make take you a little longer.
    In regards to your question, yes, I still see a few small, thin, hairs falling out. My hair is pretty thick, so I'm assuming these are the small, weak ones that didn't make the "full journey." Also, all the shed hairs have the white bulb.
    I recently started REALLY looking at my hairline, because that's where I hear any signs of new baby hairs appear with Rogaine and I actually found some! I was excited, but not as excited as to continue seeing less shed. There are some days though, and I'm not sure if this happens to you, where you lose more hair than others. I get so discouraged, and that feeling of panic starts creeping up on me. :eek: I just have to keep reminded myself that its not going to end overnight. The doctor told me that once it peaks, it will taper off slowly.
    I've read alot regarding the pros and cons regarding using minoxidil. The way I see it is, if its not hurting you, why not try whatever you can to help your hairloss? (Within reason of course). If it dosen't work, than at least you know for sure.
    Hopefully it will help you. Keep me posted :)
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    Hi Miss84 & CurlyQ,

    When reading both of your posted yesterday I literally thought that I was reading my story. I have been losing hand fulls of hair since August 12th 2013, I am obsessed with it, I look at my hair part hourly, I compare my hair to everyone, I'm resentful, I'm depressed thinking about it, getting blood testing done, etc. etc. Absolutely this has consumed my life. But after everything, I know that I just need to relax and let time take it's course. I am on a ton of vitamins, eat very well, etc. however it's been three full months and I'm not noticing signigficant growth and I will be seeing a derm. in another three weeks. All my new growths are super fine, thin and falling out aswell. My middle part hurts when I move the hairs. I'm going absolutely bananas and making my stress so much worse by comsuming myself with this. I have all the signs of HypoThyroid/Autoimmune disease, but nothing comes up so I have to just assume that this is a serious case of TE.

    So after hearing both of your stories I felt so much better that I'm not alone with all the same issues! Thanks ladies for your posts, it made my day yesterday.

    I'm wondering how you two are? Have things settled down? Would you recommend the Rogaine? I've also just purchased a laser restoration Groupon for eight sessions, but this also scares me as does Rogaine. Is this something you have thought about doing.

    Keep me posted on your progress and any suggestions to make my episode less depressing ; )
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    It will stop

    Hi Linwt!

    Hang in there girl, it will stop! I know exactly what you're going through, and in all honesty, its simply terrifying.

    If it indeed is TE, which it sounds like it is, and especially since all your tests have come back negative, it will stop.

    I was like you, positive it was a hormonal imbalance. Especially because the onset was so quick and I was losing tons of hair for no reason at all. All my tests were negative though, so I was totally off with my own diagnosis, ha ha!

    My TE lasted a whole 7 horrific months. I started noticing less and less hair in my hands, shower, bathroom floor, clothes. The loss just tapered down little by little and the next thing I knew, the loss was back to normal. Its been 4 months now and there isn't a day that goes by that I dot thank God for stopping it. This little "situation" traumatized me so much though, that I still freak out when I see more than usual fallout. I notice it around the time that I'm going to get my period. But then it goes away. Sometimes, when I feel like too much hair fell out in the shower, I will count it. At the most, I will lose about 30 hairs a day. This is a far cry from the 400 I was losing at one point.

    I'm no longer using the Rogaine, which I felt it was no longer necessary. My advice to you is to be patient and don't stress about it. I know better than anyone that its easier said than done, but it will go away.
    My hair is definitely not as thick as it was before the TE, but I see tons of short hairs growing steadily. I didn't notice this at all during the TE phase.

    A friend of mine had it too, but was too embarrassed to say anything until I told her about mine. Hers lasted 4 months so when mine continued after the 4th month, I was near hysterics. But everyone is different. I read somewhere, 6 to 8 months is typical.

    Hopefully yours will end soon. In the meantime, keep taking those vitamins, relax and most importantly, know its temporary.

    Good luck, keep me posted!
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    Thank you so much for your reply and the follow up on your progress. I'm happy that your loss as stopped, you must be in such a better place now, but I'm sure it is still always on your mind.

    Honestly it is so hard to stay stress free and patient. Dealing with this, a family and a stressful job, I am considering taking a leave of absence until I can get this thing under wraps, it's taken over my life. But I need to stay calm and relax a bit. Was going to start some anti-axiety medication, however I hear that causes hair loss aswell. Blah! I believe that it is TE, however I would just love all the little hairs to stop falling out too. Freaking me out, but have heard that this is normal but that it also could mean that the folical is shrinking.

    You have made me feel much much better though, and so happy to have this site to hear everyone elses stories. I'm not one to shy away from telling people what is going on with me but so far no one has really understood the exact feeling as they have only dealt with post-pregnancy TE, which I must say is NOTHING compared to this.

    Again, thanks and looking forward to the day I only lose 30 hairs a day : )
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    Hi Linwt,
    How I understand what you are going trough...I am still going through it myself. My hair loss started about 1 year ago (Nov 2012). I didn't notice the shedding right away. I first noticed that my hair was very limpy and fine after I went to the hairdresser to do it. I had been there 3 weeks prior and my hair looked the same then. Why was it so limpy, extra fine & thin, no volume all of a sudden?!?! Now I believe it was due to a very stressful situation I had just dealt with 2 wks prior...I thought I was gonna lose my mother, who I am extremely close to. I was 28 at the time.
    After that, I started becoming obsessed with my hair & that's when I stated noticing the shedding. Initially it was just in the drain, after I washed it, and when I combed it wet. In January I went to my PCP & he insisted I was fine. I did blood work & started taking all sorts of vitamins (I did A LOT of research online). All I would do 85% of my time was search online for causes, cures, etc, etc. this consumed my mind. I would look in the mirror every 5 mins thinking I would notice less hair in my head. In March things got better for 1-2 wks (my family came to visit me - I was happy). After they left, things got worse again. I stopped going out (I was one to go out every single weekend, enjoyed doing my hair & nails, getting "dolled" up). I stopped doing my hair, feared washing it, feared combing it, feared touching it. All I did was cry and cry. I was depressed, very depressed. I never took any medication for my depression/anxiety because like you, I knew there would be a possibility of more fallout. I went to a dermatologist in April, who told me I was fine. That's all he said, I was fine! That left me feeling even worse. I knew I wasn't fine, something was wrong because my shedding wasn't normal. At this time I was probably losing 120-150 hairs a day. He told me to take Rogaine if I really felt the need.
    After that, things got even worse. My shedding increased. I started going 5, 6, 7 days without washing my hair, thinking I would keep it longer. Thinking it would fall out if I didn't wash it. Not the case! I would lose about 50-75 hairs fr combing it. I would lose about 600, 700 hairs when washing it. That was devastating.
    That's when I decided to start rogaine. I knew I had to do something about it. I first started with women's rogaine, every other day. I did that way because I had read about the initial "dread shed", and believed that starting slowly would prevent that from happening to me. I predict I had lost about 30% of my hair from nov 2012-June 2013.
    I started women's rogaine July 1st. Used it for 1 month. The extra shedding probably started 2 wks after I started it. I then moved to the men's (July 31st), since I was already shedding so much. The shedding was about double for the moth of July & August. I was losing between 350-450 strands a day. I would wash every 3 days & would lose about 1000 hairs. Imagine how I felt.
    I started thinking about eventually getting a wig...etc etc. this was the most difficult thing I ever went through.
    I decided this wasn't going to stop me. I had to overcome this. I had to accept it. I had to LIVE! For the last 8 months I had not been living.
    In September things got a little better, slowly. My shedding decreased to the 200's a day. By now I had lost about 50% of my hair. I would always tie it back, do braids. I cut it shorter too. I should also mention that I have always had very fine, weak hair, and throughout the years got even thinner from all the highlights, straightening, curling I did.
    The taplering down in September made me feel better...a bit more confident that this would actually stop some day. That Rogaine had made me lost SOOOOO MUCH hair, but that maybe, just maybe it would bring it back.
    In October I decided to put a few extensions in my hair, to make me feel better about myself. Very very little...just enough to be able to wear it down. I know those can be damaging too.
    After I put the extensions in, my shedding decreased about 180 strands a day. It's now been 1 month and I'm at about 150-160 a day. That's major improvement for me. Having lost 450 a day, I can deal with 150 now!
    I am very hopeful now. I try to keep calm, relaxed, busy...I know that is what is going to get me better. Stressing about my hair only makes it worse.
    You will get better too. Eat healthy, take your vitamins, and don't stress. This is temporary, and although it may seem like you are losing all your hair, you are not! New hairs are also growing.
    I now see new growth, especially in my temples.
    I never noticed any bald patches, just an overall thinning. I especially noticed my thinning where I used to part my hair (left side) & hairline.
    Please take care of yourself and keep positive. It will get better, I assure you. If I am getting better, you will too. It takes time though.
    Best of luck. Keep us posted. I will soothe same.

    By the way, I should also mention that I take biotin 5000, omega 3 & 6, iron, and Toji (supplement for hair loss). I use head & shoulders on my hair (for the itchy scalp I now have!!!) & Pura d'or.
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    Forgot to also say...right before starting rogaine, I was losing about 200 hairs a day (April & June). Now I am losing a bit less than that, therefore making me happy i started rogaine. I know I lost TONS of hair from that initial shed, but I was going to lose it anyway. At least I now know I am doing something to get better, and that makes me feel good. Makes me hopeful.
    I am still obsessed over my hair, just not as much. Just not depressed like before. I have my good days and my not so good days...there are days that I question why this all had to happen to me. Why me?! I already had less hair than most, why this?!
    I am constantly looking and comparing others' hair to mine. At least now I don't hate mine as much.
    I haven't highlighted my hair in 11 months. The top is a light brown (natural hair color) & the rest is blonde, but who cares?! Ombré hair is in now!!
    I hope to be able to post a success story here one day... :)
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    Miss84 ... you've gone through so much, I can't imagine how you are feeling, and to loss that much at a time. I'm so happy that you told yourself to keep going though, that's the hardest part is to continue on not thinking about it and live your life.

    I also would avoid washing my hair, but is doesn't matter, you loss it all no matter what (which I just learned a few weeks ago), and it makes for another one of those terrible hair loss days. Now that you have mentioned that you think it started when your hair got limp and fine, which my hair has always been baby fine and not much of it, but the initial "drastic" hair loss began months ago. I had a bad episode a few days ago where I just couldn't be positive about the whole thing and broke down again. I avoid going out, avoid outings with friends, I just lock myself up in self pitty and I have become depressed with this and some other things in my life. Then that makes me stressed out thinking that I stressed too much and then intially prolonging the loss... honestly, what do I have to do to stay super calm all the time. (for me I have three year old twins, a bad emotional marriage, a stressful job with little gain, and a drastically long commute daily and now hair loss and scarring acne (since Apr/13) - I just want to be told that I have something, like Thyroid or PCOC, or something to explain it all, but I know that deep down it is stress)

    I also take 3000 biotin, Omega 3/6/9, Phyto hair supplements, B12 (I am deficient though), 3000 Vitamin C, 3000 Vitamin D3, Magnesium/Calcium at night time. I feel like a pill factory! I have also started taking GABA for anxiety/stress relief.

    Have you thought about the laser hair storation? I am looking seriously into it, but am so scared because usually lasers are to remove things!

    Well thank you so much for your reply, it does sounds like you are getting better, perhaps it will start to slowly stop for you. I fear that we will all never be the same again though, it has taken so much out of all of us.
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    We will never be the same again...we will be better. Going through something like this has made me value the small little things a lot more. I have always been a simple girl, but now I value those smaller things even more than I did before. I value the company of good friends and family a lot more. At the end of the day that's what really matters. Not our hair!
    There are days that I feel horrible for being depressed over hair loss. There are people my age dying of hunger, cancer, other diseases..losing loved ones. I can't complain in that aspect. I have been blessed.
    Now that I am more hopeful and positive, I see life quite differently. I want to become a better person.
    I have not tried anything else besides rogaine for my hair. I apply men's rogaine once a day, at night, as per my dermatologist & PCP's recommendation. I truly believe it is working for me. Before I started it (June 2013) I was losing about 200 strands a day, lately I am between 130-160. Maybe things would have gotten better with time. maybe they wouldn't. I will never know. I am satisfied with my decision to start it though. I am just bummed I had to lose SO MUCH hair in 2 months. That was the worst thing I have ever been through. I would cry in the shower while washing my hair, seeing clumps of hair in my hand and drain stopper. I think that's why I am so thankful now, to be losing close to normal range.
    To help me stay calm I used to buy camomile tea. It helped a bit. Try natural things. Stay positive, you will get better. It seems to me like you are not losing as much as I did, so take my experience as motivation... Also, think about your beautiful twins and how much happiness they bring into your life. As for the stressful can always get another one. Same goes for marriage. You should not settle for less than you deserve. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
    I am 29 now, turning 30 in April. My boyfriend has been wanting to propose for quite a while, but I didn't want him to, especially not while I was struggling with hair loss and depressed as I ever was. I couldn't even think about marriage or having kids, or forming a family before. That's how bad things were for me. I am finally coming along.
    Keep me updated. I will do the same. And remember, Stay POSITIVE. You will get better and if it is TE you will recover your hair. It will come back. :)
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    I know I'm late on this thread, but I'm really intrigued by the nature of T.E. How are you getting on now what happened?!
  12. Linwt

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    Hello again Miss84,

    You are such an inspiration to us all suffering with TE, since reading you're story and CurlyQ's, I have literally changed the way I think about this situation and life in general. Good for you and you sound as if this was a good life lesson learned to appreciate what you currently have. Good on you! Love it!

    I probably didn't lose as much as you, the most was at 500 a day for a bit, then it reduces, currently I'm at about 100-200 daily, which is rare for me, but I see some hairs growing back now, which makes me so happy, but then I lose them ... I'll get there, it's been over 3 months so I'm happy with the outcome, but I am a huge believer in natural aid and believe that cutting out all the crap/pesticedes/chemicals and eating naturally can change a lot. I will be starting a hormone detox soon to see if I can get my body back to normal.

    To answer some of your questions, I will be 32 in April, I got married when I was 27 and had my first two babies at 28 and my pregnancy went very well considering two large babies. My hair was beautiful during pregnancy, but that's from all those good hormones flowing through you! It all falls back out five months after you give birth, so that can be another onset of fully blown TE if previously gone through it. Hence why I'm worried about getting pregnant again. What I think you are doing is good by waiting, if you are easily stressed out I would tell you to go down south to get married, planning a wedding can get stressful. Alot of what happened to me is just taking on too much, I work, I have two young children, moving, a business that I have no control over and my husband brings in no money from it but still will not close it after three years. I have a career in which I dislike now after having children and realizing what I do and liked before is not where my head is anymore but yet, I have no option of changing if because I'm the money maker. Alot of things I can not change, I have tried for over a year, and I literally just shut down because I can't physically change it all for the better.... but I just have to keep looking forward to the time that things will get better (even though I'm a very impatient, hands on, get it now and do it now kinda person)

    I'm still living and breathing, so it can't be that bad ... hair loss is pretty devastasing though, some days are good, some are bad.
  13. stephaniebeth1

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    Thats how it goes I'm guessing, no hair loss is pleasant but at least we have this forum to help each other out
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    Hopeful but very worried

    I'm an 18 year old girl and have been experiencing hair loss for 1 year and 2 months now. Personally I believe it was brought on by stress and and also deficiencies in my diet caused by disordered eating. I went through a traumatic time 2 years ago with the death of my Mum and became very depressed and stopped eating properly, I blamed myself for her death and thought I did not deserve food. I also exercised way too much as a stress coping mechanism. I lost quite a lot of weight, roughly 3 stone in a year.

    My hair started to fall out November 2012, I had very thick straight hair and it came out in strands with the white bulb bit at the top suggesting telogen effluvium. I was very concerned and went to the doctor who told me it was a stress related thing, as was the weight loss and told me to gain weight and deal with the stress and it would stop. Eventually I did get in a better place mentally and grieved and began to eat very healthily and gain weight. I've been eating a balanced diet and exercising only normal amounts since January 2013, so almost a year... yet the hair loss has continued! I've had blood tests which have all been fine except my most recent 3 months ago showed I was slightly lacking in zinc... so I started eating more fish and taking a multivitamin. I also use castor oil on my hair, I don't straighten it and only wash twice a week. I feel like the hair is growing back in as I have baby hairs all over but it's still falling out too! It's been a year and if it doesn't stop soon I'll go bald! I've lost more than 2/3 of my hair! The doctor tells me it will stop eventually but I've not seen a proper dermatologist so I am going to look into that. I'm not stressed or depressed now and my diet is perfect! My only stress is my hair.
    If anyone has any tips for me, I'll try anything! Thanks.
  15. Linwt

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    Hi helenabee,

    I'm so sorry to hear of all what has happened to you, it sounds like CTE and I've heard that that takes longer to remedy on it's own.

    I'm glad to hear that you are healthy again, and with that I'm sure that you are very close to slowly stopping the shed. Hearing what you went through it would for sure take a toll on your body. You body went through a survival mode and was looking after the more important things like your organs, etc.

    It takes over our lives, I too have/had chronic stress, which I am trying very hard to stop but I feel as though I can't even do anything without thinking of my hair loss. I've been to a dermatologist, and trust me, unless you are seriously on them about it, they will do nothing for you. Mine looked at my scalp, pulled a few hairs (of course the healthy ones that had a long life span, not the crappy 3-5in ones) then told me to stop stressing and that the only way TE can happen is if you have a deficiency. Well my blood work is Perfect now, so I'm not sure on that. I'm now really considering Rogaine, but I don't want to deal with the shed that comes with it.

    I've been dealing with massive hair shed since August 2013, but I've now to come the conclusion that I think that this started slowly last Dec 2012... and I'm still noticing a lot of shed, actually it just started up again.

    I loss on average 75% of 5in hairs and now 3in hairs and whatever is left over of my healthy 5+ year hairs. I also see new growth however they seem to not want to stick around, I've actually started seeing a few miniaturized ones too, but I do not have the top part showing like most FPB.

    I've started acupuncture to stop my anxiety and stomach pain due to this, but I'm still positive that as soon as my stress is over for good, I will go back to somewhat of what I had before. (which sucks because I had very thin fine hair to begin with)

    I think you must just keep doing what you are doing, being healthy, taking vitamins, drink lots of water, and you will regain your hair/life back soon enough and think back at all of this as just a small part of your life.

    I take daily: iron (due to a recent miscarriage), 2000 biotin, 4000 D3, Vitamin C, B100 complex, B12 liquid (previous deficiency), Hair vitamins, Silica, Omega Oils, magnesium at night. WOW... THAT IS ALOT ; ) I also only use natural shampoo/conditioner.

    Does it feel like if you touch your hair they just pop out? I'm getting that a lot, like I have loose follicles or something.

    Any who, I'm sorry that this is so long, I just love getting it all out of my system sometimes. I've told family what I'm going through and really, unless you've gone through it, they have no idea and can not relate whatsoever. I had a friend go through the post pregnancy TE and she texts me saying she knows what I'm going through... Yah, I've had that shed, I would give anything to have that shed back, it lasted about two months and I didn't even notice a thinner ponytail or anything. I can't even wear a ponytail anymore, it's now always up in a messy updo with a clip. I've noticed my hair has also become ratty and curly.
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    Hi Linwt,

    My hair no longer comes out when I brush it, when before about 10 strands would every time I brushed it. It comes out in the shower probably about 15 strands and another 15 when I dry it and then it's just the odd strand I notice come loose. I know this sounds like nothing but I do worry because I can't afford to still be loosing hair! It's so, so much thinner than it was a year ago but I'm happy it has slowed down at least and I'm praying it will stop all together soon. I am losing mostly the very longest hairs but sometimes a few short ones too which is a worry!

    I'm sorry you have stress! I hope you have people to talk too. Have you tried yoga? I literally have no stress in my life now except my hair. I'm a graphic design and illustration student and I love my course, it's not stressful. I have therapy once a week. I do yoga. I have a good social life and party often haha. I just lack confidence because of my bloody hair!

    I only wash my hair 3 times a week, mostly because I'm worried it will fall out more! I love to run in the morning but I can't because of this... so Ideally I would wash it every day but I can't because of the shredding.

    I'm happy you got it out of your system! I feel exactly the same.. when I told my Dad a month ago he laughed at me and said I'm being ridiculous and some people have real health problems. He said he hadn't noticed and I think because the hair loss is all over and there are no bald patches that nobody really has noticed... my best friend said she has noticed but I had to tell her first so I'm not sure!

    As for vitamins, I'm going to keep taking my multivitamin, it's expensive super timed real ease once a day one. And then an extra calcium and D vitamin.

    Oh I just bought some new shampoo and conditioner, called mane and tail, it's for horses really but it has really good reviews for hair thickening so I'm giving it a go!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas despite TE :)
  17. oo0Jenna0oo

    oo0Jenna0oo New Member

    Thank you girls so much for these posts! It is so nice to know I am not alone. I am 21 years old in college and stress often although in general this past semester has been pretty stress free. I started noticing my hair loss about 2 months ago and thought it was in my head I was probably losing a little over 100 at the beginning. I never noticed shedding before and was immediately concerned. I stress out easily so I tried to convince myself that I was over reacting.

    I started taking the Depo birth control shot during the summer and while doing some self research noticed that hair loss was a side effect. I talked to my doctor about changing my birth control to get off the shot and she thought the loss could have been due to the fall weather or something that just occurred due to a 7 year cycle and I ended up taking the shot again. I immediately began losing more hair (about 250 a day for a week)! I was devastated and afraid to comb my hair let alone wash it. I told my boyfriend and mom who have both been very understanding and supportive.

    I went home for christmas and my mom cut about 6 inches off. Now it is just past my shoulders and, although I miss the length, it is much healthier! Also when I shed it seems less scary. I have been taking biotin and prenatal vitamins. Also I am taking biota shampoo for thinning and damaged hair. I used to shower everyday after my morning runs but have cut back to once every two to three days. My doctor ran several tests including thyroid and the results were all negative. I have probably lost between 130 and 200 hairs a day the past 3 weeks. Some days are better than others.

    A couple days ago I went to the dermatologist and he said my scalp was healthy and the loss was happening but was not scarring. He said I had Tellogeon effluvium. I do not know if the onset is due to Depo or a stressful event but either way TE is the diagnosis. I know I will be dealing with this for a little while but I want to know if I should expect the hair loss to increase? What percent of hair should I expect to lose? Do you guys think others have noticed your hair loss? Did anyone style their hair in a way that helped?

    I am trying to stay positive and have not noticed a difference yet while looking at myself in the mirror. I want this to be over so bad :(.
  18. stephaniebeth1

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    Everyone's different so its hard to predict if you will find more hair loss, but you definitely did the best thing by cutting your hair. You may feel a little less stressed now that you have a diagnosis and now that you kind of expect hair loss, as frustrating as upsetting as it is.
    Keep us updated, wishing you the best
  19. helenabee

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    Hi oo0Jenna0oo,

    I don't think you have TE anywhere near as chronic as mine, mine has been coming out over 100hairs a day and more on shower days for a year now with bouts of more/less hair loss. The hair I do have is perfectly healthy though and continues to grow, it's just much much finer than it used to be! Mine is slowing down and only falls out when I wash/dry it now...not brushing and rarely throughout the day so I'm hopeful it is getting better.

    I need to start taking birth control too so I was wondering if your doctor suggested a method that will not make the hair loss worse? I was going to go on the pill that contains oestrogen as most women report that it actually improves the thickness and condition of their hair but I'm scared it could effect my TE and make it worse!

    Best wishes and good luck in your TE recovery :)
  20. oo0Jenna0oo

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    My doctor said swears by the NuvaRing but that can have the side effect of hairless too. I used to take TriNessa (Pill) and hair loss was also a side effect but I never experienced any side effects. I am pretty forgetful though so after my long term boyfriend and I became serious I thought the shot would work best for me. Unfortunately I do not know of any that do not mention hair loss! I will ask the next time I go in to figure out another option and post.

    I am glad to hear your TE is slowing down! My sister suggested Main and Tail to me! Have you noticed any improvements yet?


    Thank you! It is so nice to have some sort of idea about what is happening. Have you had any experience with TE?