Tellogeon effluvium

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    Hi HelenaBee,

    Well it sounds like your TE is complete, if you are only losing that per day now, you are definitely done.

    I brush my hair and loss an average of 50-75 now. And every three days when I wash my hair it is at an average of 200+ now, which is more than it was months ago.

    Plus now I think all my stressing has caused it to either damage the follicles or I am going through a truncated growth cycle (short cycling also).

    I wouldn't worry about anything further, you seem as though all is working itself out.
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    yeah, it does sound like you're done - i hope you are!!!
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    Hello again,
    My hair loss is still averaging between 130 and 200 a day. I am at the 2 month mark, (mid November when it started, early December when I started seeing larger amounts). The last couple of days my scalp, especially the front/ hairline has been super itchy! Did anyone experience this?
    I feel as though the front area is started to become thinner- still unnoticeable to other people but I am starting to see more scalp than normal. I think that my bangs are thinning faster than the rest of my hair. Hair loss continues to be all over. Did any shampoos work for you guys? I am using Biota for thinning hair because it is supposed to be gentle and has great reviews. Did anyone use anything that helped with itching or was natural and gentle? I am way to scared to try Rogaine because of the 'dread shed'.
    I am trying not to stress. Over all I have been fine, the only stress is my hair!
    Any advise is appreciated. I am glad that I am not alone.
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    Oh gosh, big hugs. Have a nosey around this forum, and look at your options, let us know what you would consider and we can all help :)