Telogen Effluvium Recovery (Accutane side-effect)

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    Hey guys,
    I'm new to this forum.
    My main purpose of joining was because I promised myself, in those horrible times, that if I were to ever recover, I would definitely post my recovery story, since I know, having been in that situation, and experiencing it entirely, how desperate I was, for little glimpses of Hope, scouring the Internet daily, for recovery stories.
    So, my TE was onset because of quitting my medication of Accutane(drug for moderate-severe acne), something that takes quite a toll on one's body. I took about 40mg for six months. The end results were fine, I was happy with my decision of taking it. Little was I to know, of the hellish situation, that was soon to follow.
    Around 2 months later, while combing my hair, I casually glanced at the ground, and was shocked to see about 30 hairs on the ground (compared to my usual 5-10). I blamed my poor diet, and soon started following a better eating regime. I ate leafy greens, fruits, consumed milk etc.. (Vegetarian diet), still, even like a month later, my situation had grown worse. Hair easily came out when pulled and shampooing was a nightmare. So, I decided to consult my Dermatologist(who had recommended Accutane), to see if this was a side-effect of the medication, as I had read online.
    She vehemently refused. She insisted my blood count was low and gave me some iron and hair-growth pills. I consumed those, still maintaining a good diet, all in vain, for about 3 weeks, before deciding something else was up. I researched online properly, before accepting what I was facing was TE, unsure as to whethe it was acute or chronic, latter being the worse case.
    So, all I could do was wait, and see when the shedding (if it would) stop. I maintained a healthy diet, took some multivitamins, vitamind D (Accutane depletes its level in the body) etc..
    Oh God, those months of waiting were truly horrible. Hair loss continued in full flow. I lost about 30% of my hair, nothing too visible, yet to the person who experiences it, the loss can seem substantial. :(
    Around 7 months later, so used to seeing piles of hair everywhere, I noticed the hair loss begin to slow. I was too skeptical to initially believe that anything good would ever happen to me(that's how your mental condition becomes by that time), but slowly, I noticed definite improvement.
    At the end of 8 months or so, my hair loss was back to normal. It was like the best thing that ever happened to me. Now, I was only hopeful for regrowth of my lost hair.
    It's been about 6 months since my hairfall stopped. There has been definite improvement, short hairs are visible near the crown, looking kinda awkward at the moment, but nevermind that. :p
    Thickness of hair has increased, even though I've shifted slowly back to my normal poor diet xD
    SO yes people, don't lose hope! Your hair will recover. However, I thankfully experienced 'acute' TE, chronic make go on for a couple of years before improvement, but don't lose hope, it's temporary!
    All the best to everyone out there :) Don't count your hairs, it'll just make you worry more. Be patient, and be hopeful.
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    Congratulations on your recovery!!!! All the best.