Telogen effluvium regrowth??

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    Has anyone had any experience with telogen effluvium regrowth?

    I had a 6-month diffuse shedding thing, derm said it was telogen effluvium, from last summer to about the New Year. Probably from a variety of things, don't really know what, low ferritin likely being a factor. Anyway, it was awful and I lost like 70% of my hair or so, but since January the shedding has lessened a lot. Now it's probably a normal amount that sheds.

    However, my hair used to be so thick and now it is disgustingly thin. The very bottom especially has barely any hair. I see a few short ends on top, but not nearly comparable to the amount I lost. Basically, WHERE IS THE REGROWTH? It's been 2 month since the shedding lessened, shouldn't there be a bunch of little inch-long hairs all over?

    I'm under 18 years old and this is destroying me.

    If anyone has any experience with TE regrowth and how long it might take/what to expect/what you saw or didn't see on your head, please let me will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    I agree with you, when will it come backk?? i had the same problem. the only thing thats helped with my shedding is Nissim FAST shampoo. i used to ose 300+ hairs per shower and i was Terrified to shower bc of the thought of losing so muh hair. i now shed about 20 hairs and my scalp is waaay less greasy than it used to be. i recommend it. it is intended to grow your hair faster but it has worked wonders for me. they have a shampoo specifically for hairloss called biofactors but i havent tried that1
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    I had severe TE too. I would say I had lost 60 to 70% of my hair. It took just over 8 months for me to notice any regrowth. At first I thought the regrowth was just minaturized hair however aftre a month or so it's clear to me that my hair is returning. It's actually looking quite presentable again. Hang in there if it's just TE then it will get better. I wish you all the best.
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    Hang in there! I know how hard it is to be patient when it comes to your hair, but I can attest that it WILL grow back eventually. I lost around 1/3 of my hair over a 3-4 years. There was always some regrowth during that time, but not back to 100%. Then the TE slowed way down, and my scalp caught up. I'm now almost back to 100% after 2 years of normal shedding. So don't despair.
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    Hi, I just want to say first thank you all for replying.

    When you say 8 months to notice regrowth...does that mean 8 months after the shedding started? 8 months after it stopped?

    Wishing the best for everyone
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    Hi all,
    I've been shedding furiously for a year due to low ferritin. Recently diagnosed with CTE. Taking Ferro-Tone liquid iron and Vitron C Iron supplements. I have much lengthier posts elsewhere on the forum with more detail as to my experience and the things I have tried. Shedding stopped about a month ago and I am now seeing lots and lots of little fine hairs all over - still rather bald at the front but have a sort of 'halo' of short hairs all over. So, in my experience it has taken about a year for shedding to taper off and new growth to finally appear. Hang in there girls! It's a terrifying journey but if you are 'lucky' enough to have TE not AGA there is every possibility that new growth will appear. All the best to you all :)
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    My doc diagnosed me with TE few months ago. This week I found some very sparse, colorless, short, very, very fine hairs in a balding area near the temple. My hair loss has been ongoing for a few years, but in last 4 months or so has become very bad.
  8. khikhob

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    Although I have been diagnosed with CTE (low ferritin), I am starting to wonder if I may have AGA since, although I have lots and lots of new, fine growth all over, the front of my scalp is still very sparse, with scalp pretty visible. This was the area that was hit the worst, along with the temples but my derm was confident it is CTE since the shedding was so dramatic and diffuse, - lost about 50% or more of my hair - consistent with TE. I have only been regrowing for a month after about 9/10 months heavy shedding. Perhaps it is just that this is the area that I see in the mirror and when I look at other areas they are still very sparse but perhaps not quite as bad. There doesn't seem to be as much new growth there. I am just wondering if anyone else has had areas that seem stubborn with regard to regrowth. Derm said that anterior of scalp is thinner anyway - on a healthy head - and occipital is more dense. Anyone with similar experience, please...?
  9. LM_83

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    I've noticed this with mine too! I look like I've been electrocuted I have all this fluff. I saw a trichologist yesterday who said it's good I've got so much regrowth and it will thicken out eventually but even with all these little hairs I still see a lot of scalp especially around my parting. The trichologist said there was a lot of regrowth but it's so new she's surprised it's taken this long to come in, not sure if that's good or bad :-(

    I've had so many conflicting things though. My Derm said TE, my GP said TE and Seb Derm but my trichologist thinks it's my contraceptive pill making my oestrogen so high!
  10. khikhob

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    Hi LM
    Thank you for the feedback. How long have you been shedding, and how much of your total did you lose? When did you start to see new growth? Although I have lots of new growth it is by no means filling in the patch at the front. Do you know what caused your TE? For me it was ferritin at 17 in April '13 and I have been taking lots of iron and other supplements since then. Last time I had my ferritin tested it was mid 50s, in about September '13. What is your growth like? Fine, fuzzy, etc? Did you experience any miniaturization? I gather that TE from low iron can cause very fine hair growth that mimics the miniaturization associated with AGA. Finally, what treatments, if any, have you been using? I have been using Minoxidil 5% for about 6 months. I gather it can be discontinued with TE without causing re-shedding of new growth, unlike with AGA. Sorry for all the questions, just trying to navigate my way through this nightmare, as are we all!
    Many thanks and kind regards, Kate
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    I noticed thinning in Nov 13 and am still shedding lightly now. I'm waiting to see if my GP will refer me back to the Derm for a scalp biopsy.

    I noticed regrowth about a month or two ago and it's all very fine and fluffy. My ferritin is 83 so that's not my cause I'm still trying to get to the bottom of that. It was diagnosed as stress induced TE originally but after months and months of badgering my doctor I've had my hormones checked and I have very high sbgh and low testosterone so mine may be my contraceptive pill.

    I don't really know how much thickness I've lost but it's a lot the density of my hair is no where near what it was and I have thinning on top of my head

    I've not used anything like Rogaine/Minox yet but I've been taking a lot of supplements. I take l-lysine, zinc and copper, biotin and vitamin D.

    I also have seborrheic dermatitus so I'm not even sure I could use something like Rogaine as my scalp is extremely inflamed!

    How long have you used Rogaine for? Have you noticed a difference? X
  12. khikhob

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    Thanks for the reply. I have been using Minox 5% for about 6 months, maybe less. Been told I can start to wean off soon, and use every other day instead of daily. I am not sure, therefore, whether my regrowth is due to that or the increased ferritin level plus all the other supplements I take - everything the same as you listed with the exception of copper which I should start, plus magnesium, krill, folic acid.
    My first derm also diagnosed seb derm and put me on ketoconazole shampoo 2% although later changed his mind and said I have dermatographia (type of itchy skin condition), but ketoconazole apparently works as a mild DHT blocker so may help with hormone related hair loss, although is very drying to the hair. Are you treating your seb derm? Aloe vera, rosemary/peppermint/tea tree oil all helped (a few drops added to shampoo, left on scalp for two minutes or so) to calm my scalp. I didn't find the minox noticeably irritating to my scalp, and was advised by my THIRD derm to apply to damp scalp to increase efficacy. All three derms refused to give me a biopsy and only the third one - almost a year in to hair loss - gave a diagnosis of CTE. Previous two gave no diagnosis and didn't seem to take me very seriously - both men, both bald!
    You didn't say whether your regrowth is evenly distributed or better in some areas. I can definitely 'feel' that my hair is starting to thicken up when I run my hands over the scalp - it was scarily thin 6 months ago and felt it. Progress seems painfully slow :-(
    I am due to see an endocrinologist next week as my DHEAS levels came back very low - possibly a sign of adrenal fatigue which would mean stress has been a factor, too. I welcome any feedback and wish you all the best. I have read some of your older posts to get more details about your journey. Hope you get some answers regarding the cause and good luck with getting that biopsy approved; and that you continue to see more 'fuzz'! x
  13. LM_83

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    My hair is super duper thin at the moment, I keep touching it and it gets me really really really down. It's so so thin at the part it really looks like AGA from the images I've seen online. I've got alot of thinning over the entire sides of my head and the back as well.

    The regrowth is sort of all over I have lots of different length strands that stick up across the top of my scalp. I dont really notice a difference however in filling in my part line :(

    I've not been using anything like Minoxidil yet. I have a couple of follow up appointments with my GP and then hope to get a biopsy referral to a dermatologist.

    Although I have the short sticking up hair I don't feel like my hair is thickening up at all.

    I've noticed my shedding has picked up again slightly too. Coming away if I run my fingers through my hair etc which it had stopped doing.

    My GP prescribed me Dermax shampoo for my seb derm, which I've been using every other day for a week now. Although I really think I may need to wash my hair every day but I dont think I can face that at the moment.

    Other than that I have a steroid lotion, Betnovate, to treat the inflamation on my scalp but I've been using that for a month now so I'll have to stop as it's a steroid based lotion.

    I might try the oils you've suggested, thank you :)
  14. khikhob

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    Hi LM,
    I am sorry you are feeling so down. So am I, of late :-( I was fairly optimistic for the last month or so but these last few days I am starting to resign myself to the fact that this is a case of CTE that has kicked off AGA - which is not uncommon. I have lots of new growth everywhere except the parting and, like you, see a scary similarity in the pictures I see online for AGA - the 'Christmas tree pattern', very, very sparse at the front and a wide parting and no new growth in those areas.
    Sorry you are having to contend with seb derm on top of this. I am sure you are aware it can exacerbate hair loss so it would be great if you could get that under control. I can't recommend highly enough using a few drops of rosemary oil in your shampoo - it imparts a tremendously refreshing, clean feeling on the scalp and creates a wonderful lather. It has anti-inflammatory properties so it really might help with the associated irritation. However, I don't want to encourage you to use something that could irritate so it is obviously at your discretion.
    I see an endocrinologist next week which may give me some answers - fingers crossed...
    I am really grateful for our correspondence. Please let me know how you are getting on. All the best, Kate x
  15. LM_83

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    Hi Kate

    Good luck with the endocrinologist! Let me know how you get on, I'm on Facebook if you use that at all and wanted to link up.

    I'm in the UK and we seem miles behind in hair loss, I've only been getting the tests by using this forum, seeing what people are being tested for and demanding them from my GP. I paid for a private dermatology appointment and she's written to my GP saying I'm to be referred back at the 6 month mark.

    The seb derm shampoo has totally fried my hair so I bought some coconut oil today, pure organic. I can't put it on my scalp because you shouldn't use oil on seb derm but I'm hoping it will salvage my ends.

    I'm 31 so I'm quite upset at the moment as I've become incredibly self conscious.

    Do you use any concealer such as toppix?

    I've heard that TE or CTe can trigger AGA too.

    Hope you get some answers soon and hope they are positive for you :)
  16. khikhob

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    Hi LM,
    Just finished the dreaded shower/hairwash with a side of tears :-(. My hair looks even worse when wet, and worse still after I use Minoxidil which is slightly greasy. As I am missing the gene for patience (!) this whole ordeal is torture, trying to work out where I am and if things will resolve or get worse...
    I'm not on Facebook, I'm afraid. I am actually English but live in the USA - have done for 4 years; it does seem perhaps easier to get referrals here but I suppose it depends on the kind of health insurance one has. I have waited nearly 3 months for an endocrinology appt but have also seen 3 separate dermatologists. Like you, I get most of my info from this site and the Net in general. I am 43 and I am sorry that you are having to face this at such a young age. I hope the coconut oil helps with the frizz. The jury is out as to whether oil (on the scalp) is bad for seb derm; some derms actually recommend it because it is more to do with PH imbalance, which causes the malassezia ovale to flourish. There is tonnes of info online that might be of help to you about organic/holistic treatments rather than using the dreaded steroids should you wish to take that route. Sorry you are being made to wait 6 months for a follow-up. Seems that an entire absence of urgency is prevalent on either side of the Atlantic.
    I know a lot of women swear by Toppix and the like but I cannot bring myself to use it. I don't even really wear make-up and I imagine if it comes down to it I will more likely shave than wear a wig, but I am not there yet.
    Really hope you get that sodding seb derm under control! Will keep you posted re my endocrinology, thanks for the good wishes and fingers crossed for you. Best wishes, Kate x
  17. LM_83

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    I had the shower tears last night too! I hope your ok now!

    The oil seems like it may have been a mistake as I've woken up with flat limp hair! It was worth a shot though!!

    I have blood tests on Tuesday to retest my hormones and a follow up with my GP Thursday am so I'm going to talk to her about my Seb Derm and see if with the TE and Seb Derm my referral can be pushed forward.

    I've always had a lot of health issues. I was under great Ormand street children's hospital when I was younger for eczema as I was covered from head to toe in it! I've also had chronic asthma my whole life and a lot of allergies.

    My scalp is so sore and red at the moment, I don't know if it is the seb derm, TE or the onset of AGA.

    I am looking into acupuncture as a natural remedy at the moment.

    It is amazing how complex womens hair loss seems to be and how much people have to fight to get answers.

    Keep well have a good day :) xxx
  18. khikhob

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    Hi LM, I hope you are having a reasonable day and that your scalp is less angry.
    Having thought about it there are less heavy oils than coconut oil - even though it has a really tiny molecular structure, which means it penetrates really well, it can be hard to rinse out but perhaps after another couple of washes things might improve. Can't remember if you said you are using ketoconazole or sulfide shampoo for the seb derm.
    Sorry to hear that you have been plagued with all these auto-immune/skin issues all your life. I've had a couple of acute seb derm outbreaks on the face over the years and is a nightmare - can't imagine the number it must be doing on your hair follicles so let's hope that that is the culprit - not AGA - and you can get it under control. I am fairly resigned now to the fact that I have AGA and that the CTE diagnosis was a 'false positive' that gave me hope for a while, and cannot stop thinking/crying about it. I feel very guilty for being so upset about something 'superficial' when others are losing their hair for much more serious reasons but I have always had long, naturally blonde hair and it was more my 'saving grace' than my 'crowning glory'! I wonder if years of psychiatric meds have brought this on, since there is absolutely no balding on either side of my family, male or female.
    I suppose because on its own it's not a 'medical' issue, doctors really don't seem to take it that seriously but it can be psychologically devastating, can't it.
    Very best of luck with Tuesday's appointment and the follow up on Thurs. One of us deserves to have some good news!! :) xx
  19. LM_83

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    Thanks so much for all your advice I really appreciate it! I might go a bit easy on the oil next time! :) The seb derm shampoo I'm using is Dermax and the active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride 0.5%.

    I'm so sorry to hear you are going through it emotionally! I completely sympathise with you but it's not superficial in the slightest. Hair is a big part of our femininity. I've had issues with depression and anxiety since the birth of my daughter but I've never had anything affect me as much as this.

    I sincerely hope that you get the answers you are looking for and although it's hard as I'm guilty of doing this myself try not to resign yourself to the fact it's AGA. Reading through this site however there do seem to be some really effective treatments for AGA.

    It's funny as I am quite an open person and tend to speak about my problems quite openly to friends and family, the more people I'm talking to the more people (females) say they are experiencing similar things. Like I've said before womens hair loss seems to be very very complex.

    My derm put it into quite basic terms for me and she told me that the skin and hair is your bodies lowest priority. So if something else in your body is not quite right the body uses it's energy in those places and the first places that suffer are skin, hair and nails. One thing she told me is that she sees a lot women suffering from hair loss due to gum/teeth infections!!! It's fascinating but frightening!

    I have good days and bad days, I do definitely have moments every single day where my hair or scalp pain get me down but my partner has spotted my 'hair wobbles' as he calls them and tries to distract me or make me laugh!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow xx
  20. khikhob

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    Thanks for your reply - I can't tell you what a tremendous comfort and support it has been talking to you! You are lucky to have a good, supportive partner - my husband couldn't be more opposite - he has effectively 'banned' me from talking about my hair loss because he is sick of hearing me 'banging on about it' :-( I have always had psychiatric problems, quite serious ones, and very low self-esteem, paranoia and agoraphobia and this has totally devastated what little confidence I ever had. I know it probably sounds ridiculous but some days I feel suicidal about all this, and looking around this site I know I am not alone in feeling that way. Like you, I think of all the things I have been through I am finding this so much harder to deal with. I hope I get to a place where I can find peace with it, as have many other women on this terrific site.

    I've not heard of Dermax - I was prescribed Ketaconazole 2% for my seb derm and it seemed to help although it completely fried my hair! I now use SielosRx aloe vera shampoo which is totally organic and non-irritating. Not sure if you can get it in the UK but I have just looked and you can buy it on Amazon. They also do a scalp treatment cream for psoriasis, rosacea, seb derm. It is pricey, though. Aloe vera apparently helps with shedding and is anti-inflammatory. Definitely the best shampoo I have used for my angry scalp.

    Your dermatologist is absolutely correct about hair being at the bottom of the list - hence the first to suffer - if there are auto-immune/metabolic/endocrinal or other issues.

    Not sure if I have already mentioned this but my ferritin last April came in at 17 - pretty low - due to a combo of heavy periods and IBS (malabsorption issues) so that is almost certainly what triggered this off because hair growth requires iron. I am actually due to see a gastro-enterologist today to investigate my chronic IBS and then endocrinologist tomorrow.
    Sorry for another long, rambling post but as I said, I have to keep all this inside at home! Good luck for Tuesday! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you x