Telogen effluvium regrowth??

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    What the hell is new normal? I inherited my dad's hair which is thick, to the extent that I got laughed at by other kids when I was young. People think my hair looks like a wig/helmet. If my dad's hair stays strong and I on the other hand get to the 'new normal', I would say those doctors really have nothing else better than that to offer.
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    Thanks for your response Samantha - very interesting. I agree about the NHS - it's both slow and poor quality. Having said that, I can't even find a trichologist in my area (Midwest) - they don't seem to exist and it seems that hair loss issues are addressed (or not!) by dermatologists. They really seem to trivialise the issue and not treat it as a real medical problem which, arguably, it isn't, but it has totally devastated my already low self-confidence. I used to have very long, blonde hair but it started breaking off in handfuls in January '13 so I had it cut very short. At first I thought that my occasional use of a straightening iron had caused the breakage but soon after I had it cut it began to fall out. I now assume the breakage was the beginning of low iron issues.
    Yes, the 'new normal' diagnosis really infuriated me. I wonder how many years of medical school he took to come up with that!! Very, very unsympathetic. I often left that place in tears...
    I am the same with tea as you are with coffee - and I find it impossible to give up!
    Good luck with further tests and let me know how the lactose elimination goes and if it helps with your IBS. Perhaps I ought to give it a try...
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    hiya Kate

    Well my bloods are back and are apparently all normal now - whatever that is!

    My SBGH is down and my THyroid is normal. I'm going get a copy of the results though as I had to get this information from my surgeries receptionist.

    In hindsight stopping the anti d's in the middle of a move probably wasn't too wise but I halved my dose for a week and then took the half dose for alternate days the second week.

    I basically just want to stop all these artificial chemicals for a while.

    My shedding is bad at the moment I don't know what's triggered it off again but I'm trying my hardest to ignore it. I'm a little bad tempered at the moment with it all!!

    I didn't get my Serum Ferritin over the phone but I'm hoping it's on the test!

    I agree with Samantha the GPs/NHS are just not interested here! I registered with a new surgery today and supplied a letter to the surgery detailing my concerns to save me getting all tongue tied.

    I has heard about anti d's causing hair loss. I was on 50 mg of sertraline after being taken off citalopram. My head is currently flaking badly! I think it's the seb derm shampoo lifting the scales - it's pretty gross.

    Have you had your diagnosis of CTE confirmed by biopsy or just examination?

    I am desperately want to start yoga but at the moment family constraints are making this impossible. Sometimes I feel like I just want to run away :(. Xx
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    I got a lot of blood drawn today. Since the 5th week of iron, I got constant headache and some of the anemia symptoms came back. I am hoping to get an answer from my blood test. I ordered yellow dock capsules today as it's good for boosting ferrtin. Read good things about it online.
    I'm lying in bed now having a major headache after my blood test this afternoon. My ears are ringing like mad and my head is spinning again. I'm sick of being sick now.
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    Hi Samantha - I am sorry to hear that your migraines are worse. Do you think the iron is causing it? This puts you in an impossible dilemma. I wish you the best with your blood test results. I, too, have heard of yellow dock but haven't tried it - probably one of the very few things I haven't tried yet! I have read positive reviews of it online, too. I hope you get to the bottom of what is making you feel so lousy when your labs come back. x
    Hi LM, sorry I have been off the radar - yet again I didn't receive email notification that this thread had been replied to. I am sorry you were feeling so bummed in your last post. I know what you mean about being bad tempered; I am too; along with feeling very down and sad I also feel irritable and angry :-(
    I didn't have a biospy for CTE diagnosis; I did have a hair pull test last spring which was 'inconclusive'. My front, top and temples are now very, very sparse, I can no longer hide it. I am more and more convinced this is AGA but am still pinning hopes on the imminent IV iron infusion which should be next week. THe only thing that gives me hope that this is iron related is that I definitely saw new growth when my iron was up to 56.
    Yes, it was probably rather risky to come of anti ds mid move and with the hair loss issue going on, but I do understand. I have been on Prozac for about 15 years, and from my research is an anti d LEAST likely to cause HL. Maybe you might consider switching? I get on with it very well.
    Putting house on the market this coming Monday - feel under tremendous pressure at the mo.
    Have you got your ferritin hard copy results yet? Do let me know what your levels have come back at? Oh! by the way, what is SBGH and is it a good thing that it is 'down'?
    I hope you are doing ok.
    Hugs, Kate x
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    LM I just googled SHBG and it's Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Seems it regulates the levels of oestrogen in the blood stream, that it is seen to be lower in those with hair loss and that green tea is known to elevate levels. Just a cursory bit of research on the subject but I'm sure there is tonnes more. I have not had mine tested. x