terrified...and so sad.

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    Hi Kawawa
    I am new to this, and I looked at your pix of your bonded topper, and I am wondering is it human hair or synthetic. I have a human hair piece, but i dont wear it much.I hate taking it off and seeing how much worse my real hair looks post hair piece. Tried a wig but found it hot and uncomfortable. however I think I am going to have to come up with some permanent solution as my hair loss is getting worse and worse on the top of my head . I am 54, it is post menopausal and it is hugely depressing. I dont believe it is ever going to stop. Ihave thougth about spiro. but after reading the comments here not sure that is the right answer for me. I loved your photos though, it looks so natural, normal.
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    susananne... try maca root supplement capsules or powder.... it balances hormones well i hear, ive ordered some for myself online. try & get organic but since you are in the states get macafem over the internet. its helped a lot of menopausal women i read. its natural so you have absolutely nothing to lose. spiro wouldnt be bad for you as im sure youre not thinking of having kids? thatd be the only reason to get off. going on this stuff is worse when you havent even gotten married, had kids etc.... im fighting my hairloss naturally, i let it get too far though, i should of taken more action earlier. if you do try maca, please let me know how you go. im getting my mum to try it too as she is also going through hairloss.... take care x
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    Somebody else recommended maca root to me for general hormone stuff. Guess it's time to google it.

    Angela, you offer good words of wisdom. I hope to reach the point of acceptance someday. Sigh.