The suffering of 12 years - Hair Loss

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    Hi every one,

    My name is Nora I'm 29 old Arabic women

    Maybe you find mistakes in writing because the Arabic is my language

    The story:

    Among 12 years I loss my hair and I can't find what can stop it!
    I go to a lot of doctors and I don’t have any problem with the blood
    And they give me a lot of medications:

    - A lot of oils
    - Minoxidel sprays (raygen)
    - Misotherapy
    - Ampoules
    - Different shampooes (Vicci ,Nisoral, Vavo ……..etc)

    Nothing stops my hair to full down

    but I notes very important thing:
    that "when I pregnant no one hair go down"!!!

    I think my problem is hormones and I read a little about Diane 35 and Androcur

    I need your help and advice

    Sorry for mistakes in my article

    Thank you