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    Hi, though I have referred to this forum alot before, this is my first post. I have a bad case of hair loss over the top of my head. My hair thinning started when I was probably around 15(or earlier), it was gradually thinning and over several years now the top part of my head is extremely thin, and shows more scalp than hair. Doctors ran several hormone and other deficiency test, identifying no problem and diagnosing it as general FPB.:( Also have alopecia in family history. After looking at various options for treatment I decided to go more in the natural route and try treat the body from inside out. Recently I have had some success with the thickness of the strands of hair and general hair quality and thought I should share. Unfortunately after experimenting here and there I did not bother to take a photo at the start, but I felt the weight of my hair improve alot and recently also got a haircut after the wispyness of hair decreased:). Since my method is fairly simple many people interested in improving their hair strand thickness would benefit from it:

    Clean diet( been on and off for few years, but generally experience less hair loss when on it).
    I started with a diet than avoids wheat and grains and sugar(inflamatory stuff). Focus on eggs, fish, seafood, meat, salad veg and other fibrous vegetables, with plenty of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, almonds and good fats thrown in. And just a handful of fruits(low GI, berries,etc) a day. Plenty of plain water ~8cups+. Some green tea. Not more than 1 cup of light coffee with cream and no sugar(i use stevia).

    Hair oil concoction(started roughly 2 months ago and noticed difference after 3 weeks):
    Preparing the oil:
    Lightly heat just 1 table spoon of the coconut oil(low heat) and then add the fenugreek and onion seed to the oil. Keep it at low heat to let the seeds soften and release and you will notice the fenugreek seed slowly getting darker... I suggest keep at as low heat as possible and it might take about 15 mins+ to get the fenugreek seed go from dull yellow to light shade of brown. Turn off heat and add the remaininng 2 tablespoon of coconut oil into this mix when its luke warm(we dont want to heat the oil, we just want to melt it). then after it melts pour into container(seeds ,oil everything) and add the emu and castor oil. the seeds should settle at the bottom of the container mostly. I prefer using a thick glass airtight bottle for oils (rather than plastics that can leach).The oil is ready.

    Applying the oil( 2-3 times a week):
    Boil water and surround the oil container with warm water to make the oil melt and warm it up for better absorption. Be careful not to get water inside the oil container, so you should aim to keep the water level for submerging at lower than the opening of the oil container. It might take a few minutes to melt and then fairly warm the oil. Apply oil on scalp evenly... about 0.5 tablespoon of oil was enough for my thin hair. flip head upside down and finish the massage by lightly masaging the crown areas to stimulate blood flow.

    Washing hair:
    I use a shampoo with ketoconazole which alone seems to help remove buildup and boost volume. You might need to shampoo twice to remove the oil. Dont use excess shampoo as you dont want natural oil to strip and leave hair more dry.
    Sometimes after washing my hair I rinse off with an ACV rinse(leave on 5 minutes and lightly rinse off), but havent been doing this regularly.

    Following this I have notices some smaller hair framing my face have seen to grow longer and my hair thickness has improved. When I run my finger into my hair it finally has some weight in it. I cant really tell if there is any new growth and maybe its to early to see it, but there is definetely an improvement in the overall look of the strands.

    Science behind it(read several things that I cant remember now, but wanted to keep it simple):
    • Target inflammation with a clean diet
    • Enable better nutrient absorption with clean diet
    • Target inflammation externally with emu
    • Circulation improvement with massage and thickness and flexibility of strand imporvement with other oil
    • Coconut oil has high absorption and castor has been seen to improve hair thickness in other forums
    • Sulphur for hair from onion seed
    • Protein and other essentials from fenugreek seed (used in south asia for hair improvement traditionally)

    In the next upcoming months I also aim to get some bloodwork done before I get started with supplements(I am researching this now) that promote hair regrowth and internal health, while I continue this regime for improving the hair thickness and growth phase of the already present hair. I cant say much about hair regrowth conclusively as I didnt take a photo but see babay hair standing up and more obvious(or could be just strand thickness making it stand up?I dont know).
    But since its a fairly simple regime and I have tried countless complicated stuff before than neither gave me regrowth nor improvement in thickness I am sharing this so others can also try and benefit from it...:)

    (I will try to answer questions, but I will be very busy next few weeks, so sorry if it takes some time for me to reply..)
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    keep us posted! I'm interested in natural non-chemical treatments as well.
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    I have used almost all the treatments but this didn't have any effect on my hair and finally I prefer hair extension to get a good look and stand in front of all without any embarrassment feeling.