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    Hi. I'm 19 and I live in Madrid, Spain at the moment, and since I was 17, I've been losing my hair quickly.

    It was this summer that I decided to consult a specialist and learn what was happening to me. I have androgenic alopecia that was most likely finally triggered by stress (I got pretty stressed with my SAT's).

    The treatment they were offering (an expensive one, I might add) consisted of washing my hair daily, applying an ampoule with some substance in it (I know it is my mistake for not knowing, but I didn't think at the moment to ask what was in it) three times a week along with infrared light to stimulate the penetration of the medication.

    She also recommended me combing my hair, massaging the scalp, a healthy diet, etc...The tips I'm sure most of you have read somewhere at one point. And this would all be for three months. She didn't guarantee the regrowth of my hair, but she did insist on the fact that these sessions would stop the hair loss and control the oil and dandruff levels.
    I asked her what I would have to do after the treatment ended. All she said was a proper hygiene would suffice. This meant, of course, buying their products for the rest of eternity which would more or less amount to 50 euros a month. I'm not sure this convinces me.

    In fact, I have my doubts towards all of this. It is an incredible amount of money (all of my savings and some additional help from someone, hopefully my parents...though I wouldn't mind spending it all if I knew I would get my hair back) and I was wondering if anybody had tried this or knew somebody who did.
    I asked for before and after pictures and all they could show me were statistics...
    I do know that I want to start something now. It's gotten to a point where I dread washing my hair because it just keeps falling out. I'm getting more and more depressed as each day passes (even more when people minimize it and say it's not so bad. If only they saw me with my hair wet...) and I can't help but wonder what I'll look like at 25.

    Please let me know what you think.
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    umm...anyone? :confused:
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    Hi Erin,

    I'm very sorry to hear you are going through this. I'm new here & have only been dealing with my own hair loss for about 1 1/2 years. However, I have been obsessively seeking answers & treatments. Although I haven't tried the laser comb, my husband did. We lived in Canada at the time & he went to a hair clinic that analyzed his scalp, etc. They recommended a regimine of a topical solution ( I think a DHT blocker) & infrared treatments he could receive at the clinic. There was a membership fee involved & he could drop in kinda like a tanning salon. Later he purchased a small home laser comb. Yes, they sold hair products & supplements, as well.

    Anyway, he did it about a year, didn't get any noticeable results & gave it up. I just don't think this is the break through cure for us. I also know there are sooooo many people willing to take advantage of us with false promises just to make money. Was your 'specialist' a medical doctor? Did you have blood tests? Many women on this forum believe their hair loss began after starting or stopping birthcontrol pills.

    My personal treatment experiences are trying spironolactone, yaz, vitamins, omega 3, rogaine & nioxin shampoos. My sheds are constant, although fluctuate in degree. I really wish I had some better advice for you! I wish you didn't have to deal with such crap! I wish none of us did!

    I'm glad you at least have found this place, where you know other women understand your sadness.
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    Hi Erin, I have not heard about success stories using the laser. Also, I'd be very wary of someone who insisted that a particular treatment would stop stop your hair loss.
    Extreme stress can cause Telogen Effluvium. Chronic TE can bring on AGA. There is a thread under "open Topics" by lazy, called Free Pamphlet. I emailed them and they mailed it to me very quickly, it was very helpful. I'm now alomost positive I have Chronic TE and not AGA, and I am taking the supplements (b-complex, lysine, biotin) that are recommended for it (the pamphlet mentions their own hair loss supplement, but I'm not ordering it). Good luck.
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    The specialist I went to see, in Svenson (I don't know if this is a known hairloss treatment company elsewhere) wasn't a doctor. She had done courses on the specialty and was now working here. And yes, I have been (specially after the consult) a little skeptical towards the things she was saying were going to happen, but it's really hard not to want to believe her completely when she makes it sound possible.

    I didn't get the promising answer I was looking for from you guys, but I really do appreciate the support very much =)

    I am now trying a treatment that I bought in a pharmacy that didn't seem too harmful called Ducray's anastim.
    It consists of an anti hair loss lotion which I should apply three times a week, along with taking two nutritional pills every morning. I've also been following some habits to get my scalp cleaner and healthier and just better for the rest of the hair to maintain itself as strong as it can, and I do feel my head much better. A lot better.

    The hair does continue to fall in the shower. But I'm not losing hope in any way because I feel my scalp fresher and cleaner. And it's been barely two weeks so I'm not expecting any miracles either. I'll keep you posted and try to have some good news in a couple of months.

    Good luck to you both as well.