Thyroid & Bioidentical Hormones! Dont waste your $ on Dr Redmond

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    you're story sounds like mine. i went off of birth control,it sent me into hell..{ i didnt get my period for almost 2 years,except for 2 months when i out natural progesterone from yam cream on my belly..but it made me swell up like i was 5 months pregnant,and im small,so it was noticable} had to do my own research to come up with th conclusion that i was estrogen Dr didnt believe me,but finally tested me..i had zero progesterone.the Dr's don't warn you of about what happens when you go off of of birth control.
    of course he said my thyroid was normal. what doctors only test for is the Free TSH whuch is the hormone in your brain,and sometimes the T4 which is where it converts in your thyroid. but medical Dr's will Not test T3..where it converts in the liver.And this is where most of us have the problem. it is not just a thyroid becomes an adrenal problem,causing the insomnia. and a liver problem,due to build of horromones,causing stagnant or fatty liver. what is needed is a liver cleanse,and herbs to support your adrenals..getting them going glad to hear your problem was solved due to you taking matters into your own hands..medical doctors are in the business of making money,not caring.
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    Hi LisaAngeline,

    I was just wondering what dose of progesterone and estrogen were you using to start? I have low progesterone secondary to previously being on the BCP, and for some reason, the lab never did my estrogen test. I'm just concerned about using too much progesterone cream, and possibly making the hair loss worse!

    Great to hear that everything is working for you!
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    spirolactone and Yaz

    Your post, quoted partially below gets me worried.

    My doctor also initially tested me for "everything" and then had me on Yaz for a year and when that didn't do anything, just switched me to sprionolactone, 2 pills a day, or 1 if I keep using Yaz. (This is exactly what your doctor prescribed for you.)

    Initially the doctor said I had slightly high testosterone and perhaps I was just very sensitive to it. I have hair loss all over, but perhaps more at the crown.

    I am a little worried now that you are saying this treatment is just what the doctors give to everyone. For over 8 months my testosterone was where the doctor wanted it, but I haven't grown back any of my hair. Maybe I haven't lost anymore, but I was hoping for better results. Now I am going to go to a hair loss expert in NYC, a PHD so I will be paying out of pocket for all my visits.

    I have already basically wasted a year and I am only 21. Having extremely thin hair is not good socially for a single young lady.

    I am thinking of trying Rogaine maybe even the 5% version and I have heard about saw palmetto from reading this site.

    Did you ever try these other methods (Rogaine, Nizarol with the spiro)? What were your results?

    Plus, even though my thyroid tested out normal, I am wondering after reading your posts if we should check it out again, I do not think I have any symptoms of thryoid problems. Although, I have read that people get very tired from waking up all night long to pee when they are taking sprionalactone?????

    Sooo, I continued following Dr Redmond's treatment with the spiro and birth control for 9 long months. The hair loss NEVER eased up at all. After doing my own research, I asked my doctor to prescribe me bioidentical (meaning to the body this is exactly like my own hormones' chemical make-up) estrogen and progesterone as well as thyroid hormone. I knew that my problems were hormonal, despite the tests (and doctors) that said I was in the "normal" range. Luckily this doctor looks at symptoms and not just test results as there is a WIDE RANGE of "normal". What is a normal hormone level for one person could be too little or too much for someone else.


    Back to my story. Since the spiro had NO EFFECT whatsoever in slowing down my hair loss, I decided to stop it completely and get on the thyroid and progesterone instead. MAGICALLY my hair loss stopped so quickly its almost unbelievable. You hear that hormones can take months to work but my OBJECTIVE symptoms cleared up within a night to a week. Within the first night, I was sleeping like a baby. No more waking up at night with insomnia (after five months with not one full night of sleep)!! The hair loss stopped so quickly after 9 months of consistent shedding that I couldn't believe it.
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    tenacity pays off


    Congratulations on your positive results and due to your tenacity. Thyroid is a tricky tricky thing. It sounds like the bio-identical hormones really made an impact for you! Great inspiring story; it just goes to show you that we do have the answers inside ourselves and eventually we will unturn the stone.

    Take care,

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    After the birth of my second child I began to suffer from extremely heavy periods, eventually diagnosed with menorragia. This however was only found when I went to the dr about my hairloss, and general fatigue - I was exhausted all the time. My iron was found to be low, 7, and was put on supplements. At this time I also went to a derm who prescribed me spirolactane (she preformed a scalp biopsy and diagnosed Androgenic alopecia). I began to menstruate bi weekly and was prescribed a birthcontrol pill. All was fine for a while, however during all this I also would wake at 2 am and be awake for at least 2 hours before sometimes falling back to sleep. Eventually I also began to delvelop migraines, with an aura and had to go off the BCP. I tried a mirena, great for 6 months then migraines again. I have since had an endometrial ablation, and so far so good.
    I am very interested in what you wrote about the sleep issues and the thyroid!!!. Can anyone tell me numbers my thyroid test results should be, so I can talk to my Dr about this? Or what I need to know before I go to him ? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I can usually find a lt of info on the medical web sites. go look at the Mayo clinic web sites re thryoid diseases. (also Med MD and others, a lot of times you can just type in the name of the tests or the thing being tested and get the various levels explained. Also look up Graeves and Hashimotos (I might have spelt that wrong) diseases, those are the too high and too low thryoid diseases, often treated with medications. You will have to get extensive blood tests and it's best to get all the tests you need. Also check the Bvitamins (B12) and D. Also sometimes if you have a thryoid problem it can affect the calicum absorbtion, so check that too.
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    need help

    I too was a patient of Dr. Redmond's and had the same regime. Back on Yasmin, then 200 mg of Spiro and 2.5 mg of Finasteride. My hair did improve for the 10 months I was following this, but everything else declined. I had extreme fatigue, weight gain, bloating, hot flashes, night sweats, leg cramps, muscle fatigue, and the weight gain was in places I never carried weight before (my stomach, upper arms, etc). So, two months ago I came off yasmin, but am still on sprio and finasteride, although I am now taking 150 mg daily instead of 200 daily. I was also already on spiro (100mg) for acne before seeing Dr. Redmond. Well, I have been working with a Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles, attempting to get my body / hair back to normal naturally - well at least ease into it. I came off the yasmin, but didn't want to come off everything at once to identify the culprit so to speak. I feel it was a mistake for Dr. Redmond to prescribe me three medications at once because then you don't know what is truely working and what isn't. Anyway, my hair is now worse than ever. I am on all the right vitamins and supplements as advised by my Naturopathic Doctor and my extensive research, but this shed is 10x worse than when I initally came of Yasmin - wish is what started my hair loss to begin with.

    I am pretty confident this time my shed was so much worse because Dr. Redmond's plan for Yasmin is 9 weeks of active pills, then only 4 days of inactive pills (whereas when I was on Yasmin before I was using it normally 21 days of active, 7 days of inactive). Obviously Dr. Redmond's plan is fantastic for hair but not for the rest of your body and I am so incredibly frustrated because now after battling this for a year and a half I am worse than I was when I started. My Naturopathic doctor has me using some bioidentical hormones - pretty low doses and compounded for me - but they don't seem to be helping. I was hoping to ease the transition from taking synthetic estrogen (with Yasmin) to giving my body some bioidentical hormones (estrogen & very very low dose of progesterone) but it is not working. I am about to order a Saliva Test, hopefully that will help, but everyday I loose so much hair and I didn't have much to begin with - my hair has always been fine and thin.

    Does anyone have any advice??? I am in panic mode, don't want to leave my house, not even to work out. :( Also, my hair is extremely oily and unmanageable - super tangled. So I'm scared to death to wash it everyday but my hair is so oily I can't go too long. I only use a very wide tooth comb and never brush it, but it doesn't seem to matter, hair falls out with the slighest touch.

    I have had all the other blood work done, thyroid is fine, don't have PCOS. I am 33 years old so this is not related to menopause, just these darn bc pills.

    Does it get better with time, or will it just get worse?? Please please any words or wisdom from anyone??
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    Rogaine worked well in about 4 months

    I tried the Yaz for a year and had no hair growth, but no problems.

    Then we switched to 2 Spiro pills a day, 100 mg each, and Loestrin birth control pills and Rogaine and in about 4 months my hair was much better. My parts looked normal, my hair was much thicker and I did not have any side effects such as you described. I think it was the Rogaine, but since I also started everything at once, we can't tell what did it. This summer, I will try to remove one of the pills and see if my hair is still good.

    I used the 5% men's Rogaine. My dermatologist recommended it and the dermatologist is just a regular doctor, not a specialist in hair loss. But, I go to the endocrinologist for the other meds.

    I think the Rogaine is responsible because in the beginning I wasn't as careful with applying the Rogaine and I developed facial hair where I had let it drip onto. Once I was more careful, it was OK--after waxing it to get rid of it once.

    I use the Rogaine all over my head and I use much more than the usual dose one would apply to just a bald spot.
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    I haven't tried Rogaine yet. Is it true that once you start it, you have to keep using it permanently to continue seeing results? I was going to try it out, but I was told also it is only if your hair loss is genetic or hereditary.

    Do you know if that is true or not? If you use it because your hair loss is from hormone issues, is that a problem?
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    My endocrinolgist said yes when I asked if I could go see a dermatologist after complaining that an entire year had gone by and my hair was no better taking just her meds of Yasmine, which was bringing my testosterone levels down.

    After extensive blood work, it was determined that my testosterone was slightly high and perhaps I was overly sensitive to it, I didn't have full polycystic ovary syndrome, but it was similar to it--a hormone problem. After no help in a full year, we switched all my meds and I tried the Rogaine.

    I keep the endocrinologist informed of the dermatologist recommendations, and still see the endocrinologist, but I feel that they basically operate independently and the dermatologist doesn't really monitor me since Rogaine is over the counter.

    Rogaine seems to work for anyone almost since it can even make hair grow anywhere it touches??????? I read somewhere here, I think, that someone tested Rogaine and put it on her arm and her arm hairs grew thicker and longer. Unfortunately I accidentally had that happen to my face near my hair line.

    So, for me although I was and am being treated for a slight hormone problem, the Rogaine seems to work. My hair loss is all over my head, so I do put the Rogaine on all over, trying not to drip it down my neck either because that got hairy too. I use much more than the Rogaine instructions say to use since it is all over my head rather than a small bald patch on a man.

    It is a total pain to put it on all over twice a day, forever. I am sure there will come times when I will have to come off the Rogaine, but for now I am just happy to have a decent head of hair, not great, just average or almost average for a young woman.

    Plus, it is expensive.

    I may also switch to the lower percentage dosage, for women, at some point. But it was the dermatologist who suggested I use the higher men's Rogaine.

    It is amazing what we will go through for our hair. Just think of all the hair styling products women regularly use, and they are very expensive too.

    Anyway, my endocrinologists acted like the Rogaine and their meds and approach were totally independent and it was no problem to do both. I had nothing to lose trying the Rogaine and I am glad it seems to have helped.
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    Hi Lisaangeline,
    I'm so happy that you got to the "bottom" of it. I have a question..Even if your T4, T3, reverse T3 were checked and all falling right in the middle of the range (not at the low or high end) you may still need to go out Armour? I have the same issue..Insomnia & Shedding. I also have a low ferritin but I think low iron can also be linked overall metabolic activity including thyroid. I have the same exact symptoms like you with INsomnia.. I fall asleep very quickly and wake up at 5 AM every morning like clockwork no matter how tired I am. I'm not sure about the progresterone. I did all my hormone tests but I don't see the progesterone on there..Is that a sepreate test I have to do? I must have a hormone issue..this HL crap just started recently whereas before i hardly shed a hair. But i've always had mild acne and oily skin which all may be related. can you just for the bio identical Thyroid and progesterone from your doctor?

    thanks a bunch
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    Yes... I have a light burning in my scalp as well. Some nights I have tried cooling my scalp off by melting an ice cube on it. Like many of the women, I have seen numerous doctors (None of whom seemed invested or very interested in my hair loss) and all of my tests have come back "normal". I even had a scalp biopsy done and that came back "normal" as well. I've tried hair/skin/nails pills, rogaine (men's), and just recently I tried birth control pills. I'm 37 yrs old and have never used birth control pills, but this Dr. Redmond's book said to use them. I used Yazmin for 3 days and hairs on my front hairline started to fall out. Until today, those hairs had remained in tact for the year and a half that my hair has been falling out. So, after 3 days I am giving up the birth control pills. A few months ago, I was doing yoga everyday and juicing and the hair loss seemed to be decreasing (I count my hairs when I take a shower). Prior to the yoga and juicing I was losing 100 hairs, but after about a month of yoga and juicing that dropped to 40 hairs. I went on vacation and my schedule got messed up and I stopped juicing and the loss went back up to 100 hairs and sometimes 200 :-( I have been reading about foods that contain high levels of estrogen such as soy and flax seed. I gave juicing a try because even if it doesn't work it is still good for you. I just don't believe in putting unnatural medicines into the human body if a natural cure exists. I'm going to start the juicing again with carrots and estrogen rich foods and see if that helps.
    I will post back on if the juicing is helping in a month.
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    Thank you SO much for your post. I was considering going to Dr. Redmond and you just saved me alot of time and money. I have his book so I thought I'd just start with the birth control pills. After 3 days on Yazmin hairs from my front hairline began to fall out where they had remained intact prior to using Yazmin. The gyno who prescribed it told me birth control pills are associated with hair loss and he cautioned my use of them. I now see he was right. Hopefully 3 days of using birth control has not had an adverse effect that is going to last awhile. Hopefully me stopping today will stop the damage the three days have caused.
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    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I also went on bc at one point to help with the hair loss but I had to stop taking the pills because they triggered interstitial cystitis. I am now doing bioidentical progesterone but wanted to add estrogen as well. I was curious as to how much estrogen you use and at what times during your cycle. I see a naturopath that can prescribe this to me but I know she is quite unfamiliar with proper use of these hormones for young people, i just turned 30.

    Thanks so much for posting a succesful stor, it gives me hope that my hair will also stop falling at some point.

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    Hello beautiful ladies, popping in again for another update and then I'll respond to your posts. So sorry I have not been by in so long!

    I did a little experiment with my hormones, wondering if my hair would start falling out again if I stopped taking the progesterone and/or the thyroid. First I avoided taking the thyroid tablets for about 3 weeks. No hair loss seemed to occur. I next ran out of the progesterone and decided to go back on the thyroid but get off the progesterone. Within 2 weeks of getting off the progesterone, the hair loss very clearly started up again. Constantly having hair on my arms and on the floor. After 3 weeks of this getting progressively worse, I started on the progesterone and within 3 to 5 days the hair loss was almost gone. I believe, from what I read, that my follicles create DHEA hormone, and that kills my hair follicles. I believe the progesterone may be stopping something from being converted to the DHEA hair follicle killer. This is the real deal girls! I bet many of you have this same problem and could be curing your hair loss so easily. I use drops, NOT pills or cream. I take 4 drops around 4 times per day for around 2 weeks, nothing for about a week during my period, and for the first week of my cycle I might take half that amount or even less (like your own body's natural cycle on progesterone).
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    I am sure they carry bioidentical hormones in the UK. They are made in compounding pharmacies specially to order. In the US they cost me about $35 per month. It is nearly impossible to find a doctor in the US that will prescribe bioidentical hormones, so good luck finding someone out there..

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    Are you on real bioidentical progesterone or PROGESTIN, a fake copy that does not work the same in your body and I believe (am sure) causes cancer. You must make sure you are on the bioidentical DROPS, they are very powerful and fast acting. You literally feel more energy as you take the drops, they seem to work right away. Skin creams are hard to get into the system and the dosages are unreliable as to what was really absorbed, and so are the pills, which have to get through the liver intact before going into the bloodstream. The drops go under the tongue and hit the bloodstream within seconds.

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    Hi dear :), I take DROPS, 50 mg powder in 8 drops of olive oil, taken during 2 weeks of my cycle 4 drops 4 times a day. I just called the pharmacy to ask if this is a typical dose for their other patients and the lady said yes, most women on the hormones take 100 mg per day, which is what my 50 mg in 8 drops amounts to. I order this from Women's International Pharmacy in Wisconsin (they ship it across the country). The hard part is finding a doctor in your area that will prescribe bioidentical hormones. You could try calling the pharmacy to get a referral in your area?

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    Hi sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear about your hair struggles at such a young age. I do believe you cannot rejuvenite or reignite dead hair follicles once they have been killed off by the hormone that it is sensitive to, I believe it is the DHEA that is converted from a number of different hormones when you are not hormonally balanced.

    My question to you is whether you have any other symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Did you try to have your progesterone and estrogen levels tested? Given how progesterone is in our bodies already and natural, if I was losing my hair (as I was) I wouldn't even hesitate to give it a try. You will likely know its working or not within 1 month or less, so TRY IT girls! Only problem will be finding a doctor to try it. They are quick to give you birth control pills with chemically altered fake hormones, but they fear the real deal for some strange reason (that has to do with no testing being done on them because there can be no patent to get rich off of when it is a bioidentical chemical). Good luck :)

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    Unfortunately my sleep problems did come back after my original post where I thought they had been taken care of by the progesterone. Before the progesterone though, I had gotten to the point where I could not get back to sleep and would be up from like 2am. Ever since getting on the hormones my sleep is much better, but I still wake up a few times a week or more for several hours. Luckily I can often get back to sleep after a few hours, but this makes me late for work. During times of stress this is worse and I cannot get back to sleep. I do think the hormones and thyroid have made things better..