Thyroid & Bioidentical Hormones! Dont waste your $ on Dr Redmond

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    This is a very interesting treatment plan!! I also believe in juicing and the health of going fully raw vegan (eating nothing but raw fruits, veg, nuts and seeds). Unfortunately I have the worst will power and can't even get off meat! lol Girls, for more information on raw foods and their POWERFUL healing effects, including green juices, check out LIFEREGENERATOR on youtube. He is a health genius. Who knows, you could really be onto something with the juicing and yoga.. I have seen people on youtube taking themselves off of numerous medications when they go raw. I have also heard stories of all body systems going back to their optimal state once you get cleaned out, including your hormonal systems. I see raw ladies not going into menopause at older ages. Just watch liferegenerator a few times and also try FRELEA and DURIANRIDER on youtube.

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    I got the info from the book I read on bioidentical hormones. I need to find the title and will get back on (or did I post it in any earlier posts?). It gave all the exact dosages for different issues.

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    Hi Lisa,

    If the progesterone helped you it sounds like you could have had estrogen dominance. Hair can fall if you don't have the right amount of progesterone to counter balance the estrogen in your body. I am currently on 100mg of natural progesterone from day 12 thru day 28 of my cycle, but it no longer seems to help. Out of desperation, I got estradiol gel and began applying a small, measured amount to my scalp, so we'll see how that goes. I am lucky to have a doctor that can prescribe these medications for me, but this time nothing seems to help. I am really scared. In the last 2 months, I have lost 50% of my hair and didn't have much to begin as I went through a major shedding last year due to medications for chronic pain. My bloodwork shows that my thyroid was pretty high, so my doctor has lowered my dose. The problem is that the hair loss does not seem to decrease, and it always has decreased in the past if something was working. I am very worried that this will make me clinically depressed, which is the last thing I need. My hair loss is noticeable now that I cannot longer hide it with my hairstyle. I have been looking at wigs but the idea of wearing one all of a sudden in front of co-workers and friends makes me as anxious as not having hair at all. I just think that it's so unfair that on top of dealing with chronic illness I have to put up with massive shedding and no growth. My hair loss situation was under control last year but after a major flare up from a chronic pain condition and taking multiple medications my hair begasn falling again. Now I know my hair loss is more complex than I thought: it falls right away with new meds, or small hormonal changes, and even stress may trigger it, who knows! What I do know is that I am going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, because it will only get worse in my 40s and 50s with menapause. Deep inside, moving on to wearing supplemental hair woudl mean giving up any hope that my hair will grow back, or at least stop shedding, that is all I ask now.

    I am so scared, because it is not stopping and I have a major conference in August and the thought of my colleagues seeing how old I look because of my hair makes me really anxious.

    Has any of you ever had a thyroid issue that caused severe hair loss? If so, did it get better? I'm taking bioidential thryoid hormones so my meds should not be the problem. All I need is just some hope. I fee like I'm in a nighmare that cannot wake up from.

    I am losing between 100-300 hairs a day and my ponytail is the size of a penny.
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    Did the estridial gel help at all?
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    I've been interested in getting more detailed information on bioidentical hormones and thyroid work. Maybe you mentioned this, but who is your doctor and where is he or she located? I live in Utah ... there are pretty much no experts out here that I can find. It's very frustrating.
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    We have GOT to talk! I have everything in common with you based on your posts (except I am already in full menopause due to radiation treatment when I was 36). I take Synthroid (sometimes and hyper because they have to keep my TSH low to make sure I don't get thyroid cancer again), Vivelle Dot (which is estrogen through a patch on your skin) and progesterone as well (so bioidentical hormones as well).

    ANY new medication makes my hair shed 2-3x as bad for weeks. I've lost 65%-70% of my hair as well and I live in Atlanta. Maybe we could meet for lunch? Also, are you on the network? I am and my name is Pendy there.
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    I am here to tell you that progesterone does definitely cause hair loss. I am on bio identical hrt and I thought this was going to be the answer to all my problems. Boy, was I wrong. I was losing my hair at an alarming rate once I reached menopause. So I was given estrogen and progeterone separtely to make yme have a period It is suppose to be safer than regular hrt. I take the progesterone for 11 days and at the end of that I get a period. While I am taking the progesterone my hair falls out even worse that before. My doctor has tried many things but so far nothing has worked.
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    Hair Results

    Hello. I am about to try Bio-Progesterone cream. I've never been so happy to see a period, now counting the days until I can use the cream :) Glad to hear that your hair stopped falling out. Now that time has passed, I am curious, has your hair regrown? Do you have as many hair as you once did, or is it only a partial recovery? As you were loosing hair, was it growing back finer before using the progesterone and then with progesterone/thyroid therapy did it grow back thicker? Are you still on Progesterone cream, or have you weaned yourself off? Did you use 1/8 or 1/4 of a tsp of the Progesterone cream. Thank you so much for your post and reply!
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    Dr recommendations in NYC and Ferritin meds that don't wreck the GI

    Hello - i am new to this forum. Can you tell me if you have any doctors that you recommend in NYC? I was going to make an appointment with Dr. Redmond but after reading Lisa's posts, I have decided to keep looking for a recommendation. I have an endocrinologist already for my Hashimoto's but I want someone to be more thorough with testing all my hormones. I am also trying to raise my ferritin level but the Ferrix 150 is wreaking havoc on my stomach. I welcome any feedback. Thanks so much.
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    first success story I've seen

    I've been reading voraciously, hoping beyond hope for a success story. I've been dealing with hair loss for almost a year now and it's killing me. I'm responding to this thread because someone actually saw an end to their hair loss! I've been tested for everything and have been dismissed by most doctors who admit that they know nothing about hair loss. I have normal range thyroid results, low ferritin (was 9), low progesterone, low DHEA, low testosterone, and a whole host of low end vitamins and minerals. I've been treated by a kinesiologist who has tried thyroid hormone. I was on it for a week when my hair loss increased significantly. I went off and the loss returned to its norm....then he tried DHEA. Again, I was on it for a week and the hair loss skyrocketed. Went to another DR. who gave me a shot of estrogen - the hair loss doubled for the 2 weeks that the estrogen was in my system. I panicked and went back on spironolactone 200 mg. (which I had been on during the summer for 6 weeks - it nearly killed me). I've been on the spiro. for two months. The hair loss has slowed (50-60 instead of 100-200) but I'm having two periods a month. I'm also on iron supplements and had an IV iron infusion recently. The kinesiologist gave me some natural progesterone cream. I took it for a while, but have started having acne again and the hair loss increased. I have no history of genetic hair loss. My scalp has been itching and burning along with the loss...It has subsided recently and I'm wondering if it's the spiro. I hope not, because I don't know how long I can stay on this. I'm 42 and I feel like I'm 80..I'm skinny, hairless, and wretched. My family is suffering. I'm depressed, wake up every morning at 3 am and can't get back to sleep. I'm having panic attacks, chronic fatigue, and cry for no reason. The top front of my hairline is very thin and I'm desperate......Anyone have any hope for me? I sure could use it.
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    What brand and form of Progesterone?

    I would like to know what brand and for of progesterone that helped your hair from falling out so much. I have tried everything and now would like to try the hormonal approach again. Thanks so much!
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    Melanoma, Interferon and Levothyroxine

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site.
    I am remarried, blended family with six children ranging from 17 down to 9.
    I found this site because I was searching the net for answers to my re growing hair.
    In June 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma.
    I went through almost a year of Interferon, but due to it destroying my Thyroid, I had to stop.
    My levels were supposed to be between 4.7 and 7.8.
    By the time my brain had become MUSH, my levels were up to 78.
    Hospitalized, my levels increased to 83.
    I was quickly taken off Interferon and put on a Thyroid Med, called Synthroid.
    (generic form, Levothyroxine).

    However, during my journey on Interferon, my hair continued to thin and become dull, and broken.
    Every month I found myself cutting it shorter and shorter, just to feel good about myself. The thinning and broken pieces were looking so straggly and yucky.
    I was already pale, way too thin and just ......uuugghh

    IT HAS TAKEN A YEAR, just to get some new growth, after being off Interferon.
    It is now at my neck. But it is gray, greasy, weird feeling, looks unwashed and unkept, and is very weighed down and heavy.

    I have found that walnuts, spinach and blueberries are SUPPOSED TO BE HELPFUL, but I do not know yet.
    I just tried vinegar, hair feels better but still weird, stiff, fuzzy, heavy.
    I have been on Thyroid meds since July of 2012. As my hair growth has been slow, and my cancer checks are every 3 months, I have yet to ask my ecologist if those meds are the reason.
    If I made any sense.....YAY.
    if I didn't, I'm sorry.
    Lisa from Warner Nh
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    Thyroid & Bioidentical Hormones! Dont waste your $ on Dr Redmond

    i read the post,its really very nice post and very informative for this post learn more about this topic.
    Thanks for sharing with us...
    Locksmith Redmond WA
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    Hairloss since 10 years old

    Hello everyone
    ive tried so many products and treatments for my problem . when i was around 10 years i had a very weak immune system , i used to have asthma attacks one or twice every month . After a while i realized my hair started falling , it was very think, so thick it was hard to manage .

    Im 19 years old now and over the years ive been to doctors and they tell me to use certain shampoos or products . my scalp is very clean.. i believe i have a problem with my hormones but the doctors here in Saudi Arabia are not helpful at all. Usually my small hairs fall i thought it was "short anagen syndrome" or maybe " telogen effluvium " but i honestly dont know. Today im going for another blood test to see if i have some deficiency . Im just so tired of trying and being disappointed by the results .

    the hairs that fall are usually the small ones like an inch long , but ive been taking this tablet called matrix 5000 which contains biotin and silica for 4 months ... i stopped taking then for like a week now and my long hairs have been falling like crazy . its scaring me ..

    im very healthy , i exercise 3-4 times a week including yoga classes etc , and i eat very healthy as well .. when i used to live in jamaica when the hairloss started i wasnt so active and my diet wasnt healthy . But now it is .. please if anyone has any idea whats happening to me just share your thoughts

    Im young and im so insecure about it , it makes me so depressed because of how thin it is ..

    thank you
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    thank you so much for this great storie
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    Thyroid Hair loss

    hi there,

    you should take a look at a website called

    it is a website written by a pharmacist who has thyroid disease. It is xtremely informative, and she has a post written specifically about thyroid and hairloss.

    I have very recently been diagnosed with hashimotos disease and of course i have been having hairloss for a while. I am treating my thyroid illness nutritionally at the moment and am being guided by a naturopathic dr as I am not technically at the stage in my disease where an endo would prescribe thyroxin ( even though I present with at least a dozen symptoms)

    I religously take the following every day:

    fish oil rdi
    magnesium rdi
    Vitamin D
    liquid herbs: not sure exactly what is in this but I know it definatley has licorice root in it.

    I have been following this regime for 6 weeks and i also have gone totally gluten free as of 2 weeks ago.

    My hairloss stopped exactly 8 days ago!! I dont know exactly what out of my routine has caused this but something has.

  17. Ruby06

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    what thyroid tests did you have done?? If your gp only ordered TSH and it came back normal you could still very well have a thyroid issue. All your symptoms can be attributed to hyperthyroidism, hashimotos or graves disease. Various gps tested my tsh and it always came back at the upper end of normal. Finally i went to see a naturopath who told me to get a full thyroid panel done: tsh, free t3, free t4, top ab, tg ab. the results came back and confirmed i had secondary hashimotos. My symptoms were as follows:

    anxiety, depression, no libido, hairloss, cold hands and feet, waking up between 2-3 every night, uneven heartbeat, low blood pressure, weightloss, crying at everything.

    Once i had all the tests and it was confirmed my naturopath put me on a nutrional programme of: fish oil, magnesium, vitamind, probiotic, multivitamin, liquid herbs.

    She also advised going gluten free!!

    The combo of everything is definately working!!! My hairloss has stopped after 6 weeks of religously following the directive!!

    I cant stress enough how important it is to get a FULL thyroid panel done NOT just a TSH test