Thyroiditis...after pregnancy.

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    I've come across some interesting debacles in my day but I've always had luxuriously thick gorgeous hair....until I had an abortion (earlier this year) 25 yrs old btw... and about 4 months later (exactly) I started shedding like a dog. Its slowed down somewhat but also involved my eyebrows and lashes to some extent. I looked it up online and supposedly after pregnancy a womans thyroid gland can get completely out of whack a cause shedding for nearly up to one year! Anyhow, I was just curious if anyone has heard of this or has ever had a similar experience...I'm going on about 5 months now of extraneous shedding (much slower than before however) and I'm wondering when and if it'll stop. Lost and a little heartbroken....any kind of advice you lovely ladies can offer would be extremely helpful :>
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    Hormones, stress, diet and genetics can contribute to hair loss.