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    Hello all!!

    I have joined this site today and decided to contribute by writing my first post- I have good news and hope my experience can also help some of you not just by giving you some hope but more important by letting you know what has not worked for me.. and of course.. what has worked and still is J

    I am 36. A mother, a wife, a nurse and I like to look good, to feel good! Don’t we all??

    When I was about 16/ 17 I started to become quite aware of my hair- it was changing and definitely looking thinner, mainly the top and sides of my head. I got worried (my mother has AGA and has been wearing a wig since she was 20 !!!) I grew up watching her wearing the wig, taking the wig off at night and placing it on her bed side table.. waking up with no wig and then putting the wig on.. crying about wearing a wig and with no hope of ever re growing her hair. She still wears a wig – she is 65 now and she is beautiful regardless of wearing her wig or not but she is also still very sad about having to wear the stupid wig!!

    Understandably my immediate thoughts when I noticed my hair thinning were _ Oh My God!! This is happening to me!!!! My life is over.. I don’t want to wear a wig… And gues what.. I don’t wear a wig! But who knows what life brings for me.. I might have too.. and it it does happen I will make it fun! But for the time being I will keep fighting just with more strength each day.. I have been fighting it and today decided to write this post because I want you to fight it too!! Do not give in to it.. There is no such thing as Impossible! The word says IM POSSIBLE!

    So there you go. Heres what this post is all about:

    Hair loss since 16/ age of 24 had my first child- got severe thinning following his birth- visited London Belgravia Trichological Centre- diagnosed with AGA – Minoxidil 5%- did not like it at all( greasy hair, hairy temples, palpitations, slightly swollen face.. stopped using it- all the baby hairs gone L never mind! Research something different and give it another try

    Tried all lotions and potions available in the market, pills to maximize hair growth (pillfood/ viviscal/ perfectil/ horsetail). No success

    Tried lots of vitamins and suplements- done many different regimes with all sorts of combinations ( mind this is been an ongoing fight for the last 20 years!! Some people would say- “ sadly unreversible” – CRAP! Thas a lot of crap!! Remember – IM POSSIBLE! Vitamins and supplements were: Biotin/ B complex, vitamin C, Niacin, Kelp, nettle extract, iron, MSM, saw palmetto, and a few more I cant remember).

    Tried all sorts of shampoos- FAST, Mane and Tail, Kerastase- bain fortificant, Avene and eventually organic ones which are the best and I am still using. Love the natural ones.

    I tried the oinion regime too ( juice of an oinion- apply it to your scalp and let it sit overnight- wash it off in the morning. O good gracious.. what a stinky smell.. not just on my head but the whole house! Not something I could put up with but I heard very good things about it- some people say it worked for them!

    Met Lucinda Ellery – I will post about my experience with one of the system she offers later today under some relevant thread- I am very new here!

    Had all sorts of hair extensions applied to my hair – last ones were attached by using Microrings- Blimey they really took most of my hair out of my scalp with all the pulling and rubbing from it!! Stay away from them.

    All of my regimes in attempting to revert my hair loss failed until now!

    5 months ago (end of July 2014 I removed the system I had on my head which had been done at LE and since then decided to commit myself to a consistent treatment plan where I had put in a lot of hours researching on how to regrow hair naturally.

    My regime consists of:

    - I take Ferrous sulphate daily

    - I take vitamin D daily ( not only is helping with my hair but is also having a huge impact on my mood especially at this time of the year as I used to get quite bad SAD.

    - I only use natural shampoo/ conditioner on my hair ( Avalon organics and I change it every month from Lavender to peppermint and rosemary. The lemon one which is their clarifying one it’s a bit harsh on my hair leaving it stripped of all natural oils that are needed.) I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days and blow dry it using a low heat. I brush it very gently when its wet as it is the most fragile when wet. I use a good heating protecting serum from Kerastase and that’s the only hair styling product I put on my fragile hair.

    - A couple of times a week, when washing it , I add a few drops of good quality essential oils . I use lavender/ geranium/ cedarwood and rosemary. I massage them on my scalp with the shampoo and do it for about 5 minutes .

    - I have been eating Gelatine for 8 weeks now. I DECIDED TO RESEARCH THIS FOLLOWING A CONVERSATION WITH ONE OF MY AUNTS IN Portugal who told me that she had reversed her hair loss by introducing a regime of high consumption of gelatine . She has been doing this since (about 10 years now) and has never since experience further hair loss! Its important you use culinary gelatine. It has to be! (Jello is not advisable because of the amounts of sugars/ sweeteners it contains_ It would rid anybody with worms( sorry for being so blunt but it’s the true). I am talking about a high amount of gelatine on a daily basis- I take 2 full tablespoons every single day. I mix it with hot water to dissolve it and then add a sachet of a easy cup of soup. Add water. Keep mixing it- drink it!

    - With the gelatine I also make a hair mask once a week (once a week ONLY). There is high amounts of protein in gelatine and protein is amazing for our hair but too much can end up breaking it so use some common sense. I make a mask mixing 2 tablespoons of powdered gelatine with 1 spoon of good quality honey and a bit of cider vinegar to regulate the PH from the mixture. I mix it till a get a good consistency that resembles like a gel. I then apply it to my hair carefully and allow it to sit for about 30 min to 1 hour. I don’t cover it with a towel because as the gelatine sets and gets hard the towel can end up sicking to your hair and trust me, it’s a painful thing to remove! It really pulls your hair badly.. When I feel one hour had passed whilst I got on with my housework, I bend over the bath and use the shower to remove all the gelatine from my hair. I do not wash my hair after . I will dry it just like that.. and it looks beautiful, shinny and feels so strong! I am amazed.

    - I also started using Diatomaceous earth food grade – Initially started by taking 1 ts / day and I am currently using 2 tb/ day ( I take it at night just before going to bed. It helps me sleep well too). Diatomaceous contains high amounts of silica ( 90%). Theres lots of info if you google it- some people say it is wonderful/ other people say it’s a lot of rubbish/ you know what? I don’t care what others say- It is working for me and I couldn’t be happier!!

    After so many years my hair is finally looking healthy and strong. I have so much hair regrowth since the last couple of months I feel blessed. Because I am seeing such positive results I finally decided to share my experience with other people – it was also one of my close friends who suggested I did it- She is amazed to see what is happening with my hair after so many years of struggling with hair loss but more so last year.

    I have hope and believe that it is possible to completely reverse hair loss no matter how long you have been experiencing it. Its all about finding what works best of you but most importantly is about commitment and consistency to a healthy routine and lifestyle. Knowledge empowers us and faith that it is possible gives us the strength to perceive with it.

    I truly hope that you feel more positive about your power on reversing your hair loss after reading my experience. I can post pictures of my hair progress now and send them to you privately. I have never kept photos of my hair when it was really bad as I felt it would not be a good thing to look at those- I remember them well and will always do and because of those memories I feel hugely happy for the changes that have and are still taking place.

    Good luck with your journey! Wishing you all the best xx
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    Hi, thank you for posting! It's great to hear that you're having success. The beginning of your story sounds a lot like mine. I'm 29 and have been experiencing hair loss since I was a teenager. I, too, have discovered that the organic shampoos are the best. I've also been taking a lot of supplements, alternating vitamin D (I had a deficiency a few years ago, and I get hit with really bad seasonal affective disorder too), iron, l-lysine, biotin, etc. I'm scared to take the iron and the vitamin D every day though...anyway, I also use essential oils on my hair in a mask each week. I also take 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds every day. All of these things have definitely helped slow shedding, but none have really kickstarted new hair growth yet. I'm very intrigued by your experience with gelatin. I'm going to get some today and try this regimen! I'll do both the oral consumption and the hair mask and report back after a month or two to see if I get good results.

    I would absolutely love to see photos of your hair. Can you post them or send them to me privately?

    A couple more questions:
    • How effective do you think the diatomaceous earth is? Should I definitely include this in my regimen in addition to the gelatin, or try the gelatin only first?
    • Did you have any areas on your scalp where hair hasn't grown in years? If so, are you seeing regrowth in those areas too?
    Thanks! :D
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    Hi Girl... I have the same problem... tried everything but nothing is work.. drink this vitamin and other vitamin but none of them is work.... went to a Dermatologist... but he didn't help at all but took my copay meh...
    I'm glad your hairs is regrowth back.. and I would love to try your method.... can you please lists all of product that you used... I really appreciated thanks :)
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    Thank you, hopeandglory. Just saw your post and was excited with what I saw when I googled gelatin and hair loss. Everybody in the house just drank their first daily gelatin smoothy :)
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    Thank you so much for your post. I am so glad it Is working for you! I would love to see your pictures, and what kind of gelatin do you buy? and where do you get it. And the DE as well. I have read about both of these things so nice to see it works. thanks
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    I am trying the gelatine starting today. Do you think I should try all of your regime or do you think gelatine by itself will help? Also how long did it take for you to see progress? Thank you so much for posting your story!