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    I'm sure most of you would agree that hair loss can become all consuming. I often find myself fretting over how much hair will be in my brush next time when I should be laughing and having fun with my friends. At some point I decided I needed some tricks to help me get out of some of these funks. I find them helpful, and hope that maybe some of you will to.

    1. Whenever I am feeling really down, worried, or frustrated I avoid google. When I come to this site I always leave feeling hopeful, whereas most other sites leave me feeling convinced that I am going to loose all my hair and be miserable.

    2. I brush my hair. It's always frightening since I never know what I will find (some days 2 hairs other days 50+), but I do it anyways. I consider it a personal triumph over my fear, which is a great confidence boost.

    3. I clean! Even in a normal persons house hairs accumulate everywhere, and with hair loss it is even worse. So I carefully remove all the hair from my bathroom and use a pet hair remover on my bed and couch. With clean sheets I can wake up in the morning and actually know how much I lost during the night, and with a clean sink I know if I find a hair that I just lost it.

    4. I see an acupuncturist. It hasn't seemed to help the amount of hair loss, but it has helped me in so many other ways. I am more relaxed, happier, my stomach feels better (I use to always get tummy aches), and I feel like I am doing something for myself. I spend so much of my time working, helping friends, and running errands, that I sometimes neglect to do things for myself. For some women it may be massages or maybe pedicures, but for me it is acupuncture. After a session I walk out feeling as if I could accomplish anything which is a wonderful, empowering, and happy feelling.

    5. I cry! This is the most important one in my mind. In our society we tell people it is not ok to cry, but crying is how we deal with strong overwhelming emotions. I had a very good friend of mine die about a year ago, which of course led to a lot of people telling me to be strong. Finally someone sat me down and told me that it is ok to cry. That crying is part of the grieving process. So that's what I did, and I felt better and stronger afterwards. So when I am having a really tough day, I sit down and let myself cry until I naturally stop. Afterwards I take a walk, watch a feel good movie, give myself a manicure, or go see some friends.

    Maybe these tricks and tips are not for everyone, but hopefully after reading this some other people will share what helps them. And maybe eventually, people can come to this tread and find something to help them on their worst days.

    Thank you to everyone on this site. The women on here really are amazing.
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    Thanks for your post. This is really inspirational! :)
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    Thank you so much for your post! It just helps to know that others are here dealing with the same emotions and experiences. I often feel so sad and it is good to hear that it is ok to cry... I tell myself to be strong all the time, but it just doesn't happen.

    I've found that since my hair started shedding like crazy, I have become obsessed with my hair. Checking it all the time to see if it has gotten worse and constantly messing with it (like every couple of hours!). Have you or anyone reading this done this?
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    Wow, It's inspire me, thank you so much.
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    I used to do that. But it's gotten so bad I avoid touching it or looking at it. Once I get it "placed" (forget "styling"), I only check a couple times a day to make sure the little pieces are still covering the spots.