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Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Calla, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Calla

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    When is it going to stop? When is life going to start being fair? I've tried to have a positive attitude about this situation but today I couldn't do it anymore. I've had hair loss since I was 15 and I am almost 23 now. When will I start loving myself? When will someone else start loving me? I have zero self-confidence and I don't feel life is worth living anymore. I can't even talk to my mom about it because she will just say "Oh, its just hair" or "at least you don't have cancer!" Well when you have beautiful wavy blonde hair, of course it is just hair! I know how awful this sounds, but at least if I had cancer I would have a reason for hair loss! This is what my life has succumbed too. I am SOOOO tired of picking up hairs off my clothes, my robe, my floor, my books, my bookbag, my counter, my bathroom rug. I finally got my hair cut today and I almost stopped at the wig shop. Maybe next time. :(
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    hi calla, I know exactly how you feel - i too have shed many tears over this problem. It doesn't seem fair at all. Try to stay strong as hard as it is. Are you using any treatments or taking any supplements? I used to have extremely thick hair and this has been devastating for me. My parents and friends don't really understand either - they use the "it's just hair" line too.... I'm 30 so I can imagine how difficult it is for you at such a young age. Hopefully you can get the support you need from this site. Have you thought about clip in hair or toppers? I am exploring every avenue to try and get through this... Hang in there and feel free to send me a message at any time :rolleyes: