to start yaz or not

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    my hair has been thinning for about a year, i was on ocella (generic yasmin), and i decided to take myself off it 6 months ago, thinking it would help, but actually sped up my shed. Just diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, and the dermatologist thinks i should start on yaz, and spironolactone.
    Just wondering what people think of this, and is it helpful? and once i start these am i married to them for the rest of my life?
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    answer to question??

    Hello, not sure about the B/C because I can't take them .... But I think for me if I had taken the Spiro earlier rather than later I would be working with more hair right now!!! I started about 7 months ago on the Spiro and I really feel it has slowed the shedding for me.... Wish that I had started it 4 years ago when I still had a lot of hair.. That's just what I think.. Good luck hope all works out.. Lisah:):)
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    Hi everyone... I recently started taking Yasmin about 1 and a half weeks ago and my hair has been shedding at an alarming rate, I typically have more shedding than I'm guessing the average female does, but lately it's just been insane... a handful of hair per day atleast. Should I stick it out and see if the shedding normalizes or what?? Thanks!