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    I Take All This Tips From the E-book TOP 10 REASONS FOR HAIR LOSS


    For you to understand why these 10 reasons are so bad for your hair, it is
    important to know why your hair is falling out. Once again, comprehending the
    true dynamics of how hair grows you need an in-depth biology lesson which
    cannot fit into this report. For now, let us just say it all boils down to DHT.

    #1- No Wind-Down At The End Of The Day

    #2- Fooling Yourself That A Night Of
    Partying Is R&R

    #3- Non-Ph Balanced Hair Care Makes A
    Hair Killing Scalp Environment

    #4- Relying On A Multi-Vitamin For Your

    #5- Too Many Doctors = The Opposite
    Of Treatment

    #6- Always Dining Out Is Changing How
    You Eat

    #7- Not Saying “No” At Work Is Saying
    “Yes” To Hair Loss

    #8- A Polluted Environment Means A
    Polluted Head

    #9- Non-Stop Staring In The Mirror
    Obsessing About Hair Loss

    #10- Not Being Proactive And Putting A
    Stop To The Problem Once And For All

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