Top Secret Haircessory Topper vs Follea

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    Hi Everyone--
    I just ordered a topper from Top Secret Hair. It cost $550. But now I'm wondering if I should cancel that order and spend the additional money for a Follea topper. I understand it is the best but it costs about $1250. I'm okay with spending the money if it is worth it. Has anyone had any experience with Top Secret Haircessory and/or Follea Crown Extensions?

    My hair is very thin on the top--I currently use DermMatch to cover the scalp but it's time to take the next step.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing your stories.
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    Top Secret Hair Accesory

    I am very curious about the top secret haircessory topper. I saw a piece on the live well network on it. looks like just what I need. I am thinning on the top. I went to NY a few years ago and got a great grey one. Now of course, I am coloring my hair and am not able to go to NY again. I am from Philadelphia. I also am not financially able to afford a 700.00 non returnable mistake.
    Please feel free to send me suggestions. thanks so much.
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    I wear Top Secret in their longest style. I have a love/hate relationship with their toppers. They are exactly what I love ascetically and feel super lite on but for the price they seem to get dull fast and shed too much. That said, I do live in AZ where it's very very hot and dry. Our water is also VERY hard here. So that could be the cause for being dry. Also it seems my issues are rather common after reading about others feelings about HH toppers.

    The wig store I go to takes care of my toppers for me now. I have 2 in rotation. I drop one off for cleaning and treatment, and pick up the other every 4-6 weeks. It's really no different then if I were getting my hair cut and colored in terms of time and cost.

    Also they send it back to TopSecret if I need it reventalated which is much cheaper then a new topper! I did find a great seller recently on ebay for toppers.
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    hair secret haircessory

    Thanks for the reply about top secret. Could you please pass along the name of the eBay seller that you were speaking about. I live in Philadelphia and can't seem to find a wig store anywhere that has a solution to my problem that doesn't cost 600.00.
    Thanks again
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    20140528_134208 copy 2.jpg
    I just re-joined the group after being gone for about 8 years. I have made the hair loss journey and am now on my way back. It's been a long haul, but I wanted to share with you ladies.

    About 10 years ago my long, blonde hair started thinning. My center part got wider and wider and soon I was almost completely bald on top. For about a year, I used the Toppik and while that never totally worked for me, it was better than nothing. I had tried to wear wigs, but they were unbelievably itchy and hot and I hated the fake way they looked. About 8 years ago I bought my first Topper and paid $1000 for it. I loved having hair again, but it was so thick that it was obvious to people who knew me that it wasn't my hair. I had a stylist thin it out, and that helped some. It was human hair, but it became coarse and ugly at one point and I knew that I couldn't spend that much every 6 months or so for new hair. I decided to purchase a synthetic wig. It was ok, but again, I hated wearing a wig. The next few years I just wore wigs and hats and decided that this was my fate in life. I continued to go to doctors to try to find the cause of my hair loss, but each one gave me a different reason.

    Two years ago, I finally decided that enough was enough and that I was going to take charge of my own life. I read everything that I could on hair loss and learned the importance of Biotin. I began to take Biotin and also found a shampoo/conditioner that was to help grow hair back. I tried the minoxidil and found it to be not acceptable for me. I purchased Nioxin from Amazon and the first time I used it, I could feel my scalp tingling and knew that it was working. I took B vitamins and Biotin every day.

    In the meantime, I decided that I would learn how to make my own Toppers. I took all the wigs that I had (quite a few by this time) and began to cut them and make them into Toppers. I made some mistakes at first, but I soon learned how to make them and I was happier with how I looked for the first time in a decade! In the meantime, my little hair sprouts were coming in and sticking straight up! I could see the fuzz all over my head and I broke down and cried with joy!

    It's been a year now and I still wear my Toppers and probably will for another year until my hair fills in completely, but not one person can tell that it isn't my real hair and it is even synthetic! I don't know why people charge so much for Toppers because I purchased some of my wigs for $25 and although it's not easy to make, I did it! I am attaching a photo of myself here to show you what my Topper looks like now. I wear this style almost exclusively and have it in several colors.

    I'm not trying to advertise my services, but if anyone has a wig they like and have enough hair to be able to clip a Topper into, I could make one for you for pennies on what the companies do. I also am thinking of just making a few and showing them if anyone wants to purchase them. I searched for months for exactly what I wanted and never could find it. I finally decided that if I wanted it and it wasn't available, I had to make it myself.

    I'm so happy now and proud of myself that I solved a life changing problem for myself. I think every one of us deserves to have our hair back!!!
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    Better go for Follea Topper even if it costs much. This is because, you are going to use it for longer period and hence sticking to a product that doesnot work better can leave you worried. Thus go for the best topper!!
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    Post is kind of old, not sure if still active or not. I just returned from a visit to both places. This topper thing has been a bit of a debacle for me. I originally bought (and had shipped) a TS Topper, was gorgeous but needed thinning and trimming for my face. Stylist I went to assured me she could do it. She ruined it. It looked really wiggy when she was done. It sat in the drawer for a year. Until my recent trip to both salons....The Top Secret stylist fixed it, added some color and made it look much better! My visit to Follea was an experience that I'll post somewhere else. Bottom line is their hair is gorgeous, very smooth and lovely. But it you get the right color and cut, I think TS is probably just as nice, or close. And spending less will maybe allow you to at some point have more than one piece.
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    I am frustrated with my toppers because they tangle and fuzz up after a few months. I have tried all the techniques for smooth hair but just can't figure it out. I am tryimg Stevie wig soon by Noriko.
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    My Hair Is Very Thin On The Top--I Currently Use Matchmaker To Cover The Scalp But It's Time To Take The Next Step.

    Thanks And I Look Forward To Hearing Your Stories.