Topper Turmoil

Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by Kellyrae, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Kellyrae

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    I have decided to try a topper...and I'm a bit terrified. I feel so overwhelmed by choices (brands, colors, etc.). I'm afraid to make the wrong choice.

    I'd like to go with a Milano (The Follea line is gorgeous, but I just can't pay that much for my first time). I am afraid I will select the wrong color online or just be disappointed.

    I would love to fly down and go to their store, but I really don't have the time or money to do that right now.

    Any advice for a newbie? I'd love to hear it. This sight has helped me so much already.
  2. missmyhair42

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    I know a lot of the women here have been successful in ordering toppers online. However if this is your first time, I suggest finding a reputable salon in your area that specializes in hair replacement for women. This way you can be assured that they will do thier best to match the density, color, curl and length to make the topper blend with your natural hair. They will also make sure the topper is the right size to cover the thin areas on your head. Once you have gone through a couple of toppers, you can send one of the old ones to an online vendor to duplicate for you. Personally I do not think I will ever be comfortable bonding on my own so I will always go to a salon. But others are okay with doing it themselves. Whatever you decide, good luck!
  3. porshiana

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    Even if you are dead set on the Milano, you can still go to a m nearby Wiig shop with cheaper wigs and try them on. It will help you determine what look you like. Straight, curly, in between, short, long, how it's parted, color etc. Black hair is going to either look great or awful on you, no matter the type of wig. Once you figure all that out, you can purchase the Milano with those qualities.
  4. suzieQ2

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    I agree with Porshiana and she had good advice for me in the past.
    Do lots of homework before deciding and the wig shop is a good place to start just to get ideas. You might actually want to start out with a cheap wig and when I say cheap, most of them are very natural and realistic looking for the will be amazed. Porshiana suggested the Freetress wig line to me and I am stuck on it now. Great hair for a great price, and I used to buy human hair toppers. I can honestly say, I like the Freetress synthetic wigs better.