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    Just curious if anyone has utilized a bonded hair system and if there was damage to the area of the scalp where it was attached? If anyone has any suggestions for folks who can help with such an issue in the Denver area please let me know.
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    I haven't tried it yet but you may search it in the net for more detailed information about that case.
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    I used to use bonded hair systems for my clients. (I am a hair replacement stylist), however I am based in the UK and Spain, so no help to you.
    So if the keratin bonds cause damage to attachemnt area? Well, unfortunately, it does happen sometimes, not often. normally it happens to and around the alopecia affected ares and only when removing the bonds.

    I have started to use micro beads for attaching hair pieces for two reasons. 1. It is easier to remove them and it takes less time per appointment
    2. For people who live in the different country or area I prefer this system as I can train a family member to do the maintenance as it requires less professional skill.
    However on the downside the maintenance for beading is more frequent every 2-3 weeks.

    But dont worry about the bonds if you haven't experienced any come out with your hair attached and even if you have some natural shedding is normal and expected as long it doesn't happen a lot.
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    hair toppers

    I have recently had a hair topper custom made for me but it was nothing but a nightmare sadly, one I'm still going through to get my money back but, i have found in my research two places that I am considering using, one which is - these guys really know their stuff and the custom process is above and beyond :)

    and this place is super cheap but not cheap quality

    Where you can order a system to your own requirements and then get it fitted locally without the stupid price tag.

    And for the Americans i have found that Evolve seem to be the best.

    Of course this is just hours of research so that I don't make the same mistake I did with GLH, which i would not recommend.
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    I Haven't Tried It Yet But You May Search It In The Net For More Detailed Information About That Case
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