Toppers w/massive shedding? yay or nay?

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    I have been shedding a ton of my hair and have lost so much within the past 3 weeks that the sides are almost entirely bald ( a few strands with a bright white shiny scalp). The top of my head is "see thru" but has enough hair to cover my scalp so far.

    I was in Boston this weekend but couldn't make it to my consultations at Salon 10 Newbury b/c of traffic and parking issues. Also, I somehow thought follea wigs were less expensive than they are. I feel so let down and heartbroken because I feel like it's the only hair that will look natural on me and make me feel good.

    I'm not sure if I'm a candidate for a topper with a constant, non stop shed and my sides the way they are. But even then the follea toppers were starting at 1200 which is just so much money. The wig that I want from follea will run me around 3500. I just do not have that right now after medical bills, ect.

    I have an appointment at a more local salon who has a few human hair wigs (not follea) that range in price and some synthetic options. I'm at the point where I feel I have to cut my hair because wearing it in pony tails shows all the loss and looks awful but wearing it down is impossible.

    Any advice on wigs/toppers that look super realistic and feel nice?
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    im so sorry youre going thru this. sending huge hugs. its scary and depressing. its hard not to get discouraged at the prices of the realistic wigs. if i was you id visit many places and get a feel for what appeals to you most. theres also mix of human and synthetic. ive heard some ppl say synthetics with heat tolerability can be just as beautiful if its a good brand and less pricey. one huge thing to remember is most wigs when you try them on wont be exactly what you want until you get a stylist to cut and style them for you.
    im at a point where i.can go without a wig but im still shedding and self conscious of how thin it is and how it looks in.the wind and sun. im considering buying a cheapy off the internet for vacations and to.adjust to.a wig. let us know what you find. youll get something you like and when you do itll.boost your confidence so much! :)
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    I am so sorry this is happening to you but im happy I just saw your post! I just joined today and I know this was posted back in april, but if you havent found a solution, I have one for you! I am a hair designer specializing in hair loss solutions in Braintree, ma. I have a large clientele of women who wear hair systems, and hair extensions. I have large clientele on the south shore, most of which are wearing a hair system, or hair extensions. You can think of the hair system, also known as a volumizer, as an extension for the top of your head.The system is placed on your head, and your hair is pulled through it. there are little connecting points that attach the system to your hair, and those are hidden under the system. it is completely disguised, no one would ever be able to tell you were wearing anything! It is not something you can take on or off yourself, you would come into the salon every 4 no longer than 5 weeks to have the system taken off and put back down closer to your scalp. (because of your hair still growing with it on.) Everything you would typically do with your own hair, you would do with the system. (wash, dry, straighten, curl, etc.) You can check out the company at There are testimonials and before and afters you can check out! If you'd like more information or to talk further you can email me at :)
    I hope you see this post, id love to help you!