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  1. Sukhi

    Sukhi New Member

    Anyone know where I could purchase a topper that would stay put in various types of activities (including swimming) and still look very natural from the front of the hairline. Currently the one I have, I can't wear my hair pulled back, otherwise the cap is visible. Am looking for something more like a lace-front.

    Also, if you know of one that can be worn to bed as well. Am tired of having to remove mine especially when travelling and I don't want others to know about the topper. My current one has clips and there's no way I can sleep with it on--it's very uncomfortable.

  2. Moon

    Moon New Member

    You might want to check into bonded lace base toppers. They fit the parameters you mentioned.
  3. Sukhi

    Sukhi New Member

    Thanks Moon.

    I don't wish to shave my scalp, but if the option is there to just bond it to my forehead, I would consider it.