Toppik...oreo cookie crumbs?

Discussion in 'Toppik and DermMatch' started by amapola, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. amapola

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    I bought Toppik fibers and put them in my hair. I ran my fingers through my hair and once or twice scratched my head. My fingers came out looking like I'd dug my hand into an Oreo cookie bag. How could someone run their fingers through your hair and not notice that? Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, has anyone tried a laser regrowing brush? I forget what they're called...:confused:
  2. Tracy C

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    I've used Toppik before and I never had that happen. The only thing I can think of is maybe you are using too much or you didn't use hair spray after sprinkeling it into your hair.

    I am currently using SureThick (The Hairmax version). It works as well as Toppik and cost a lot less. I haven't had that happen with SureThick either.

    I have been using the laser comb for over four years. I do think it is helpful for some people. What the laser comb does is it increases the caliber, increases the strength and improves the quality of the hair you have. This effect makes your hair look fuller and more youthful. This effect also helps improve the quality of hair that has grown back from using Rogaine or generic Minoxidil. I had lost a lot of hair prior to treating my hair loss - but I still have been benefiting from using my laser comb. It's just that I had lost so much hair that the laser comb alone was not enough to bring back enough hair. So I use my laser comb in concert with the rest of my treatment regimen.

    Have you seen a doctor about your hair loss yet?
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    Yes, I have experienced the same thing you have with Toppik. I know I probably use more than you are supposed to, but I have longer hair, and when I shake my hair it shakes out some of the Toppik, so I load it in there so it stays, then spray it. I've tried other brands of concealers and none have worked as good as Toppik.