Toppik vs DermMarch with Curly Hair

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    Hello All,

    New here and already feeling better having found women with similar struggles. I have some thinning that I would like to cover with either Toppik or DermMatch. Does anyone know how well the products look with curly hair? :confused: I'd like some feedback before I take my first leap. Thanks!
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    I am not too sure about curly hair but mine is straight and actuallly use both products plus another one when my hair is all wet. I have diffuse severe thinning hair throughout my whole head and use the Courvreup once out of the shower to color my scalp to prevent shining and really works best with wet hair. Once my hair is slightly dry, I use the dermamatch which I don't find you have to comb out as much as Toppik and should be fine to use your fingers to blend in once in your hair although frustratingly enough - always get under my fingernails making my fingers look gross. The final product I use is the Toppik which must be combed out with me to appear more natural and works best on dry hair. Then of course, I finish with the toppick fiber hold spray which does seemingly work best and makes the hair shiny vs the scalp as with other hairsprays and both shampoo out great. Timeconsuming until I can decide to get a full lace wig but running out of options and provides a more economical everyday fix. Hope this helps. I really do find the toppik works best for appearing to have more hair where the dermamatch seems to coat the hair and bit but do more for my scalp not showing scalp and not being shiny and great to use with wet/damp, and dry hair.
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    Scamper, Thanks for the feedback! I am experimenting with Toppik so far but may try your suggestions, too.
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    Hair Cosmetics

    This is my reviews for the following products:

    Toppik: My favorite. The side effect is this will prohibit ant chance of hair regrowth where you put it, becasue of the aluminum it contains. :eek:

    DermaMatch< Nice, but makes your head & haor so dull it looks like you covered it with chalk. Very, very, unnaturally dull. Loks very weird. :confused:

    ShaBo; very nice, but leaves a mess EVEyWHERE!!! It;s like The Blob. It just runs around your bathroom all on it's own. I recommend using during the summer months when it's warm enough to apply outdoors!! :rolleyes:


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    Hair loss cosmetics

    Hello! I'm happy to find a place where everyone seems to have the same struggles that I do with thinning hair and hair loss issues.

    I've also tried Toppik, Dermatch and most recently ShaBo Scalp Makeup. I have definite opinions about each product.

    I found that Dermatch, under bright lights or bright sunshine, most definitely made my scalp look "painted". I didn't find that it blended very well and it made my hair look dull and sort of "chalky". Also, the color options were very minimal which was another problem that I had - from the colors that they offered, I couldn't find a color or color combo that worked for me and looked natural. :(

    As for the Toppik - That was the first product that I tried and I came away with a very frustrated and hopeless feeling. Maybe I have too much diffuse hair thinning for it to work properly, but I could never get the look that I wanted simply by shaking the fibers onto my hair and then spraying with their special hair spray. My hair felt funny, there wasn't any way that I could touch up my hair style (such as later in the day or in the evening, after work and before a dinner party) after I did the sprinkle/shake/spray routine. And again, the limited choice in colors just didn't suit me well. :(

    The latest and final product that I've tried is the ShaBo Scalp Makeup. First of all, I was blown away with the customer service that I received when I called to ask questions. I was offered a free (no obligation) sample so that I could "try it before you buy it". Next, I basically got a free consultation from the owner herself - Bonnie - who told me all about the product, all of the colors that they offer (something like 15 different shades) and if one of those colors don't work for me then she told me she would send me several different color samples so that I could mix my own color and - if I liked it - I could tell them the amounts of colors that I mixed and they would create my own special color just for me! Mind you, all of this customer service was at no charge and on a toll free phone number. The owner honestly seemed like she cared about my situation and really wanted to help me out. I didn't get ANY of this kind of service when I ordered the other products. Then, the owner said that if I had any problems applying it, all I would have to do is call her back or send off an email and she would do what she could to help me figure it out. (how about that??) Once I got the samples, tried it and loved it, I ordered from them and haven't turned back once. My suggestion to "Infinity" is: if you are having problems with it "running around your bathroom all on it's own" or "flying everywhere" you must be putting too much on your brush and forgetting to really tap the excess powder off of it before you put it on your scalp - it's all on the little instruction card that comes with it. You only need a very little bit on your brush for it to work. I've had my last jar for about 4 months (and I use it every day) and I'm just now getting ready to order again. For anyone who is not satisfied with what they are using right now, this is something that I have found that I love very much. :>
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    ShaBo Hair Cosmetic

    Oh yes, Bonnie of ShaBo loves giving long customer service calls.
    May I ask HOW you keep ShaBO from decorating your entire bathroom with itself? I don't get it. I'm an artist and I've worked for years with pigment powders, embossing powders, and some other artist powders I can't remmeber the names of. I do the same thing with ShaBo: tap, tap, tap the brush. What am I missing? I've spent many hours on the phone with Bonnie....she must'nt sleep....but I still have to spend more time cleaning my bathroom after using ShaBO than I spent there showering, shamapooing and prepping!! Ugh!! Help!!
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    Wearing a Hat!

    Well, now that it's FREEZing out, I'm wearing a hat everyday. The problem is, they are all getting stained form the DermaMatch (or whatever). How do you all deal with the stained hay dilemma? It's so embarrassing. People think it's dirt, as if I hadn't washed my hair in years! What to do? Also, which product is the least staining?
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    Thank you for all the info. I am just learning about these products. I might decide to try something to hide the thinning right around my part at the top. I hope I can just use a little and not have all the problems you mentioned here about it going everywhere. Does it look wierd if you just put it along the sides of the part to make the part look thinner?