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    Hi, all! I posted this over on heralopecia a while ago but wanted to post it here as well - especially for those of you who use toppik and go work out...

    I have been using toppik for about 4 years now and I love it.... it gave me back some confidence and it really has been a lifesaver, but I wanted to share my toppik embarrassment story so it doesn't happen to anyone else. We all know that when you sweat when using toppik, there is a very real possibility that you will have green sweat running down your face. I've dealt with this before, and was able to catch it before anyone else saw but I wasn't that lucky this past summer. I went to Bonnaroo with a group of friends and it was hot and humid and gross. Needless to say i didn't want to shower and do my hair every day so I wore a bandana most of the time. On the day I didn't shower but had used toppik the day before, i decided to wear a white bandana. Well, all was fine until about 4 hours into the day when my friends started asking me why the top of my head was neon yellow and green. I had no clue what they were talking about and had to run to a port-a-potty (YUCK) and take the bandana off to see. It looked like i had drawn all over the top of it with a yellow and green highlighter. How embarrassing! I guess the toppik mixed with the sweat had stained my bandana! Thankfully, one friend in the group knows that I use toppik and she had a black bandana that I could switch into really fast. I was sooooo humiliated but thank GOD everyone was drinking and no one even remembered the next day!
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    Thanks for the warning! That is the case with all the keratin based fibers. If you can find a cotton based fiber product like Boost n Blend you won't have that issue. The cotton is colorfast and doesn't change color or turn green.