treating hair loss is absurdly expensive

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  1. imadesphousewife

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    :mad: I swear, I have spent more on my hair these last few months than I have my entire life!

    We lost our insurance for a year, so now I'm paying out of pocket for my Propecia and Spironolactone. (Yep, the derm has me on both!) I also use Minoxodil, and just started taking 5000 mg of biotin. Last week, I went and got my hair done by someone who actually KNEW what they were doing, but it was well worth it cause it looks much better!

    I'm not spending money on anything that I'm not fairly certain isn't helping. But is there any way to save some $$$ along the way?
  2. Tracy C

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    Hello again,

    Can you ask your derm to re-write the script for generic 5mg Finasteride? You can use a pill splitter to make your daily dose out of the 5mg pills. Many men do that to save money. Here in the U.S. Walmart has both Spiro and Finasteride on their list of low cost generics. One of the members over at The Bald Truth Talk forum says he gets a one month supply of 5mg generic Finasteride for $9.00 at Walmart. After splitting the pills into four pieces this converts to a four month supply for $9.00. That is a pretty significant savings.

    If you are in the U.S., Rogaine is currently doing a rebate program. You can get $20.00 back for buying a 3 month supply. Here is a link to the form:

    Now I need to go do my workout. I've been putting it off all day so far and I really shouldn't be putting it off. Spring is coming. :eek:

    Take care,

  3. Kristenss

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    Hi Tracy. It sure is expensive. I think that is so expenisve because everyone is taking advantage of us people with hairloss. Sad but true. The only things that I have found that help that are non-prescription are Minoxidil and vitamins. I have not had any luck with the shampoos and such that are supposed to help and they are very expensive. The hair replacement specialists that "custimize" a hair topper are a big rip off. You can find a hair piece online and have your own stylist custimize it for a fraction of the cost. I have not tried propecia. Hope that it works for you and you can find a more affordable option. Take care everyone!!!
  4. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Hi Kristenss,

    Yes it is expensive and yes they are taking advantage of those of us suffering with hair loss. The best we can do is try to find the best price we can. From my experience generic women's Minoxidil works just as well as Rogaine brand women's Minoxidil. Unfortunately there is no generic version of Rogaine foam. I buy generic spiro and it is very inexpensive. There is no generic version of Nizoral A-D. Fortunately you only use Nizoral once or twice per week. My laser comb was really expensive but now that I have used it for so many years I feel it was worth it.

    Concerning shampoo's, there is really only one that has an active ingredient that can be helpful for treating women's hair loss and that is Nizoral. Volumizing shampoos can be great for making our hair look fuller than it is - but they do nothing to treat hair loss. I still like to use them though.

    Personally, I did not feel O.K. with buying prosthetic hair online. I had worn wigs for years before my hair filled back in and I tried to find something online that was acceptable to me but I couldn't. I wasted a lot of money trying online wig suppliers. I feel my money was much better spent working with shop that specialized in medical hair loss. They were great to me when I needed them. Thankfully I don't need them anymore and hopefully I won't need them again in the future.

    All my best,

  5. Lise

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    I agree with Tracy on getting an Rx for generic 5mg finasteride (brand name Proscar). That is what I did, though I took the whole pill.

    I can't suggest anything that will beat the $9 Wallmart price, but I do know that some chain pharmacies (I think it was Wallmart) will give you a discount if you are an AAA member. I don't remember it being insignificant either.

    My endocrinologist also suggested buying from online canadian pharmacies (like canadameds {dot} com). He assured me that that one, at least, was legit. Of course make sure they require an Rx.

    Lastly, depending on where you are located, it might be good to try to shop around at some of the smaller pharmacies. I have had really good luck in terms of getting good prices at pharmacies that serve primarily the asian population (specifically the chinese population).

    Tracy - I'm sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I'm curious what kind of hair loss you had (AA or AGA). If it was AGA what did you do to get your hair to fill back in.

  6. Tracy C

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    Hi Lise,

    I have hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). I am on mulit-therapy to treat it. I take Spiro twice a day. I use Minoxidil twice a day. I use my laser comb every other day and I use Nizoral A-D shampoo twice a week in place of my regular shampoo. After growing back as much hair as I thought would grow back on medications alone, I had hair transplant surgery to fill in the voids and build up density.

    It takes a long time. From the time I started treating my hair loss to the time that I no longer need to wear wigs was four years.

    Take care,

  7. Lise

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    Thanks for the answer Tracy. I'm glad to hear you were able to get enough of your hair back to feel confident without supplemental hair. :)

    P.S. Slight correction to my previous post. I'm pretty sure it was Wallgreens that gave AAA discounds, not Wallmart.